Thursday, June 22, 2017

Deadline 2025 - Bluebeam 3D


So what is the power of three that Tesla talked about? It's the basis of the Masonic mathematics of Global power and unlimited ability to control. We have heard the saying control the food/water and you control the population. In the Illuminati formula, the TRIAD is true but the equation is open. Control the weather and you control the food and water.

Obviously they are attempting to control the food and water. As I have posted over the years we see the power elite taking control of real estate at unprecedented rates and setting up legal configurations to control water. From Nestle Great Lakes to T. Boone Pickins Ogalala Aquifer. This is happening n South America and is being controlled in Turkey/Syria micro projects. Jeff Bezos taking over Whole Foods is another microcosm of the global quiet war shifting the control of segments of life sustainability under UNESCO and their climate change agenda.


My theory prompted me to inform you that the TPP and Paris were created to be failures as I did as well stating Obamacare was created to FAIL. (false) Indeed it was a master stroke to the predictive programming and social engineering in which they were able to shift massive swaths of the lemmings into this scam. The TPP secret meeting and program agenda was the same as well as Paris and Trump.

NWO Vortex2

The formula is true that if you control the food and water you can lead the masses to a new world order. But unfortunately, we can grow our food and dig a well. Enter the UN sustainability goals and conspiracies from CODEX alimentarius to Zebranomics. So being true it is also true that if you control the weather you control the food and water. If the TRIAD formula is used properly, the Hegelian Dialectic is the power of three in science, political and social construction and engineering. You can take other conspiracies into consideration as well. I will refer to one of the 007 Spectre scenarios and choose Goldfinger. In this case the plan was for Mr. G to corner a position of the precious metal and then contaminate via radiation, the worlds largest single depository, which in this case was Ft. Knox Kentucky. Assuming a proper contamination for centuries, his personal holding would exponentially increase in value. So the Mafia figure Goldfinger had a great plan. Unfortunately the Mafia is now a global consortium of Bosses, Consiglieres, Enforcers and unwitting administrators. So things like the Hanford Nuclear Site and other nuclear facilities are just Goldfingers in waiting. What would the value of food and water be in the Fukushima of all Fukushima's?

[caption id="attachment_27283" align="alignnone" width="609"]Natural Water The new gold[/caption]

In the Master plan, the obvious is clear. The axis where the war on terror meets Global Governance is you. You are the terrorists. When the game is over you will see how the whole of Agenda 21 is the vortex of 3, 6 and 9 in 3D, in EMR and in the psychological transformation that are needed to complete the equation.
They will use the technology to create, manipulate and synthesize the final solution. But instead of trying to ram draconian global legislation of 666 buy sell trade, they only create beta tests of these programs. These we have read in the news over and over again. Simply all staged events and media driven events are for the googleplex data mining surveillance system to collect and analyze. We are aghast and amazed at news of Parents going to jail  for the most erroneous of offenses. All predictive programming and beta tests for public reaction. This is also part of the strategy of tension which brings the enormous defense budgets and surveillance breaches to new heights. The reason that these fail is the people still would not stand for it.

With these kind of draconian mandates it would likely result in civil revolt and revolution which does not work in their favor. Our sheer numbers being the problem. But for the sake of the real agenda, it still provides the TRIAD of red, blue and yellow designations for our personal NSA dossiers. The depopulation (sustainability) fraud was all built on the models of those of us who would need to be eliminated based upon our faith, intelligence and courage of conviction. This planet could sustain billions more people and with proper environmental and resource management could increase those numbers far beyond the current six billion. The sustainability agenda is merely a eugenics based zebranomics reality of removing the uncontrollable who will no acquiesce to the mind control and assent to slavery and dependence. We are the Bush rejectionists, Obama extremists and Trump obstructionists.



There is nothing more important than to keep your eye on the ball. Like Dennis Rodman, the guy still has his eye on the ball. A CIA asset? Mind control puppet? Like the masses who sit and watch the NBA orange ball, I ask you to reject the mind control, look at the logical and historical markers of time that you have had to observe here on this plane. Turn off the Trump surrogate channel and Soros SJW stations and get to the core of the agenda. Even if your Christian faith and philosophical disposition tells you that what will be will be, the same vortex mathematics used in the 3D realm are true in the power of thought. Knowledge isn't the all to end all but does provide a power equal to that of prayer. Be wise as the Serpent and as courageous as the Mongoose. Yes, harmless as doves to those blind sheep, the lambs of the slaughters is also important. Keep in mind they are victims. Unlike we the Mongeese who have the audacity to opt out of the neurotoxicity of NWO mind control substances and fields, we should not engage in the vitriol of the social media hypnosis of hatred and divide and conquer but instead, target the snakes at the top of the triad with no fear of their hypnosis.

Weather and Climate move synchronistically in the vortex. If you look at weather extremes and social unrest you see they follow the same sines and cosines over the twentieth century based upon data and likely did before recorded times. Why did they kill Prince? One reason. Here.....

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, formally known as Prince


He made the mistake of entering the Mafia, benefiting from the power and money, as a contractee to the Zionist based SPECTRE, the Illuminated council and then he violated the rules. Sanctions were then initiated. But he made it clear of what I have said over and over again over thirty years, that Project Bluebeam will encompass the connections of Tesla's knowledge of the manipulators best kept secrets. This is the vortex mathematical synchronicity of human reality, the mind and body and the earth frequencies. The CERN science, particle science, electromagnetic in full spectrum is not seen in just the visual and audio spectrums, but now in their purview beyond 3D. The minuscule segment from which most people operate is so small, the HAARPist's job is only that much easier. A snowflake in a tornado stands no chance. Prince hit the nail when he discussed this with Dick Gregory. The passive-aggressive frequencies and the nano chemtrail chaff is in us, on us and around us.  It's just a matter of frequencies. I exposed this theory in the staged events of  Project Orange when the EM weapons could bombard the demonstrators of a staged event like Ferguson or Occu-Pi Wall $treet as a beta test of crowd control and manipulation. You have heard the Mafia Media and pundits say that Global Warming is causing ISIS and Terror. This is true, if and only if you add the EMR scalar and chemtrail 'climate' warfare. Not weather changes.

Easter Island, Inca's and other cultures were victims of this synchronicity and natural or unnatural events (3) had similar effects on the human climate (6). Trust but verify what I say and take a look at the current climate and follow the logic of Obama-Trump and the rise of digital merging with analog systems in radar, radio, telemetries as well as cosmic changes and physical changes in environmental chemistries. The revelation of John uses these in descriptions of events as well as many other verses in Daniel and Old Testament Books. The request to read the Bible is one I would never expect to an agnostic or atheist but they could learn much about the future events and that of which I speak by decoding it in numerologically  and linguistically, verbatim.


From Trumpets to Angels, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is foretold by a narrative that many just cant seem to decode. The angels and archons do not equate to the acoustics and angles of audio visual references and escape out of the mind's eye. A full spectrum dominance of the human domain is the endgame of the Project Bluebeam and those things like Wormwood will come to pass.  The rush to convert the analog to digital was a component so obvious to the agenda and equation that it flew over the heads of the public. The race to the digital connection of data mind targeting devices were obvious to the administrators and financiers but the goal of the social world wide web did not stick with the masses. The fact that Steve Jobs rejected the devices in the hands of his own children should have triggered some alarms but do you think the lemmings were going to forgo 24/7 entrainment masquerading as entertainment. Same for Facebook and the unholy hosts of other data mining and analytic portals, the synchronicity would be connected globally, thus a virtual real time universal petri dish. Now the science has laid the wires for global weather/climate shifting and monitoring and the D-Wave technology able to process and secure the volume.

What is left to complete is the Global Mesh Network, graphical display GUI interface from the magnetosphere below the 811 vortex will be set into place and connected through an enterprise that will deliver all the 3D illusions while opening the portal for the invisible spectrum and ether-nets to capture, connect and control the data of changing climate on a macro level with abilities to isolate micro level algorithms, anomalies and possible viruses to the network. Just as we the people do shape the programming, the program adapts to shape us. Any divergence from the script must be debugged during all  encoding, decoding and compiling. How we have been instrumental to this project is based upon our contributions to the matrix and purchasing and using the wares of the enterprise. and left to the binary reality of its makeup.  We may live in a 3D world but our existence is reduced to two,  a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb false dilemma

Now it's a matter of setting up the global network, covering all terrain and domains in a wireless EM grid. The HAARP facility is just one of many now and the operations back in the hands of the MICC and the "N" team. If the Air Force is the architect head of weather warfare and they are back in control of Gaskona it creates a logical link. If it is truly a global agenda and conspiracy then we should take note of this.

I sent this to the Miami Surfer Boys and asked them to comment.
HAARP - EISCAT3D - Response: What a lie!

[Japan to develop 'heart' of huge radar to track space debris - ARCTIC]
An artist's rendition of the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar system, which is planned inside the Arctic Circle by Japan and European countries (Provided by the National Institute of Polar Research)

Japan will help construct one of the world’s largest radars that will survey auroras, track global warming and also help protect satellites from solar activity and orbiting debris.

The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar project is made up of a total of 50,000 antenna set up at five locations inside the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The construction of a demonstration system will begin later this year in northern Norway, and the EISCAT is scheduled to start full operations in 2022.

Japan will be developing a transmitter--the “heart” of the radar.

The current EISCAT radar, the predecessor of EISCAT 3D, was developed by Germany, France, Britain and northern European nations. It started operations in 1981 to observe auroras and the atmosphere 70 to 1,500 kilometers above the ground.

Japan joined the EISCAT project in 1996.

The radio wave transmitting capacity of EISCAT 3D will be six times higher than its predecessor and can continue working automatically.]

An artist's rendition of the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) 3D radar system, which is planned inside the Arctic Circle by Japan and European countries (Provided by the National Institute of Polar Research)

369 - 124578

Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification ? - Stanford Research via Dutchsinse

Do you want to know about EMF, UHF VLF, RADAR and Mind Control?  I tell skeptics about this and they scoff. I remind them of simple effects and events. One I like to use often is what the audible spectrum does. In an example you may have already experienced. You get into you car and start driving.  You slide in your favorite song into the DVD player and it begins to play. The frequencies, amplitude set high and the next thing you know your foot has accelerated your speed and you get pulled over and ticketed. On the converse, your favorite ballad may bring tears to the eyes and sadness. Some of this may be memory triggers but much is the frequency of waves. All EMR is waves and then one can go to the science behind ELF, Schumann Resonance and the use of voice over sub-audible bands. Now you can graduate to the Utah State Prison experiments, the Iraq war "slam-dunk" use of ELF to make troops passive, disoriented, anxious, depressed and without a will to fight. An assault on the very 'will' to resist was gone.  This may explain why they do not force disarmament. There will be a time when they want us armed and aggressive followed by a time they want us passive and unable to pull the trigger.  This was first used in ancient times before a battle when the cadence of drums and the revelry of trumpets got the army into a killing mode. (Adding alcohol or a hangover  as needed back then has now advanced to far better compounds distributed by aerosol geo-engineering)


This new project only logically follows the same agenda 21 science and in terms of global recessions and huge needs for money spent to fix the problems, the need for tracking space trash is a higher priority. Can you believe that?  Can you believe that we are given our most dangerous enemies, ie: China, Russia, yet when there are never sanctions and only cooperation on the space based agenda between us and these so called enemies we are to believe it's not just fluff and propaganda? The people are still falling for higher defense budgets due to threats from the same nations we are funding together to build this Bohemoth, this Leviathan, this beast.

If the 2025 date is the target for bluebeam and the greenlight for a go on a project orange mind control agenda, I'd say we very little time left.  It's a false sense of security to think our pistols and police are going secure our survival.  I am only secure that nuclear proliferation is not a concern.  Neither is North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or any other state player who already have the warheads for they are all in the game, in the vortex, and have skin in the game.  What we have to find out is what countermeasures we need to prevent the Climate-Weather Owners from meeting their deadline and ultimate success.  May be a wave and prayer.




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  4. WOW P ... Once again you've "shocked the monkey"!

    For years I've seen photos and heard stories of how China has been sending over voluminous boats and taking water out of our great lakes. As a result we ended up with the killer jumping fish which were indigenous to China.

    As to what you're referencing, could that have something to do with the loud blares of sound people report hearing late at night?

    I've seen where Steven Hawking is suggesting mankind "must" move to the planet Mars IF we are to survive. But, then again, how can we be sure this bit of information is even coming from Hawking? No disrespect meant, but, he appears to be already dead. Who is to say that his lifeless body isn't pumped full of formaldehyde as they wheel him around blaring out audio from other locations? This sounds like a conspiracy theory, I know, But, haven"t stranger things happened?

    As for all the mathematics you've referred to, I for one am Math Stupid! Can you put it out in a way for those of us who have a problem comprehending such elaborate details? I would truly love to hear the mathematics broken down into "lay" terms! Keep up the Brilliant work!


  5. CC, its a simple vortex algorithm used by the NWO to indicate true and false. I believe they use this in their news and correspondence to indicate real or fake news, who what how.... It is based upon the Masonic numerology and may root in compass and rule. It is largely based upon vortex mathematics which is not base 1o system but 1-9 with 0 placeholder. It is the real arithmetic of the universe. Only base10 used in fiat finance and forgery.

    I think you hit the nail on the head regarding strange sounds. The trumpets are audible acoustics involved with low frequency harmonics created by transmitter and higher electromagnetic frequencies microwave heating of particle dispersion's via chemtrail and other natural elements. Humming to whining depending upon the properties of the frq. and elements

    Einstein struggled to remain relevant. Hawking and other living brains struggle harder. Eventually they all need a 'special' relativity or theory to keep them in the club. Don't expect those to go against the rub of the NWO. If it's not overpop, sustainability. Alien atheism or another Agenda 21 psyop propaganda, then they will just fade away into obscurity. As long as they keep pitching the agenda they can sell their books and get speaking fees.

    Even the science community is dumbed down to levels I have never seen before. It's a matter of paychecks versus being blackballed but some are just as brainwashed as we are.

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    #2 Here's what happens when we connect our brains to the Cloud:



    Just enough to be a productive slave and worker borg bee. From the Joo-joo-bees Ray K is the perfect 'singularity spokesman for the buy sell trade 666. and MK-CLOUD. No Firewall.

    Your Neocortex? How about the Hippocampus? How privacy works is encryption and keys. How real privacy works is a firewall. You never allow them access to your soul. There is no encryption and key for that. Simple to do a total open memory wipe! That's what 'the Matrix' forgot to achieve. Had it been, the Neo's and their cortexes would have never escaped.

    Ray looks and acts a bit like he's done dropped a little too much acid. Fried, dyed and in the cloud. He likes his rings too. Timothy Leary!