Saturday, April 10, 2010

Triple protest notice

The China Support Network recommends these three "events of the week" for anyone in the area of Washington, DC.

Sunday, 4/11

Freedom Rally Scolding China

A freedom rally will be held by the global coalition to Quit The CCP. Also known as the Tuidang movement, it began in 2005 to follow up on the publication of 'Nine Commentaries On The Communist Party,' a shocking book with the true history of China's Communist Party. From 2005 to the present, Chinese people have been urged to learn the truth and to separate themselves from the Communist Party by resigning from the CCP and from two related organs, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

The movement maintains a website and database, and the counter has now recorded over 71 million resignations from Chinese Communism.

The rally "to recognize and show solidarity with the Chinese people that seek to embrace freedom" will be at Washington, DC's Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue, between 13th Street and 14th Streets. It will run from 2 to 4 PM on Sunday, April 11.

The movement is a monument to the courage of Chinese people who have stood up against the most brutal and repressive regime in world history. This has been happening across all these years since 2005, when CNN refused to cover the first rally for one million Tuidang resignations. Hence, the movement is also a story that CNN can't handle; a testament to how CNN resists reality and clings to bogus synthetic narratives of its artificial reality.

Because CNN won't tell you these things, you can only get the story by attending events like Sunday's, and using your own eyeballs! --We would welcome you to join us.

Monday-Tuesday, 4/12-4/13

China's President Hu Jintao in Washington DC; Protestors in Washington DC!

U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting a Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, at which Hu Jintao will join 45 other world leaders in attendance. Here are four good reasons to protest: Tiananmen crackdown, Falun Gong crackdown, Tibetan crackdown, Uighur crackdown. Communist China also uses slave labor to manufacture sometimes-unsafe (quality challenged?) products, exports them to us, and competes unfairly against U.S. manufacturers who used to make American versions of such products. They take American jobs, enlarge the trade deficit, and use the profits against us for such purposes as building up their military, lending to the U.S. Treasury, and buying up U.S. assets.

This week, President Obama is saying, "stop the currency manipulation." Currency manipulation is economic dirty pool. It tilts the playing field (just like slave labor) and gives Chinese products an advantage over their American counterparts.

This week, we of the China Support Network are saying, "Stop the Tiananmen crackdown," "Stop the Falun Gong crackdown," "Stop the Tibetan crackdown," "Stop the Uighur crackdown," release prisoners such as Wang Bingzhang, Liu Xiaobo, and Zhou Yongjun, and abolish the systems of Laogai and Laojiao (those are systems of slave labor in Communist China).

Come out to protest, and help us deliver the message to Hu: Hu Jintao, tear down your evil empire!

Protesting will run from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Free Tibet protestors will meetup at 8:30AM at Samuel Gompers Memorial Park [11th St NW, between L St NW & Mass Ave NW]
Summit venue: Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Address: 1207 9th Street NW (main entrance is Mt. Vernon b/w 7th & 9th Sts. NW)
Other tentative protest locations: Chinese Embassy & Mandarin Oriental Hotel where Hu will be staying

Thursday, 4/15

Human Rights Fair at George Mason University

On campus at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, the China Support Network will exhibit at their third annual International Human Rights Fair, organized with the campus chapter of Amnesty International.

It's an all-afternoon outdoor trade show of human rights groups. The event will be held on Thursday, April 15th from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. George Mason University is located at: 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030 We will be holding the event at the North Plaza outside of the Johnson Center and parking is available at the Mason Pond Parking Deck.

The week begins with loud and noisy events, and by Thursday the campus event is expected to be more quiet and mellow. But, we look forward to meeting and raising awareness among the GMU students who are not as tuned in to the activities of the human rights community. Perhaps we will line up new recruits for the next noisy occasion! :)


  1. THis is good solid programs for real change in China.

    Ironic that should the Russians and Chinese keep their momentum going that might actually find the democracy at the same time we Americans find ourselves in a fascist welfare state.

    This week, President Obama is saying, “stop the currency manipulation.” Currency manipulation is economic dirty pool.

    HE'S TARGETING THE WRONG MANIPULATORS and the dirty pool is more like pond scum.

    The IMF has been applying their pressure on the Chinese government for some time. It's only slowing the inevitable collapse they are preparing for this One Currency transition.

    I'm in no hurry for the World Bank and UN to take full charge.

  2. WHAT, pruthemee, is a "fascist welfare state?"

    I think the Chinese will do just fine without any prompting from their little round-eyed pals who can't seem to get along with a fraction of China's population density.

    The UN is like "voting." If it actually made a difference, it would be illegal.

  3. When a international authority sidesteps a nations Constitutuional Law, the republic of states rights and begins a campaign that includes the nationalization of banks and industry, mandatory health care, severe and debilitating regulations and welfare statism, top-down control of the economy, massive crusades against everything from smoking and unbalanced diets to parental rights and free speech whilst disarming the population leaving them unable to protect themselves from a massive state sponsored open border for criminal immigration program by way of false flag terror and fraudulent environmental fearmongering, then you have been introduced to a FASCIST WELFARE STATE.

  4. So... what else is new?

    The Fatties have always done whatever it is that keeps them fat. And the Proles who THINK they have some kind of "system" for "individual sovereignty" (or some-such Ayn Rand bullshit) are flat-out fucking delusional.

    OK... take "gun rights" for example. If your uns are in a twist about your "legal right" to own... carry... smoke... whatthefuck EVER... well... you're just another fucking "STATIST," aren't you? Whythefuck should YOU care... oh individual-sovereign-"libertarian" about what "rights" the "state" grants you to do anything?

    I'll tell you why... wimpyness. That's right- fear of "coercion" which is"rule of law" when "libertarians" agree with it... "coercion" when they don't. "Fascist Welfare State" is an oxymoron... unless you think our corporate employer-dominated lives is just and good. I don't.

    Fascism is by definition the "corporate state." And that means... "fascist welfare" is what's good for the corporation... NOT for YOU. That is, unless you consider your "membership" in your corporation (employer) higher than your membership in the democracy (collective).

    None of us likes to bow to the will of the "collective" when it's fucked-in-the-head... but as veterans of countless wars-on-nothing, we should be used to that by now.

    Your corporate experience should teach you that.

  5. The fact is GOP corporate fascism was just as obvious. My point and the general consensus I believe resonates through coto paradigm is that
    one festering sore being that of Rethug politics only paves the way for the liberals to pick the scab all away and eliminate any possibility of people to manage their own destiny.

    The evidence only proves the corporate fascist state has endured and progressed under "the change" and the Bush-Cheney Blue team supports that just fine, while that the Welfare State has also progressed and the Clinton-Soros team has also been serviced.

    We can get to hell easily by just one or the other but if we allow both to operate unfettered, they'll make record time in getting to this unholy two headed phoenix which I refer as the Fascist Welfare State.

    Wantagate and Seestak has confirmed that Obama and Biden are operating the same NSA criminal coverup for the FED and TREASURY that BUSH-CHENEY handed off.

    Only the few whistleblowers are asking for 1500 criminal corporate, banking and government officials implicated in the largest heist in history and they just ignore it all.

    The fatties are no longer just happy with the corporate stealing. They see the incredible profit in Government taxation for any fraud they can dream up. It gives some appearance of legitimacy.

  6. Me: "Hu Jintao, tear down your evil empire!"

    Chinese newspaper coverage:

  7. John, I was not ignorant to China as they represented the very model of what the sheeple here should have been more involved in before they were to find the same regime.

    When the WTO came into view, the masses should have said no to enabling the largest fascist corp empire in the world by allowing the trade agreements and opting to buy China the biggest IMC in history. Huns and Khazars have migrated to the worlds top hierarchy. Asian, African, Caucaseans and natives of the Americas have been slaves for some time. Some of us just don't know it and never will.