Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019: Ultima Thule And NWO "New Horizons"

Oh those crazy eights.  Yes friends we have arrived at the start of another Vortex Cycle. 2019 as I have stated for Agenda 21 goals will be a critical year.  This 11 year marker for the criminal mafia and techofascistswill present some real divbersion for the deep cover of the Project known as Bluebeam.

I will finally decode the Economist 2019 Cover with some predictions but more to the continuing mind control, predictive programming and secret astrological alchemists fabrications to induct you into the Godless R4ealms of the Transformation.

NASA's New Horizons Just Made the Most Distant Flyby in Space ...

Nancy Roman, 'Mother of Hubble,' Has Died at 93 -

 Funny is it not that the time of the NH event coincides with the Hubble Roman Mother, The cover was released prior to both these events but as we know, the news is fabricated, fake and fully scripted for fodder for the empty headed sheeple.

This is the first image of the rotation and certainly the most important reminder of the Bluebeam covert program by the NASA, NAVY, NOAA, NIST, NSA team who operates the earth based and low orbit mind control and fraudulent space force. This black budget money hole has only to do with the "Dark Matter" of the program and reminds us of Apollo 11 and Capricorn One and the huge conspiracy of the US Space program.  I have explained the "Earthraker" meme as an elaborate component of the Bluebeam beta testing for the coming Grand Delusion and great deception that will precede the Agenda 21 goals of depopulation and transformation.

No greater deception than the Hubble con have we been funding in this elaborate rouse by the Jesuit Luciferian Thule Society using Jesus to perpetrate the human experimentation from children on milk cartons to the missing passengers of planes from 911 to MH-370.  Meanwhile they continue the CERN, D-Wave and 5G warfare programs to renew the same Nazi agenda that IBM and the Third Reich began decades ago. 

Yes, we know it is complicated but all the vortex math arrives at 9.  The measurements and details all connect to Bluebeam and the ultima thule of 811. This year will present us with another major false flag and one of such extreme nature and to move major political events through the process of a totally full spectrum dominance order that has already been designed and fabricated like 911 and the Patriot Act.  It is merely the Hegelian Dialectic and vortex 3-9----------------6 sequence with the Trump #7 "wildcard"


There is a reason for the four horsemen to be under Putin versus China. The elaborate fake news has no better conspirator than Vlad. As another Jesuit fake, I proposed back in 2015 that the Russian actor was put in place for the real Putin that was taken out. It was clear that the news was asking where he disappeared to  but it is complicated and so I refer to the vortex and math instead. The truth is that the entire G-8 7+1  leaders are trained Jesuit Global Actors. The Group of 8 as well as EU and Asian leaders are as well. It is here where the statecraft and political theatre is manufactured in a dialectic of intrigue to confuse, dumbfound and frighten the masses. This Putin narrative and Trump collusion is such a pathetic attempt to deflect the model which Agenda 21 is really based upon. That being the China Model and Rockefeller "Silent War." 

The weaponization of space is not coming via Trump's SPACE FORCE but has been in place for years being mostly earth based. Russia and US-EU forces operating in the poles and manipulating the ionosheric heaters, the magnetic scalar fields to create the real transformation of our environment. Years of mamal beachings, bird kills and insect phenomenon that indicates massive disruption of migratory pattern in earth based technology and low orbit SATCOM electromagnetic transmitting.
We can tag these two as one. China Model Eugenics.  What do we know now? The China Model is the death of humans on an unprecedented scale. The US traitors love the model. The US has murdered 50 million but China has surpassed that ten times over.  What trade is as seen with the Panda is just another symbol of the Zebranomics and black and white of reality that we are berthed and bred as slaves to serve the economy. We are just assets of the Corporation, You can see the Stork bringing the designer baby, the Chimera robotic singularity of the transformed Technocracy.

While reading the latest from Google, China, Amazon and the techocracy news, one should begin hopefully by now to see the writing on the "wall" and not be focused on the borders but far beyond the firewall of NWO brain box dumbing. It is from China we get the sum of all our fears because the secrets in China are better guarded than here in the US. But that has changed rapidly since JADE HELM.  The JH program was another deception and narrow minded agenda and psyop to cover the real helm which is China and the NWO eugenicists program to control the economy and society by rule of the vortex. Your induction will come at 666 by way of the technocracy..

Cryto currency, Zebranomics, Social Engineering  and Political Corr erectness, the terrorists have created as a WAR ON HUMANITY disguised as climate change. The sheeple just have not understood the weather versus climate. It's not as much global warming as global dimming.  This is where the Thule resides and the reality of the deepest and furthermost realm of the trade are located. Not Neptune mind you but a Antarctica of secret knowledge held in trust by the ancient scribes who knew the truth of this world. The knowledge has been sequestered and used for what we could never have imagined based upon our brainwashing and ignorance. Transhumanism is the barcode and 666 is Buy Sell Trade of which the code and mark is a prerequisite. 

As for the hands and foreheads the cover depicts the iPhone, Cannabis, Baseball (entertainment) and social equity as some of many pursuits for the consumers of junk and diverted masses lost in the commerce of zebranomics. There are other more important clues on this cover but none as obvious than the Pinocchio which tells us lies are all political in nature and that regardless of the conspiracy Trump and Putin are one minded and the Double Helix on the arm of the Cannabis is not a GMO weaponized Marijuana but a Vitruvian Man who based upon the DNA and goggles has accepted the total spectrum of medical alchemy, transformation and virtual reality marked by the goggles of the googleplex.  

The Brave New World is a  con of New Horizons. A Thule of bigger and better lies and deceit on a larger scale for the Ultima event and global change in the climates of our minds and bodies. Our souls will follow if we do not wake up and prepare for what is to come.

The vortex is well represented in the cover.  Remember all roads lead to Rome. The Jesuits are in control and these crypto-Joos Khazarian bloodlines are financing this great deception.  All disclosure coming this year will be lies regardless of who presents it.  Alternate sources and the Anonymous included, Look for action not words, See the numbers and map the codes. Tie the biblical with the political and see Rome and Jerusalem  Once again the meme of 2012 Mayan calendar hoaxes include 2019. December is the cabals best month for numbers. The New World Order will keep the secrets of Saturnalia close to the vest.  In that remark I say we will receive a message from the googleplex that will present an Armageddon based event for the market and human race but it is only another predictive programming narrative and will deflect the Davinci styled code for final phase of the one world transition as depicted by the Rothschild publication and accountants for Jesuit Military and Societe Generale  who will be hedging the no-Brexit con. I have stated since the vote that Brexit will never happen. The deal will never happen in hard terms but like the scales may depict the Supreme Court 5-4, the Brexit may be a case for the EU and UK Supreme Court.

In 2016 I called Trump Mr. Surveillance. It was important to do this because of how the War on Humanity is a con based on a phony and completely staged War on Terror.  Facial Recognition is just a mere speck of the Full Spectrum Surveillance apparatus but Mile-22 is a predictive Programming and 911 connected psyop that may play into the Hollywood and Holyrood plan for a larger scale attack to finalize the transition to the 666 Buy Sell Trade Surveillance Grid.

In this movie psyop, Mark Wahlberg is resided by another stooge that the 911 Arabs were trained at Florida Naples airport and reminded that they stated they did not need to learn how to land.  Wahlberg has been real busy with this and others like Deepwater Horizon to push the official narratives which are as ludicrous as his acting.  But this does refer to 911 Mile 22 and it may involve the Russian Terror team and Cesium or another biological agent from the Gladio Actors Studio.

No greater Hollywood Holy agent is there than Angle Jolie. Her Satanic experience documented and as an ambassador for Lucifer, the title on top regarding Humanity to Refugees is really rich. They hate humanity and loathe refugees.  As depicted we are soon to be extinct. It just has to happen.

Finally I add the woman and the voting ballot boxes as a global feminist and #me too combination.
This may be the rise of women leaders but I expect more the fact that the ME TOO is over man's heart. This means the end of white men? The family and destruction of gender and roles is mild to the goal of controlling the most dangerous adversaries to the global mafia, that being smart and strong white men.  Granted these days it is a real minority.  The power shift is going everywhere but here now.

Time to buckle up and get ready for a year as wild as 2001.  The deaths or D. Rockefeller and MaGog G.H.W. Bush created a vacuum and the sucking sound right now will be followed by some explosions just like any other bomb.



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