Sunday, April 23, 2017

Homeless Feed Rat-Poison

It doesn't get much sicker than this.



  1. there really are some sick and cruel people around
    and its not just humans they bait

  2. Sanctuary city: (n) A Place where the NWO can have access to human lab rats for mind control and eugenics death panel research.
    a place of refuge, connected to other reservations by trails of tears.

    the part of the chancel of Satan's church containing the high altar. reserved for the corrupted clergy and political choir, and typically separated from the nave by fences, gates or a wall.

    Sanctuary economy: A means to extrapolate federal taxpayer funds to promote chaos and the need for advanced law enforcement armaments and surveillance.

    Sanctuary-Javascript: It facilitates the definition of curried JavaScript functions which are explicit about the number of arguments to which they may be applied and the types of those arguments. 1. illegal immigration, crime, fraud, 2. racism, Nazism, hate.

    The Sanctuary Cities are gene replacement centers. They attack the native cells like America's natives, homeless, military vets, black lives, Christians, and other 'social' NWO defective and rejectionists genes and replace with their Gladio stealth killer genes who will seek out and destroy the defective genes at the cellular level. The death panels are real, Obamcare lives on and Trump & Co. will sustain it. The next step is to get what is left of middle America into the mix. It's a MACRO and Micro process, a eugenics based algorithm through biological, economic and technological selection and accounting.

    It's Zebranomics. Rat Poison to humanity.

    Good morning, America
    How are you?
    Say don't you know me? I'm your native son
    I'm the train they call the city of New Orleans
    And I'll be gone five hundred souls when the day is done

  3. WARNING: For years the MSM and global gatekeepers have been sequestering the ISIS Gladio arsonists who are burning down America.

    We had the wave late last year and now Florida is getting nailed. But it's happening coast to coast.

    Florida Officials: Arson Wildfires Are on the Rise Statewide

    What BULLSHIT! Look at the example they pick. This is the Refugee Terror Network at work. There is no easier way to destroy the USA but by fire. Anyone can drive the State roads and throw simple tin can incendiaries out the window for miles and miles.

    [Over 100] Wildfires rage across Florida, destroying homes and displacing thousands - VIDEO

    Flashback: Latest Al Qaeda Magazine Calls Upon American Muslims To Launch A ‘Firebomb’ Campaign Inside The US – “The men who launched al Qaeda’s English-language magazine may have died in a U.S. missile strike last fall, but ‘Inspire’ magazine lives on without them — and continues to promote jihadi attacks on Western targets, offering detailed advice on how to start huge forest fires in America with timed explosives and how to build remote-controlled bombs.” Read more.

  4. VATICAN and ISLAM: Father and Sun

    Pope likens migrant holding centres to “concentration camps”

    “The conditions in which migrants are currently living in some European countries may well be difficult, and deserve still greater international attention, but concentration camps they certainly are not,” the AJC’s head, David Harris, said in a statement.

    “The Nazis and their allies erected and used concentration camps for slave labour and the extermination of millions of people during World War II. There is no comparison to the magnitude of that tragedy,” he said.

    Kiss my Quran, Jorge.

  5. There's Gold in them Waters!

    DSM-5: Psychiatrists target Donald Trump with mental illness disinformation campaign

    Imagine the outrage on Hillary's diagnosis. Oh well I'll sign anyway.


    Use your COTO honorary degree.

  6. Power outages in NY, San Fran, Chicago....

    Are Today’s Massive Power Outages Really Secretly Part of the Operation Gotham Shield Nuclear EMP Drill?

    Isn't all of it part of the drill?
    So sick of this shit.

    DOE Exercise Objectives

  7. boomerangcomesbackApril 24, 2017 at 3:52 AM

    Another extremely rare copy of the Original "signed" Declaration of Independence has been England.

    It is significant for a number of reasons. Go to the link above.

  8. New Orleans Removes Confederate Statues - The Beast

    New Orleans started taking down the first of four prominent Confederate monuments in the city early Monday morning, at about 1:30 a.m. The city is the most recent Southern stronghold to remove symbols interpreted by many to memorialize white supremacy and racism. The first monument to be removed overnight was one that “commemorates whites who tried to topple a biracial post-Civil War government in New Orleans,” according to local reports. City officials chose to take it down overnight in order to minimize disruption from those who take issue with the removal. Some have sent death threats. “There’s a better way to use the property these monuments are on and a way that better reflects who we are,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told the Associated Press.

    You are witnessing the transformation of America to the NAU. New Orleans will be one of several major seaports and cities completely run by global foreign entities. Just like Atlanta and Denver, the ICLEI UN and wretched corporations will spearhead the push for globalist politico's and erase any US heritage and inheritance as part of the G^6 agenda (21) I figure Nawlins will be the human trafficking port more than freight buy-sell-trade on east west ports. Galveston Texas too will be stripped of all heritage. Only the babylon whore lady liberty will remain unless they decide to false flag it.

    Planet Illuminati

  9. Here’s What Happened In New Orleans While Mitch Landrieu Was In Paris Talking Climate Change

    A perfect example of the takeover by the pimps of NWO progress. Landrieu is cut from the Bloomberg cloth.


  10. DISTRICT 5

    Former Trump Campaign Chair Just Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking — During the Campaign

    Campbell County, KY — Judge Tim Nolan of California, Kentucky represents District 5 on the Campbell County School Board. He served at the chair of the 2016 Donald Trump campaign in Campbell County. And, he’s just been charged with felony child trafficking.


    This started with tremors and some swarming. This is China Syndrome. North Korea

    Chile earthquake: 7.1 tremor strikes off coast near capital Santiago

    This follows the China Vortex. Look for something big there in the next four days. This includes North Korea.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.1
    Date-Time 24 Apr 2017 21:38:25 UTC
    24 Apr 2017 17:38:25 near epicenter
    24 Apr 2017 15:38:25 standard time in your timezone

    Location 33.056S 72.042W
    Depth 10 km


  12. Perfect 3-9-6 with the Trump 7.
    Crazy man Un or Trump will provoke a strike. This is coming. Next 5 days

  13. I wonder if they can get that huge volcano to blow! That'd take all of east Asia out of commission for the foreseeable future.

  14. This one: Mt. Paektu

  15. Obama (and the Clinton Bush Crime Syndicate) have really boosted the international slave trading. Estimated 20 million in Bondage in Middle East and Northern Africa.

    He should be so proud.

    Who likes FOX? Not me but really folks can we not see the NWO change and transformation here. Roger Ailes, O'Reilly and now Sean Hannity. What an obvious ploy to turn FOX into the new singularity. Even FOX had some bright spots. Judge Jeanine and Napolitano. I liked Lou Dobbs on the illegal immigration exposure but I suspect they all get walking papers soon.

    I wonder what CIA asset Billy O would love to say but knows better. He has his Golden Parachute to worry about.
    I'm sure they all were sexual predators but it wasn't an issue years ago when it all happened. Why now? COTOOBVIOUS!

  16. I'll bet they will try. If not I expect Xi will try. China wants US restraint but the globalist cabal is rounding third base and they want Syria and North Korea done. They have more work to do in Somalia and Sudan.

    I think we will get some serious skirmish in the China sea in the next 5 days. Maybe a message to China with the quake in Xian.

  17. This is the red pill rabbit hole. If you want to know how archaic and repressive the system is, spend some time here.

    You can expect your mind to be blown! But do not go there if you want to continue to get your koolaid. We are strawmen to the "Burning Man" occult corpo fascists. Death'n'tax panels and they celebrate every year in Nevada.

    This years theme: Bad Day at Black Rock - I expect this year's luciferian tribute to be a precursor to September 23rd. High expectations for change this year under the marked Trump Card.

    As each day passes I get more confused on Trump the Jesuit mastermind or the "MK-Ultra Manchurian Muppet" Either a very clever acting/stage production or a real China controlled Theta T.I.

    It could have been from youth by papa Drumpf. Is Melania his handler like Laura Bush was to Dubya? John McCain, Kim Jong Un?... Chelsea and Ivanka could be Beta Babes as well. It's a deep deep dark state of affairs.


  18. Five Eyes Se7en Ears

    Spy agencies from 'Five eyes' gather in New Zealand: PM, sources

    TRIAD: How the system works with Nation Laws, International Laws and Global Mafia rules.


    The US voids Nation Laws but follow rules. Americans are spied upon by foreign entities. ie: the Awan brothers, etc. China Russia, UK, Japan spy on the citizens. The rulles say if a mafia global elite gets picked up it goes to the committee. Gatekeepers keep the tabs on the extorted players in DC, while all 'citizen' corporate slave's info goes through the mill.

    George Webb is following the Trump watchers pretty well on youtube. Obama was "made" recently and now has NWO consigliere status. His celebration / vacation was well earned for managing the election. I suspect Comey got his awards as well. Obama is getting premium dollars for speaking but in reality he is running much of the operation now. As he visits WalMart Street for his $400K payoff, he will in reality be involved in the coming October surprise which should kick off somewhere around September 23rd.

    The diversion is the ASS-ange angle which is 100% psyop. Expecting Equador to feed him to the sharks? Only in theatre and stage craft designed to sway rogue (real) hackers to back off. There biggest fear is maintaining the "picket fence" and gatekeeping to keep eyes only on the surveillance apparatus which now moves to space based collection and the enterprise system to layer the access to information.

    Now there will be no eyes or ears on direct surveillance. Only AV algorithm, SIGINT, HUMINT. while data, meta and other will be filtered as well. Now the Mafia can spend less time filtering and gatekeeping and reduce FEDERAL JOBS to meet the agenda 21 goals.

    I wonder how many administrators there are still uncompromised and merely working on greed. Those should likely remain high priority but more importantly how far they have gotten to reclassifying all US enslaved "citizen's' If you wonder how your contract as a withholding asset to a bankrupt death panel state is decided, just go back and read 200 posts here on everything from nano morgellons death panel chemtrailing, Doomsday chipping, Government assassination gang-stalking, heart attack weapons ala Microwave, financial terror via IRS, water contamination and weather weapons, vaccine rapid cancers, PhARMA death statins and SSRI and the rest of the arsenals.

    MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is a bypass of CITIZENS to make the CORPORATION great again. Those with skill sets, eugenics philosophies, will to kill, take orders, achieve goals at all costs will get their day on the apprentice. The majority won't. Only now the seven plagues will come to New Babylon. A simple business liquidation to the core committee and a purge to the MICC complex. For other admins, it's a matter of sustainability and earth day climate changes by the black swans of cosmic coincidence.

    Only a fool cannot see the Obamacare merging with Trump MAGA in tax overhaul.
    Figure the accountants at PwC have mapped out the strategy to eliminate the entitled (not entitlements) Liquidate the non citizens and those who cannot boil and egg or change a lightbulb. I wonder if the willing slaves realize what comes in the second wave when robotics forces them into non-citizen status.

    Countdown to babylon

  19. #936 - The CIA Doesn’t Need To Spy On Free Thinkers, The "Private" Sector Does It For Free

    The enterprise. Spies, spying on the spyers who are spying on you.

  20. Once, Twice, Three Times A False Flag - March 15, 2017

    Third time
    Judge Rules Against Trump Order Blocking Funds to Sanctuary Cities

    Expect a illegal immigrant crime spree, a Kate Steinle event or another Sanctuary Blackout City. Something is coming here.

  21. Even GWBush did better in Katrina.

    3 years later Flint MI still has no clean water.

  22. LOL ... After being here for the most of 42-years it would be hard not to know that New Orleans is like a cheap version of Casablanca and Satan's piss-bowl. What I'm still doing here only proves I'm not that smart.

    Landrieu ... how many blond-haired, blue-eyed Frenchman do you know?