Monday, December 11, 2017

Make America Great Again? Oh no!

President Trump says we’re going back to the Moon


“This is a giant step,” the president said during a ceremony.

Giant Step for who?

Eyes Wide Shut! Yes it's almost as large as Project Bluebeam. You can't miss the Jesuit Moron's idiot rematks and the MSM using the word 'back.' Back to the future maybe, but this NASA blackhole where billions of dollars has been stolen is going to get another round of funding to test and provide the next shift towards the extraterrestrial, exopolitical agenda of 21. By 2030 we should have plenty of new one world government lies and space based dominance to keep us in line.

It's like a bad dream that never ends. Over and over again we are supposed to buy into this left right dance, this completely manufactured reality that pits us against the Russians again and the fact that the space and weather dominance never alters the global mafia and the leaders from teaming up for the big plan of a New World Order. Were going back to the great America swindle in a big way.

Not worth going back since 1976? Cold War CIA psyops have home to roost. Now we are not sure if this is all fluff like the Bush Team did during their campaigning for a second term but I suspect the Trump agenda making America Great Again has met the Agenda 21 operations moving forward to the Bluebeam agenda. This makes it more credible than the team Bush bull crap. They had their 911 Patriotism BS to hang their hats on. Spending a dime elsewhere other than Iraq oil and Afghan Poppy was too costly, Now the international corporate complex and the DoD need to ramp up the space dominance and China may be the next boogeyman that forces a JFK type speech from Mr. Drumpf.

With all this fake news and hype, the convergence of "Owning the Weather" and the NWO climate tells me that there will be further moves to dominate space for purposes of the Agenda 2030 deadlines, The dead and the lines as well. We can see the players in this global cooperation as indicated in this article but the wording in this text is full of clues. If you read it you will see why the human landing on the moon never happened, The militarization and surveillance made huge gains though and it continues to move forward with their advanced technology. Climate change deniers are included. This is clear. If you are a denier you are likely one who knows that man-made warming is what NASA and it's affiliates specialize in. Revelation can explain how this project bluebeam will transpire. Control the weather and you control food. Control the food and you control the world.

There are only certain things now that NASA needs to do and that is be able to defend the weapons and system that they have in low orbit, fine tune the weapons, create redundant systems for data and communications and then create and manage the Moon and Mars hoaxes and keep the sheeple dumbed down during this next giant step towards the transformation of all life on earth.

For those who have spent the time to watch all the information on the Apollo Hoax (11) we are are right on time for #18. There is so much preparation going on now you should have no doubt where all that stolen and missing money had gone. Donald Trump can pretend to make us great again but I think those of us over fifty might be experiencing Deja Vu.


OPERATION AVALANCHE - 2016 (watch for Free)



  1. Signature HAARP scalar quake - STRONG & SHALLOW

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0
    Date-Time 12 Dec 2017 21:41:32 UTC
    13 Dec 2017 00:41:32 near epicenter
    12 Dec 2017 15:41:32 standard time in your timezone

    Location 30.837N 57.273E
    Depth 10 km


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