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Bushes & Clintons Exposed by William Binney as 9/11 "Players".

Excerpt taken from 12/03/17 article:

"More from reader: Testimony from whistleblower William Binney can take the Bushes down".

"From anonymous reader:
Remember MegANON kept telling us to Keep "Whistleblower Binney's testimony in mind" as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups.

So I found this documentary about Binny on youtube, which anyone can watch. IT IS A MIND BLOWER!! MAN HAVE WE BEEN LIED TO!!

Documentary Film on Binney: A Good American

"I see now why we were urged to get to up to speed on Binny's testimony: BOTH PRESIDENT BUSHES ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!

Lets just say if anyone still has ANY doubts AT ALL about 911 being an INSIDE JOB, you owe it to yourself and everyone you know to WATCH William BINNEY'S TESTIMONY IN THIS DOCUMENTARY!"

Lets put it this way, his EVIDENCE is so explosive, I am surprised he is still alive!

This is a 1.5 hour documentary, well worth your time watching, but if you can't manage all of that, then fast forward to 38 minutes into it, and for heavens sake at least watch the last half hour starting at 1 hour and 06 minutes into the film, where key events leading up to 9/11 took place."

"From Memory just some of the highlights of Binney's Testimony:

William Binney and 5 other guys designed and created a very unique mega data tracking computer program that was able to monitor WHO was connect to WHO else in the world. The purpose was to identify terrorist cells and id everyone in the terrorist cell, by who they contacted electronically. They were very careful to program in encryptions, so that people the government was not concerned about for terrorist activities would be protected. The output would not show names phone numbers, sim cards, etc of private citizens who are not a threat. The program was called "ThinTHREAD". They were VERY successful at identifying terrorist threats BEFORE they happened and locating all parties to the terrorist cell, so that the other government agencies could act on the threat, to stop it before it happens. 6 NSA guys ran the program/system, and the cost was about $150Milllion.

But at the tail end of the Clinton Presidency, (a year or two before they left), suddenly Clinton appointed a new Director of the NSA, Hayden. Hayden bamboozled Congress to get Multiple Billions of taxpayer money out of them, so they could build a new program/system called "TrailBlazer". 500 highly paid contractors were hired to build this other system.....all to no avail.  TrailBlazer was never operationally effective.

Meanwhile, Binney's group of 6 long term NSA employees, got sidelined (moved aside) and they were not to work on ThinThread any more. This was about I think the year 2000. So NO ONE was monitoring or using the very EFFECTIVE ThinThread surveillance system.

January 2001, the Clintons hand off the White House to their bosom buddies the Bush Crime family! Then boom, 911 happens on 9/11/2001! Binney said the morning of 9/11 he had taken his elderly father to a doctor's appointment, where he watched 9/11 unfold on a tv in the waiting room. After the appointment he made a bee-line to NSA headquarters to help find out what happened, because this was CLEARLY THE BIGGEST NSA INTELLIGENCE FAILURE IN THEIR HISTORY! HE WAS NOT ALLOWED INTO THE NSA facility!

The next day 9/12/2001, he went back to the NSA office, this time dressed as custodian floor sweeper, and the guards let him in. Friends from Trailblazer told him they had just come out of a meeting where their boss just told them "They were not to embarrass any corporations, and not to worry there would be PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYONE"! Money??? This is the Day AFTER 9/11!

Anyone remember those stock option SHORTS for huge amounts that had been place on American and United Airlines? Did American and United Airlines stock go down? YES!! Did someone make huge bucks? YES!
Remember we NEVER heard WHO placed those stock option SHORTS? Who profited from 9/11?? We were never allowed to know. Smell a rat yet?

We don't know if the "money for everyone" was from the excessively inflated Billions in the budget got funneled to these guys or if it was these stock options shorts. In any case the MONEY was A BRIBE to keep their mouths shut about the biggest NSA Intelligence FAILURE in history, and why it happened! And THIS is why Binney and his little 6 man team WAS BARRED FROM THE NSA BUILDING ON 9/11 and 9/12. They weren't supposed to know about THE PAYOFFS!

Remember all the MISSING BILLIONS of dollars in the Defense budget? Could THIS be it?.....used for payoffs?...and for a worthless program?


Furthermore, Binney said that after 9/11 happened it was decided to open up the system, but this time, they were told to remove all the encryption designed to protect the privacy of innocent Americans! Mind you this is 9/12/2001. What did Bush get pushed through Congress in October 26, 2001? THE PATRIOT ACT! Why?? So if they got caught spying on innocent Americans, they were covered by the Warrantless Spying provisions approved in the Patriot Act!!! And what has happened to the Patriot Act every time it came up for renewal since 2001? It got renewed and extended this WHOLE Time! The Patriot Act is STILL IN EFFECT TODAY!


Binney and his group were ticked off about the fact that ThinThread was not used, so without approval they ran the system, collected and ran the data over 36 hours over a weekend. When they came in to get the results, THERE IT ALL WAS! ALL THE INTEL that would have been necessary to KNOW what this attack was, WHAT the Targets were, The Date this attack was planned for, Who was involved, WHERE these people were located at all times!! In other words, IF ThinThread had continued to be used, in the months prior to 9/11, they would have had actionable intelligence TO THWART IT!!!

Not only that Binney's group discovered there were actually many other TARGETS for 9/11 morning which did not happen for various reasons. (I remember reading about some "box knives" found taped under a airplane seat on a Plane in Canada scheduled to depart for the USA, but the flight got delayed, until after the Alert went about 9/11 attacks, so another attack was thwarted. I guess there were several others too.) Binney said it was eye opening how large this attack was supposed to be. The word "Amsterdam" was included, so I guess there were some over seas flights that were supposed to be involved. JFK airport couldn't exactly turn an international flight away full of people after they pass the "point of no return" where it is closer to continue the flight, than to turn around and go back to departure location. 9/11 was horrible but it was supposed to be even worse than it was.


Once Binney's group shared their results from ThinThread, guess what happens to them? Do they get a gold medal or anything or an apology for shutting them down needlessly for the months running up to 9/11? No! Binney's group gets LAID OFF IN TOTAL! They all get "retired" on October 31, 2001!


After these guys all got "early retirement", they decided to start their own consulting business and market their ThinThread progam to other government agencies, like the Pentagon, Border/Customs and other agencies. Everyone they showed their program to, wanted it. They would just setting it up, and then suddenly without warning or explanation, their project got shut down. NSA (Pres Bush) did NOT anyone else to have this EVIDENCE that 9/11 not only could have been prevented, but clearly by now you can see that laying off Binney's group and shutting down their efforts with any other gov't agency IS A COVER UP OF THE CLINTON/BUSH CRIMES!! Both Crime families were in on this. Clinton appointed the evil Hayden to take over the NSA a year or so before he left office.....and Bush just picked up where Clinton left off.

The GOAL was to SHUT DOWN the BEST Intelligence surveillance system known to the world, with built in privacy filters so that nothing would be collected on innocent Americans ......why????? Because 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad PLANNED INSIDE JOB! No doubt CIA/Mossad gave the idea to Bin Laden's terrorist cells through undercover agents. We KNOW Mossad came to the USA under the cover of a fake "Moving Company" in New Jersey, and then at night and on weekends went to the World Trade Center and laid all the explosives for a professional demolition job! Remember the "Dancing Israelis" seen on top of a Truck when the buildings collapse? A citizen reported them, and they were detained by the police AND THEN LET GO, and the whole moving company folded up shop and flew back to Israel!

Remember the ONLY plane allowed to fly ON 9/11, after all flights were grounded, was a private plane full of Bin Laden family members??? I remember that sounded very ODD to me at the time. Now we know, the Bin Laden Saudi Arabian family and Bush Crime Family ARE PART OF THE DEEP STATE, they are GOOD Buddies! Bin Laden is probably a CIA agent!.....ok, I am digressing.


After every business attempt to provide very effective ThinThread system to SOME U.S. government agency got thwarted, THEN Binney and his group began to smell a rat. They were piecing things together from their homes going over all the ODD events in their work lives, ThinThread was effective but shut down, Billions spent on a worthless program, Binney's team being sidelined in the months leading up to 9/11, Binney's team all getting laid off at once right after they exposed ThinThread's results would have protected our nation, and then finally ALL efforts to GIVE ThinThread to ANYone in our government all got Blocked. They connected the dots and realized what had happened to them, and the USA. So the 6 of them drafted a Memo and sent it to Congress explaining this whole Inside Job and Cover UP, including the Billions wasted on another system.

What happens? NOTHING!!! More coverups! The Memo was confiscated by the NSA, and the last time these guys saw it, it was redacted so much the Memo was almost all BLACK! It was blackwashed.

Meanwhile, Bush, Jr. is dragging his feet about doing a thorough investigation, but the 9/11 victims families won't go a phony investigation was completed with complete garbage as the result. Remember they concluded "Well they just didn't "connect the dots"? Anyone remember that lame excuse??? NOW WE KNOW THEY DIDN'T WANT Binny's Group in operation, or Binney's group would have discovered the Terrorist cells and would have been reporting the CIA's own project! So that is why they had to shut that down.

Binney says they are just building profiles on every single innocent American. He says what they have is Stazi's or KGP's or Gestapo's wetdream! The information is being used to bump whistleblowers off.......these people get tracked, NSA knows EVERYTHING about them, all their habits, they know everyone they have ever talked to, seen every email, follow them around with the sim card in their cell phone, so bumping them off and making it look like an accident is like shooting fish in a barrel. Case in point: Las Vegas eye witnesses of multiple shooters, all getting bumped off: car explodes, hit and run, bolts removed from critical components of their car, so an "accident" happens, suicided, you name it.

THIS IS WHY MegANON urged us to get up to speed on Binney's TESTIMONY! Apparently, he has managed to stay alive (hopefully Trump has in a secure place), and we are watch in particular for Binney's revelations in relation to the domino take down that FLYNN has started.

Trump can easily use this information to expose all the lies of 9/11 and the BUSH Crime Family's fingerprints all over this massacre, they will FRY!

One more tidbit I know from my research on 9/11, The WTC was a White Elephant after the 1993 bombing. Plus it was loaded with asbestos, and was targeted to be torn down. Silverman happened to buy the WTC the summer of 9/11 and loaded up with Insurance! So 9/11 demolished the buildings for him AND Silverman got reimbursed from the insurance companies rather than take a loss! Remember the youtube videos showing an interview with Silverman where he says that on 9/11 when the fire dept (supposedly) called him and asked what Silverman wanted to do about WTC #7, Silverman said "Pull It"! "Pull It" is an demolition industry jargon for "demolish it". Then instantly the WTC #7 fell into its own footprint, just like WTC #1 & #2. HOW COULD ANYONE "PULL IT" IF THERE WERE NO EXPLOSIVES IN WTC #7! And why "pull it" since it wasn't hit, wasn't on fire, nothing! That was a major slip up by Silverman, or done deliberately because he was mad at Bush about something. Anyway, that is a critical piece of evidence, that 9/11 was an INSIDE Job. So is Binney's testimony.

Do you see things adding up? Bush got his justification to invade Iraq to finish off Saddam Hussein (a CIA agent that went rogue on Daddy Bush....remember Daddy Bush worked for the CIA for decades), and justification to invade Afghanistan in order to harvest and profit from the opium/herion trade. Notice how we can never quite pull out of Afghanistan? Notice we can never quite win the war on drugs?

The CIA doesn't want to pull out of Afghanistan, they want their opium crops protected so they can enjoy the massive profits on heroin sales in the USA...this helps fund the CIA black ops budget....otherwise, they would have to go hat in hand to Congress for every little penny. This way they earn their own money, and don't have to be accountable to anyone. (Trump recently bombed those opium fields, it is rumored.)

OK, all the above is from memory. WATCH this Documentary for yourself! Pass the word around to others, to every American you know, liberal or conservative who is horrified about 9/11. Let's reach a ground swell, a tipping point where more people know the truth, than those still dumbed down.

The Bush Crime Family are going down!

The Patriot Act gets passed 10/26/2001.

Anonymous ID:XjEixrL1 Sat 02 Dec 2017 11:02:05 No.151761771 ViewReport

Just PLEASE pay attention to WHO was sending anti-Trump texts, WHO his DIRECT BOSS IS (McCabe) and then KNOW that McCabe hasn’t been overseeing Mueller’s investigation for the last week and a half because Wray, backed by Session, DEMOTED HIS ASS and RELIEVED HIM of a few VERY SPECIFIC and important “INVESTIGATIVE DUTIES”.

Keep Binney’s whistleblowing and testimony in mind like I posted in detail about a week and a half ago, as you watch more come out about Pompeo and the shake ups. You also wanna keep your eyes peeled for things mentioning or highlighting Rogers and his increased but temporary roles/oversight. It’s gonna start to get really good and even though you know I don’t mean or like to seem vague, hopefully you’ll start realizing how these vague things are tying themselves together now and over the next couple of weeks".

(Bold, italics, underlining are my highlights on this piece).

More important background on this developing story found at:

This below is an aside.  I've been drawn into some conversations recently with other people who are reading and thinking about certain popular subjects in the "alternative" category.  Once again, Secret Societies, Allegiances, Symbols, Signs, and Such have popped up on the radar.  I hadn't seen Mr. Trump swinging the same sign ALL the recent former "pResidents" have thrown (along with their wives/partner).

I saw this Jesse James/Donald Trump photo on a video, and was surprised (not) really.  It led me to do a quick search, and you'll find it interesting to scan down through the photos and see WHO's doing it.  There is OBVIOUSLY a common denominator among them all with their signalling.  This is now obviously an International hand sign thrown by World Leaders and those up and down the ladder of power, prestige, and money.  It ain't that they ALL love those Texas Longhorns (sic).

WHO is doing this hand sign and WHY?

jesse james and trump

Why Donald and Jesse James?

Scroll through these images and contemplate:







  1. It lays out the CIA - Jesuit and MOSSAD-Joo backdoors that were not available with thinThread. We all know Hayden and Israel. From PROMIS to XKeyscore and everything back to ECHELON the Joo-joos have the access.
    The FBI and NSA make sure no one else gets the access.

    Connect the joo-joo-bees SA
    IC what a joke! I worked for those conmen in Boca Raton.

  2. Bleed and Milk, the work of the globalists. 911 is still a cash cow and the refugee migration as I predicted 10 years ago is just one more of the opportunities since 2001.

    US Pulls Out of UN Migrant and Refugee Pact

    "The announcement of the U.S. withdrawal from the pact came just hours before the opening of a global conference on migration scheduled to begin Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The goal of the meeting is the negotiation of humane strategies for dealing with the more than 60 million people worldwide who have been forcibly displaced for a variety of reasons."