Friday, May 14, 2010

Conciliating the World to Order – #2-2

Let's clutter the mind, shall we?  Pardon me, the clutter is already there.  Let's unclutter the mind instead.  What is clutter?


- Things you do not need or love
- Things that are untidy or disorganized
- Too much in too small a space
- Anything unfinished or unusable

What is clutter of the mind?  I arrive at the same hypothesis, though I might add things unresolved. 

I had decided, as a personal decision for my new millenium resolution to embark on a spring cleaning of my home and garage.  It was the first step in my decision to clean my mind and body as well.  Years of Committee diversions had thoroughly discombobulated my mind and it provided the ataxia, without vaccines or PhRMA  needed to debilitate the organism of Dunne.

As it was, I could barely navigate in the garage with the amount of clutter I had accumulated over time and the project was difficult from the beginning. I had to start by organizing this massive amount of debris.  There were two problems with my plan.  I had to categorize each object into one of three classifications.

(1.)  Things I needed or loved  (2.) Things I did not need or love that someone else may find of value  (3.) Garbage

Yes, I know the pitfalls.  You start to look at piles two and  three and move them to pile one.  You get comfortable in making these adjustments and the next thing you know, you have only pile one.  So I decided to convert pile one to pile two and then pile three would sort itself out after the yard sale.  Yes, it was radical. It all went away that day.  It wasn't until later that I contemplated this as a very good strategy.

It was when I utilized this method in the uncluttering of my mind that I realized the benefit of this plan for my possessions. What items I could identify with buyers remorse were consistent with the same ones I relinquished internally.  In both cases I had to start from scratch. After clearing the wreckage and valuable, it was time then to scrub. It makes sense to clean the home and garage after it's empty so why not do the same for the old mindset as well?

Certainly, I have accumulated some new debris since that time but not very much.  I have dumped much of pile two and three on you.  I apologize for those who didn't want it and applaud those who declined the garbage altogether.  I have told many who have found this garage we call COTO,  that it is where I come to vent, dump and maybe sell a bit.  Whatever may be useful, however insignificant, is wasted in a mass of clutter. That I understand. 

As to whether the committee has decided to conduct such a radical cleaning is up for debate.  I believe that this is the case and have tried to understand the process they went through in determining that at such a time they needed to take stock of the six billion assets and determine that their kingdom has just become too cluttered.  Since so many of their possessions are neither loved nor needed, it is necessary to clean up the empire before Rome burns again. I point out that the earth itself, is theirs and it remains very much a priority and possession in their portfolio.

It is a function of downsizing and I see it as in real terms, a business and financial operation and decision.  For them, the global grid is cluttered.  It has become a mountain of useless chaff and we, the 6Bn assets have become too much clatter and clutter.  Now that the Pareto principle has been achieved and exceeded, the usual and customary operations of these royals has become unmanagable.  There's just not enough loose currency left or resources left to sustain the current corporate structure and the time may have arrived for the same radical changes that I found necessary to sustain this organism of earth and economy.

For the highest order in the committee,  the decision to downsize was likely made hundreds or more years ago.  At such time as they had acheived Paretos 80-20, it would initiate the policies of other committee specialists in the eugenics sector to  remind them the 80-20 rule was a good strategy in human asset management.  Once the monetary systems were initially set up to insure that they would have a system to buy, cheat, steal and corrupt their way to full or near full ownership, they would then be able to eliminate the human assets needed to fulfill the labor end of this triad.

The eugenics team was probably unhappy with this decisionmaking and pushed for the war to end all wars and just take everything but bankers are quite systematic and conservative by nature, even if these particular bloodless types have no more feeling for the proles as they do their Rolex's. But the hierarchy Rothschilds ruled and they decided to run the world order program in this manner but did not neglect to provide consolation to the eugenics sister corporation in the manner of consistent wars, laboratory created diseases and man made catastrophe's. I never have doubted the infighting and contemptuous rivalry amidst these elitists and assume they act as spoiled and rotten as their kids.  The ego and arrogance involved with triad power climbing in the committee must be insatiable.

If I am correct to assume that the committee is ready to unclutter and have turned such matters over to the committee accountants and cleaners, then we could again look at the three piles  and ponder the process for looking at all the books, assets and properties and wonder how they will decide to proceed.  What they keep, what they sell to administrators or slavetraders and what they deem as garbage. 

In my case, I came out with experience, a leaner operation, new insights and what I believe is a better and more meaningful exisitence.  Can you envision them doing the same with their clutter?


Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn, FOX SPEWS

Thanks to OZ for the article and pointing to the eugenics team under the committee triad. 



  1. boomerangcomesbackMay 14, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    What a bunch of CRAP!

    The insight I have gleaned over the years is to sell my CRAP via a garage sale to the neighbors. A veritable "pass-through" of CRAP. One man's CRAP is another's treasure or something to that effect.

    I think George Carlin did a piece on household CRAP that was pretty insightful.

    Puddy, your piece is full of CRAP! I mean -- you've addressed the problem, the villain, and alluded to their solution. Good Shit! Only...I think We the People need to be the ones administering the Giant Enema to the Elite Wrecktums.

    I'm not into accepting eugenics, vaccines, etc. myself. Personally, it rubs me the wrong way so I rebel against the thought. I can imagine going postal on someone(s} ass who thought they were doing me a favor by clipping my lifespan for the "Corp".

    Today, since before daylight, the chemtrails whitened the sky, and they pounded it all day until about 7pm which I guess must be "Miller Time" or some other excuse to pat yourself on the back for a good day's work poisoning the atmosphere and earth.

    DumbFucks and Psychos or Droids ALL of THEM!

    This is a good piece providing some "metaphors" for us all to contemplate. Thanks! I've already cleaned my attic and my garage to make ready for a business I'm setting up, and I've got some Dead Dust Bunnies to prove my thoroughness.

    Don't let the "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" cramp the corners of your mind or garage.

    Remember...elites have their weak spots. Now go and exploit Them!

  2. Ah Puddy, hop on a plane... I have a 40 x 30 shed and home, that need sorting:-)
    the mind? Id be lost if I was organised:-)
    open drawer throw file in, works for me, sort of..
    anyone wanting to raid my in deep trouble:-)

    Boomer. give up my copy of Zen and the art..? no no no I tells ya! sob scream etc etc.

    and Puddy, I LOVE the graphic! top rate.

  3. Funny, as I read this, I am taking a break from cleaning out my desk. I have all sorts of stuff jammed into the three drawers the desk holds. Most of it is crap. Stuff I haven't needed in years and don't remember why it's there in the first place. There is more than one container of dried up glue in the pile.

    I should have gotten rid of most of the stuff long ago but I thought I might "need it" some day. I was going to save a lot of it in a box which I intended to store in my closet. Instead, inspired by this article I will throw it all out because I know no one else can use it or would want it, including me. I certainly don't love it.

    Uncluttering is the first step in learning how we can live more simply with less. That is the best way we can show the bastards we don't need them or the useless crap they try to sell us including their vaccinations, gmo frankenfood and any number of products they lure us into buying through the telescreen.

    If only the sheeple would do some ucluttering, especially of their minds. However, they are hoarders of the worst kind. Heads packed solid with celebrity gossip, dancing with the stars and msm propaganda have the windows and doors of their brains blocked and there is no room for the fresh air of truth to enter.

    Well back to that desk, then on to the closet....

  4. Collect the treasures, OZ and let us rid ourselves of all the committee's rubbish.
    Their are antiques worth keeping like all coto oeuvre. Old hardwood has value, at least in my clutter.

  5. The sheeple have minds like your dried glue Deb. It doesnt really work anymore but till retains the adhesion necessary to hold the dirt and crap to your fingers.

    Until they can start to clear the clutter and find the taste for the basic earthly truths their worlds will be tasteless and empty. Much like a order from Domnino's with a two litre of Pepsi. I can never decide whether it is better for them to toss the pizza and eat the box. :)

  6. $2.00 a day. What do they know? No TV, radio, dirty linen, dirty ink or chemical enlightenments.

    Sometimes "Under the Overpass" looks inviting.

  7. Patrick, with Domino's ... pizza/box.... same diff.. They taste the same but I'd opt for the box..more filling, less calories ;)