Thursday, August 24, 2017


It's just like the cold war all over again. Not the nuclear missiles but instead this time the new technology is here. Like the Woodpecker system and attack on embassy officials in the Soviet Union the Cuban government has now unleashed it's version of ELF Subsonic HAARPing technology on the embassies in Havana.

Soviet "Woodpecker" Array

Based on the reports these are Hz frequencies just under the human sound range. These would be from 3-22Hz. The fact that some officials heard sound while others did not only shows that there was likely frequency shifting happening. This range is very detrimental to human health and as reported here many times, the experimentation on humans has been conducted for decades.

It figures the gamesmanship of the Joo-joo's would use the same players as that during the first cold war and the fraud that was foisted upon America was a fear packed campaign that went on for some time. Once again the same players are running similar campaigns and the North Koreans, Russians and Cubans can get another chance to be the patsies and boogeymen in this latest psyop.

Sonic attacks in Cuba hit more diplomats than earlier reported

In fact, this summer, Cuba even allowed FBI agents and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to travel to Cuba to investigate the attacks. They’ve also increased security around diplomats’ residences. (Foreign diplomats working for the US Embassy in Havana are watched closely by Cuban authorities and are required to rent houses from the Cuban government, forbidden from staying in Cubans’ homes if they travel outside the capital, and are supposed to contract any Cuban employees who work in embassies and diplomats’ homes through the Cuban government.3 )


It is simple to attach the transmitter to plumbing or steel in the building. As an antenna the length and maze of plumbing would change slightly but the ELF Extremely Low Frequencies would be at peak efficiency with this type of transmission array such as plumbing pipes of steel beams. To remove the transmitter is simple and no authorities could discover this once the transmitter was removed. The transmitter could have easily fit into a briefcase or toolbox while providing substantial wattage and powerful transmissions.

It is becoming more apparent they have a war planned for Trump. Or at least a test and an agenda for failure or false flag. I was not surprised to see that CNN brought Valerie Plame, yes Ms. Yellowcake herself, to come on the broadcast to give some credibility to "Fake News" CNN and she proceeded to do the Bush Cheney on Donald Trump as a neophyte in matters of intelligence and nuclear proliferation. Amazing how they think these old Bush criminals can come back after years as if nothing ever happened or that we may have forgotten what part Plame and her outing had in the false flag 911 and subsequent planned invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now the Yemen, Syria and ultimate Iran are on the plate. As we know it was spoken by the General himself exactly what 7 countires would be invloved in this Risk roll of the dice. Now it's becoming more clear how Obama laid the gound work for Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicates next phase of NWO total spectrum dominance and it will include much more of the psychotronic, scalar and microwave warfare that we have seen tested at certain hot spots since the first Gulf War.

When the Woodpecker decides to go live in the US, you can expect the same thing that the Iraqi army experienced after the  the fake news, false intelligence and false flag 911 were in the books.  Slam Dunk was a similar ELF assault experiment and it was successful. There are many other examples of the use of mind-controlling ELF weapons used on Americans as well. Here is some info I published years ago.

Tesla and his merry ELF Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 18, 2009

This assault effected Americans and Canadians so therefore under the rules of  EM weapons testing this was perpetrated by US and Canadian covert ops. The CIA likely spearheaded this to invent a new Russia conspiracy theory and I expect it to be used sometime soon.  I once published a piece on why you should have a faraday room with metal floors. I got quite a bit of laughs from sheeple ten years ago but now the fact is clear that these weapons are killers.  It's not so funny anymore. Hey Valerie, get on top of these weapons of mass destruction. will ya?



  1. Here is a perfect example of the HAARPISTS.

    HURRICANE HARVEY was a little depression but because it it manufactured by HAARP and located right in the center of their Jet Stream manipulation they have created a killer storm for TRUMP. This is why the east Mississippi to the North is getting rain and the west is dry. All this moisture has been coming from the Caribbean for months.

    Hurricane Harvey Hysteria: Customers Fight as Stores Sell out of Water
    Storm expected to upgrade to Category 3 hurricane as it makes landfall

  2. We begin THERION and the 11 year cycle for new and more powerful storms from the Atlantic. As predicted in the post

    the rapid development of these vortices will be greatly aided by natural warming cycle and the Atlantic COLD BLOB. Expect all the trimmings of TRUMP, a completely inept FEMA with no one at the helm. Gas Prices, Food riots and a new weather police.

    Coming from the last 11 year cycle that peaked with Katrina and began with Andrew, the best case scenario is to insure your coastal real estate to the hilt. Or sell out and get to higher ground.