Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Read "Lucifer's Banker" and See How the Corrupt Screw All the People All the Time.

I just finished reading this article linked below --

"Lucifer’s Banker: A Whistle-Blower’s Account of Exposing Massive Fraud at UBS – Brad Birkenfeld +Video"


There's a video, or you can read the script.  VERY ENLIGHTENING!

The cast of corrupt characters mentioned include, Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton and their "Foundation", Eric Holder, certain large Banks, and more.  I imagine Birkenfeld's book, "Lucifer's Banker" provides more names of the guilty.

This Whistleblower's STORY is a real accounting of the "lack of accountability" Finance/Political Mafia-type SCAM being run on Americans, and insidiously infecting so many more populations around the world.



  1. Read the script. You can find out more....


    New Bill O'Reilly Accuser Says He Called Her "Hot Chocolate" and Leered

    CIA recalls Bill O'Reilly: http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-oreilly-fired-20170419-story.html

  2. If you want to know why Birkenfeld received $104 Million Dollars then forget hush money and see where his list of I.O. real estate developers stems from.



    Tell me Donald Trump will never release his tax returns and his ties with Russian Joo-joos and the corrupt FBI/IRS. Who is not compromised in DC? The cemeteries are full of them.

    Igor Olenicoff
    Donald Trump

  3. Why are Black Judges being Murdered?
    UPDATED: 4/19/17

    Death of New York judge found in river is suspicious, police say


  4. boomerangcomesbackApril 19, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    This thread is essentially about, "Here's Why TSWHTF!". The "Power Structure" cavorting on the present stage(s) are thoroughly corrupted.

    And by Whom? We ask?

    That's complicated. But COTO has filled in quite beautifully the "connect-the-dots" paintings that have been put before us all.

    Currently, the laughing 9/11 perps and their ilk are getting exposed. The recent Kushner/Trump stories coming out also lay out the criminal architecture. It is becoming easier to "see" how Control is imposed upon the power structures and humans that inhabit the realm. Freaking Ugly as we might expect.

    READ: http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2017/04/the-election-con-of-the-millennium-nwo-globalists-really-won-zionist-neocons-rule-the-white-house-agent-kushner-directed-by-israel-2901894.html?currentSplittedPage=0

    Add this story (and links) to the thread above, and other info on the frothy, stranger-than-fiction Trump about face. Perhaps he's been scopalamined, or drugged with some CIA creation like Jim Stone says? Perhaps he's been blackmailed up the ying yang? Perhaps the Zionatics have the entire WH operationally taken over?

    The Theory of it would be similar to usurping control of an airplane ala 9/11, MH370, etc. I keep thinking making the POTUS a "drone" operated by outside influences is what this looks like. The "How?" is starting to become apparent.

    Or, Shall We Say --> The "Hand(s)" behind the Puppet are becoming visible. In fact, we can see behind the curtain with some particular clarity.

    If we apply the, "By Their Actions You Shall Know Them..." maxim (paraphrased), we are seeing just what is being ordered up on their menu cart. Quite a multi-course dinner display they are bringing out of the WH "Kitchen".

    Its like the Clue game in a way now. Crime is on the menu. Is it the Butler? The Candle-stick Maker?

    What about?:

    9/11 still under the rug, no Clinton Prosecution(s) or any of that bunch, just a bunch of Weiner shaking, Pedogate struggling to hold Alt-News headlines, Ongoing Chemtrails not even talked about, but chemical "weapons" used in Syria get BIG headlines. Rigged Markets. Rigged everything. Worsening "Police State", Rumors out of Antarctica but nothing substantial shared with the little folk, job market collapse, etc.

  5. You know it will happen some sunny day....like 911, the entire criminal apparatus will go into autopilot. Just like the meltdowns we saw with MSM reporters they all seem to be controlled by an unseen hand and invisible strings. The drug or chipped induced programming seems like a fictional hollywood, but I am beyond that now. Forces beyond comprehension have a choke hold on our necks and the government deep state has the dirt on all of the key positions. You can only imagine what skeletons hang in Donnie's closet.

    Well that may be a good theory, it is possible but I cannot accept that Trump and the rest of the 'family' are not the ones holding the strings. The pentagon may have had the football for decades. They may have the buttons and codes they need to take full control of the mil.complex. Wired to Tel-Aviv. The zionists have perfected the extortion and blaackmail honeypots and there is nothing to sy only those ever achieve higher office these days. If I was "the brain" that is how I would do it.


  6. Donald Trump inauguration bankrolled by corporate giants

    Sheldon Adelson

    Snyder of the Washington Redskins,
    Shahid R. Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars,
    Stan Kroenke of the Los Angeles Rams,
    Robert McNair of the Houston Texans,
    Woody Johnson of the New York Jets
    Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots through his holding company, Kraft Group LLC.
    The NFL's marketing and promotions arm, NFL Ventures LP, added $100,000.)

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also appears to have given $1 million — in a most roundabout fashion. The Trump inauguration disclosure lists "Glenstone Limited Partnership" of Texas as a $1 million donor. State corporate records list a "Glenstone I Limited Partnership." This entity has one director: Glenstone Corporation, which lists "Jerral W. Jones" as its president. All Glenstone entities share the same address — 1 Cowboys Way.

    Other Trump inauguration donors in the million-dollar club are Russian-American businessman Alexander Shustorovich, hedge fund honcho Robert Mercer, investor Charles Schwab, Chicago Cubs owner and one-time Trump foe Marlene Ricketts, investor and Trump economic adviser Andy Beal, coal baron Christopher Cline, businessman Hushang Ansary, Shahla Ansary, hedge fund executive Paul Singer, self-storage forture heir Bradley Wayne Hughes Jr., coal executive J. Clifford Forrest, billionaire founder of GoDaddy.com Bob Parsons, investor Stephen A. Cohen, Claudine Revere, philanthropist Jeanne Sorensen Siegel, financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald Chairman Howard Lutnick and Scott Bessent, who for several years oversaw liberal megadonor George Soros' personal fortune. The Wall Street Journal in 2000 reported that the Republican National Committee rejected a $250,000 contribution from Shustorovich, citing the businessman's ties to state-owned Russian companies.

    R.W. Habboush, an international investor who this year reportedly has pressed Trump officials to lift sanctions against Venezuela, gave $666,000.

    Billionaire Texan Kelcy Warren, whose company is building the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline for which the Trump administration in February gave final approval, sent $250,000 to Trump's inauguration committee in December. Peter Thiel, the PayPal co-founder who spoke at the Republican National Convention, added $100,000.

    At the $1 million level, Trump's roster of top inaugural donors include powerful and well-known companies such as tobacco company Reynolds American, airline and defense company Boeing, AT&T, the Madison Square Garden Company, online payment company Allied Wallet, international holding company Access Industries, ethanol producer Green Plains and MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd., maker of WeatherTech floor mats. Conservative nonprofit advocacy group American Action Network, which has deep financial ties to the health and pharmaceutical industries, also gave $1 million.

  7. Watch for Flipper to flop on Vaccines - Donnie Darko Eugenics

    The education of President Trump by Bill Gates, global health advocate

    "In a recent interview with STAT, the philanthropist talked about how he made the case for global health — and vaccines — to Trump. Though the meeting took place several weeks ago, Gates didn’t speak publicly about the most recent meeting after it took place."

    Above -
    American Action Network, which has deep financial ties to the health and pharmaceutical industries, also gave $1 million.

    Step by step....inch by inch.....
    and the "Bang!" Smart Vaccine!!! The "EVERYTHING" nano death panel inoculation

    ___________ KILL BILL VOL 3___________________.


  8. Russia Reveals First Pics Of Top-Secret Arctic Base Filled With Reindeer-Riding Special Forces | Zero Hedge http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-19/russia-reveals-pics-top-secret-arctic-base-filled-reindeer-riding-special-forces

    The Bluebeam Polar Express, keeps popping disclosures of the agenda. No details on the secret EMR, EM and NBC weapons but if you think Hollywood isn't on it just watch "The Thing" and "Ice Station Zebra" and watch the countdown to meltdown.

  9. Federal Reserve chairman said that Trump will need to slash entitlement programs in order to fund his promised corporate and personal tax cuts.

    "The simplest way to get tax cuts is to cut spending and the major area where we have to cut it, or at least slow it down dramatically, is entitlements," Greenspan said.

    Entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security account for roughly half of federal spending and that number is expected to grow as more of the Baby Boomer generation hits retirement.


    Yeah, the lion share in Defense Spending and if we just cut that and then jailed the imbezzlers, accountants and fraudsters who rape the funds we could give everyone Free Health and a social security increase.

    Greenspan should be hung! As they fear the masses into the need for a hyper military build-up, the civl war will hit the streets when they cut entitlements like social security.

  10. Trump: 'I love WikiLeaks' | TheHill

    Report: Trump’s DOJ Is Considering Charges Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

    What a Con!!! What a performer!!!
    What an A-hole!!!

  11. boomerangcomesbackApril 20, 2017 at 4:22 PM

    Evidently, there's a Rush Order on shit canning any credibility that might still be clinging to the Donald. Flip Flop reversals presented to confuse those watching. Inject dissonance into the mind, turn "making sense" on its head, and you get another Liar-n-Chief.