Friday, January 18, 2019


Business Entity Data (BED) B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation ("DTCC"), owns and operates the Global Market Entity Identifier Utility (GMEI) legal entity identifier (LEI) solution in the federated Global LEI system (GLEIS). 


GO TO SEARCH and enter your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (XXX-XX-XXXX) and see who hold, trade and borrow on your UCC corporate  identity. Admiralty Law Federal Reserve Private Bankers



We are strawmen, corporate assets for Private Banks,  We are indentured under Admiralty Law subjected to MaritimeLaw UCC .

Holy See -  Money Flow – Currents (currency/fiat) .   You were born into slavery when your mother gave birth. You were not birthed but berthed like a ship that comes from the sea into port.  When your mother's water broke you arrived  from sea to land. You were given a strawman name under the corporation known as USA Inc. (all in caps)

You are registered on New York and your contract is held in Puerto Rico. (IRS)

Trade - Buy - Sell  But Agenda 21 is mostly a LIQUIDATION!!! Admiralty Law uses the terms of water as we are not living persons but human chattel and when we become sovereign and no longer citizens   we are true sovereigns. When you gain the knowledge of the real world you may find your self a persona non gratae.

Zebranomixs is the system of economics that deals with the deception of money and human assets.  fiat paper currencies are just smaller instruments and not really the reality of debt. You were born into a bankruptcy held by the trust and these private financiers hold, trade and administrate your fictitious person.  In all economic matters you are dead or non living. From the British Accreditation Regency BAR, the non-Judge agents for the Crown to the Corptocracy that transacts on your financial and legal contracts, you are under the rule of UCC. You are a utility, an instrument of energy.  human capital under the auspices of the Federal Departments of Energy, Commerce, Transportation etc. none of which recognize you as a living being.UCC governs all these organizations. and includes all Federal Prisons and the private, for profit ones as well. 

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