Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vatican Assassins: Jesuit Orgies Just Tip Of The Spear


Pope ‘infuriated’ after cops raid drug-fueled ‘gay orgy’ at Vatican priest’s apartment: report.


This is your daily Revelation of the Method from the Jesuit agenda to destroy the Catholic Institution (ultimately Christianity) and has all the hallmarks of the Vatican Assassins in a soft coup to get Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio to resign and move another Jesuit Insider and Freemason into the position of Congregation of the Doctrine. There may be an internal coup to force some changes in the program. As noted by the following you can see the process and the ultimate agenda in the post changes and possible backlash. The DISCLOSURE should become more obvious as we move forward.

Did the COCAINE fueled, HOMOSEXUAL ORGY in the VATICAN take place during LENT? Very Possible

Pope Francis: YOU ARE FIRED!

The latest news on this twisted story is that Müller always close to Pope Ratzinger was fired as an act of retaliation. An inside source of the Vatican told me that because of this internal war, Müller was the one who called the Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, Domenico Giani, and instigated the raid on the gay orgy that took place in the Palace of the Holy Office, that led to the arrest of the Pope’s supporter and close collaborator, Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, creating an unwanted scandal for the Vatican Gay Lobby protected by the Jesuit Pope.


Let's go way down below this event.

Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer accused of abuse cover-up

The Pope’s battle to ­reform the Catholic Church risks a serious setback as allegations emerge that his choice for leader of the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog failed to report a serial sex abuser, allowing the defrocked priest to commit new crimes.

On Saturday the Vatican ­announced that Luis Ladaria Ferrer, a Spanish Jesuit, would lead the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

He succeeds Gerhard Mueller of Germany, who was denied another five-year term because he was perceived to be dragging his feet on action against pedophile priests, and is thought to oppose the Pope’s compassionate approach to sexual morality.


What is not obvious is the "controlled opposition" of TRUMP and CO. including Jones, the Jesuit Joo-joo-bee and the whole "Swamp" which is global in nature. This coincides with the recent FAKE NEWS of an attempted assassination of Jesuit Homosexual Macron.

Vatican Insider Leo Zagami: Police Interrupted Gay Orgy In Vatican, Prominent Cardinal Was Arrested

Who does Leo Zagami work for?  Who does Alex Jones work for? Who does Donald Trump and the rest of the trained Jesuit Freemasons work for?  The NWO paradigm.  It's sacrificial nature uses a controlled opposition and lambs to the slaughter. Unfortunately the kids are the casualties and the Vatican, City of London and the District of Criminals are not under the laws we are.  This is why Queen Elizabeth escaped Child Trafficking charges and why the rest of this organization will escape any real penalties.  They have been corrupting  and infiltrating religious institutions from day one and the al-chemical wedding of the fake Jew Khazarian and Jesuit Islamic State creators have merged for centuries of collaborative efforts to take control of the banks and churches which one can barely tell the difference these days.

How the Freemasons from the Rose Croix and Fabian Joos group work is in opposition to the Pilgrims and Jesuit Order is a marriage made in hell.  The manifesto is written and available in print. The JOO - JOO - BEES Conspiracy is the ultimate TRIAD of our history and continues in the ancient method of the killing of the spirit.



    Just like the Dallas Police Shooting hoax the Orange guns used in Drills

  2. Is there No LOW for these people? What is it going to take to proclaim our Freedom from this SCUM who have their hands in all things "Evil"?

    As for Mr. Jones .. I listened to his program this past Friday (June 30th) and towards the end of the transmission he said he believed there was going to be a BIO Weapon released.

    From there he went on to say (and I quote) "If" I were a Selfish man, I would build an armored redoubt" Then almost in the same breath he also added (and I quote Again) "I'm looking into an area just outside of Austin,Tx." for that very reason. Does he even realize that he talks out of "BOTH" sides of his mouth?

    Did he sell his Soul "Recently" or has he Always been a 2 faced S.O.B.? There "are" things to be learned from watching his show, as well as there are things to be "READ BETWEEN THE LINES". Then we have a President who says all the "Right" words yet, does "Nothing" to Drain the Swamp! Surely he knows he is surrounded by Vipers! I would like to know If he Is One Himself? The pieces just don't seem to fit. "Everything" he's done thus far is solely economic. Even at that, the jobs he's creating are jobs that will be replaced by robots in the not too distant future. He is Big on Manufacturing Jobs ... those are the first jobs to be lost to robotics! IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WE CAN TRUST OR WHO WILL GIVE US HOPE PUDDY? " ANYBODY " ??? Or is it Already Too Late ?



  3. Put your armor on CC. Lock and Load! The prophesy will be realized. Men have been domesticated like lapdogs and there is no one going to come to the rescue until "he" comes.

    Alex Jones is a greedy man, a Trump Vatican Coadjutor and after he interupted Zagami for the tenth time you knew he wasn't going to let Leo condemn Trump as a operative for UN Bergoglio and NWO trasformation.

    Trump heads to Poland to give them the Jesuit threat. TRUMP 777 - The Wildcard

    Seven years after 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash killed the polish government, Trump visits. Obvious Illuminati timing. With Poles and Russian tensions and the whole fake news in high gear, this false flag is all but gone in the memoyhole of Global World Order transformation.

    Trump arrives in Warsaw for speech on 7/7/17. Gee I wonder if he is going to remind the Poles that he and his order killed their president and most of their government.

    The only question is whether it was Russian, Polish, Ukrainian or GLADIO jesuits Vatican Assassins


  5. The NATO NAVY HAARPISTS are on target with the Philippines.

    Extremely strong and shallow ELF assault on Duterte 6km

    M6.5 - Leyte, Philippines
    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.5
    Date-Time 6 Jul 2017 08:03:58 UTC
    6 Jul 2017 16:03:58 near epicenter
    6 Jul 2017 02:03:58 standard time in your timezone

    Location 11.114N 124.633E
    Depth 6 km

  6. boomerangcomesbackJuly 6, 2017 at 9:06 AM

    Go look at what Jim Stone posted about CNN's "Jewish" complexion. Then, draw your conclusions on why this "FAKE NEWS" site is such a purveyor of manufactured hooey...

  7. boomerangcomesbackJuly 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM

    Hey Puddy Buddy, you alright? I've been working and not had much time. Not much going on here on this thread? Just wondering.

  8. Not much happening here. Some eye issues after rains and chemtrails,

    Look at Klaus Eberwein, suicided by the Haitian CIA mafia. He was testifying regarding the Venezuelan Oil Aid money. Killed by the CIA who Clinton Bush crime syndicate use for their hits.

    The Eberwein event was just another cover for the huge covert money ops from the Haitian corrupt presidents from Papa Doc to date. Eberwein hated the Clintons and they showed him the door.


    The Senate report will add to concerns about billions of dollars of aid promised to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Much of the money went to directly to aid organizations, with results on the ground mostly unimpressive. Aid flows have slowed as memories of the devastation fade.

    Venezuela's PetroCaribe program, by contrast, funneled money directly to the Haitian government’s coffers. The program, which Haiti joined in 2006, allowed Caribbean nations to pay low prices for oil from Venezuela, part of which would be financed upfront, with the balance put in a fund to finance social and economic projects.

    That money, too, has dried up, however, as Venezuela, which has the world’s largest proven reserves of oil, contends with domestic political problems and low oil prices.

    Haiti, along with Venezuela and Guinea-Bissau, were tied for 158th place in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index last year, out of a possible 167 slots.

    This asshole Cernovich is as bad as Jones. What a disinfo shill.