Sunday, May 31, 2009

Israel tests response to 'doomsday'

Israel has begun its largest-ever defence drill, testing the response of its emergency services to a "doomsday scenario" of missile attacks, bombings and natural disasters.

The five-day national exercise got under way on Sunday, with defence officials playing down any connection to recent and growing tensions with Iran.

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  1. i kinda have to keep with what i heard from ahmadinejad in articles and what i heard him say on some programs---WE [IRAN] HAVE NEVER ATTACKED ANY NATION FIRST THROUGHOUT HISTORY--
    -something not many nations can say--the whole area is steaped in religous culture -very complex considering-christians-jews and muslim's religion basicaly starts with old testament--thats right even muslims-
    -personally i dont blame iran for wanting nukes since it is the only thing they will have to keep the NWO from getting total control of their country --especially after watching our footprint expand in the midle east---however the bible says god will never let the land of israel fall---not because he holds favor with the non-christian jews--but only because it was a promise god made-you see the land means nothing--only the promise--- so if israel attacks iran and iran and russia attempt to level israel--you will see god step in according to revalation --it will be all out war-since russia said last year that an attack on iran would be an attack on russia--and that scares the shit out of me since we have our might overseas-and russia right up north
    we seen last year how our elite gov just got our ass kicked in georgia----my take anyway