Saturday, April 24, 2010

The SPLC's $30 million most wanted,0

It really annoys me that these degenerates who founded this piece of crap called the Southern Poverty Law Center gets big money from the likes of George Soros. I expect the Soros drug running business can afford it.  Maybe the aid we send Israel every year end up there too. But when the SPLC get's donations from little grey haired Grandmothers by intimidation and scaring them half to death, my blood boils.

Check out the chump change they collect.  They have made millions selling the FEAR-FEAR-FEAR.  CHUMP CHANGE?  Hardly.

If they cannot find the real Klan skinheads, they will invent some. Like Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Alex Jones and Devvy Kidd.  Dangerous hombre's indeed.  Pastor Chuck Baldwin commented on making your list recently.

I know that Morris Dees had to defend himself against an ex-wife who charged him with adultery and pedophilia. That's not cheap. But really Morris, do you and your stooge, Potok  have to go after Ron Paul and Alex Jones?  That's like going after Grandpa Walton and John Boy.

What next Morris? Is Bambi gonna make your list?


  1. Wait! Forgot to mention how ACORN recruits "socialists"
    (or "statists" or "collectivists" or whatever label the Paulito "libertarians" are using)

    You mean the Kossaks are just beatin they gums as usual?

    Maybe these guys aren't really serious:

    "Drug money?" why... because Dennis Hastert says so? Do things really go better with Koch

    So the book-smackers feel they're being "demonized" by political monoliths like SPLC? Awwww... poooor BABIES. heh heh heh... welcome to MY freakin world for the PAST 40 YEARS... or all of us COTO when we get passed our hot cuppa STFU when we point out the Punch and Judy Show... the sock-puppets in suits who whack each other with ideological sticks... signifying NOTHING.

    I speculate there is one fundamental difference between D Kucinich and Dr. Paul: DK has obviously awakened with the horse's head. Somewhere along the line, they ALL get the "Beal Speech:

    We on the "new left" found out the Fats aint fuckin around 40 years ago. They kicked in the Panthers' door and shot them. And if that weren't enough-- they brought in a bunch of Howdy-Doody farm-boy "Gaurdsmen" to gun down some Toga-Party kids at Kent State... and shot up Jackson State just for good measure.

    So now we line up like good little muffins and file into our "free-speech zone" cages to "protest." Now if ya go wavin' around a bunch of guns n' shit and start making chin-music about a bunch of silly-ass "Second Amendment Rights" ... what do you suppose is going to happen?

    Who says there ain't no Sinister Klaas?

  2. Yep, right on all counts. Teaparty organizers are as transparently COMMITTEE as the SPLC. Divide and conquer under the most extreme and absurd rationalizations.

    The open sore SPLC is the Al-qaeda American Home Office for the International banking cartel.

    It might have been a little misleading to call Soros a drug runner when he merely represents the largest money launderer for the cartels. His open society is closed to the scrutiny of this fact.

    We have to be careful when calling this convicted felon a bank busting, money laundering extortionist. His drug money hedge fund is based in the Netherlands Antilles, a little Caribbean empire and we don't want to piss off the Daily Kos and his little hit squad.

    Financial reform will never uncover what is not in Central Banks. He's a clever little Black Pete.