Thursday, March 23, 2017

America "Taken"


A Conspiracy Theory that became a “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields and America’s Growing Heroin Epidemic

Flood Of Cheap Afghan Heroin To Arrive Just In Time For Recession

Afghan Opium Pleases Taliban and Soros

How to fund a war Reagan style-March 1st, 2008

We have volumes of proof of CIA funded drug trafficking and have exposed it for years. Afghan was all about piplelines. Not just the oil black gold but the silverwhite poppy pipelines as well.  Masterminded by Zionist form the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Vatican Club of Rome committee, the CIA, DFR, Trilateral group incorporated the War on Terror to assist the War on Drugs. From Iran Contra, Poppy Bush Sr. the CIA mastermind to create the New World Order version of the British and Dutch East India Company.

What escapes most people is the meme "War on."  Any thing succeeding this phrase is a global crime operation to promote the Hegelian Dialectic to crush the West and the power of independence. It promotes and funds the wars, surveillance and all the rest of the G6 agenda goals for a One World Order. As I have explained in  The Illuminati Formula Triad:

NEVER WASTE AN OPPORTUNITY - All Triads redistribute wealth to the top.


Drugs follow recession, recession precedes war and war shifts power to new brokers. It always plays out the same. We can now pretty much confirm Trump's place in the collapse. The poor fool or clever insider will do the job. Meanwhile as the inflation and recession wait on the FED and interests rates the economy is in a condition so far from the manipulated MSM and government data that it has become a joke.

The inflation is coming, the recession, the retail, tech and housing bubbles will all repeat and the only thing that will not e effected is the cheap price for bumper crops of Poppy and Opium for Heroin production.  The fools that did not see why the Marijuana legalization campaign was directed by the Zionist an Jesuits (Soros) groups are missing how the Triad works.  How they use Islam as the vehicle in terror and refugee program only provides the cover for the specific agenda that was 911 and Afghanistan Iraq Libya and now Syria.

Trumps Defense budget is no less than the coffers for Poppy guarding and pipeline protection.  Al-CIAda and ISIS, the straw-men Gladio operatives to maintain the need for presence. We are at war at home.  We don't need to fly to Paris or Amsterdam to be "TAKEN."   It is happening in every town USA.   Time we started acting like Liam Neeson and take back our towns before the Congolese, Somalis, Libyans, Sudanese, Afghans and Iraqi's and other criminal midnight arrivals set up shop selling horse to your daughter.  This will be epidemic soon and when the shit hits the fan, who will have the money.


  1. boomerangcomesbackMarch 24, 2017 at 6:26 AM

    Just returned up the eastern coast of FL, on up into upstate SC. Noticeably, no "visual" of chemtrails being spread over the FL coast from 3/17-3/21. I suspect offshore spreading which wafts over the FL peninsula.

    FL economy of "Malls" along I-95 shows an incredible number of "Ghost Malls" sitting there devoid of humans. A result of the 2008 economic implosion and hence until today. Credit for "New" cars is evident at the coast with individuals you wouldn't expect to be driving New Suburbans, Jeeps, expensive trucks, etc. Americans "in-hock" at all class levels down to the bottom.

    Even on the financial websites, the prices of Gold & Silver are touted as "high" in recent headlines. This is of course absolutely a scripted "programming error" being circulated to continue the (real money) metals manipulation. Turning "perception" ass-to-tea kettle so it is inverse is the M.O. we keep seeing. In spite of the Obvious, liars lie to our faces.

    A young man in high school in SC tells me "heroin" is the "easiest" drug for kids to obtain right now. That's NOT good.

    Population Manipulation" is the Latest Trend to become Obvious.

    What with waves of I Slam and scofflaw exportation happening apace in the EU (and elsewhere), the insane BS of Tools like "Merkel" and "Obama" and ALL the others feigning ignorance of the absolute poisoning of the gene pools by this infernal "Tactic" is Obvious. They fund and direct the Blitzkrieg with their "Agencies", while having their populations pay for it with death & taxes & subversion.

    Imagine a bucket full of water ( a white population). Start pouring in a dark, dank oil that makes the water roil, and quickly spreads throughout the bucket. Imagine that oil possesses the characteristics of the "refugees" we have seen in so many videos depicting their hatred and lawlessness?

    Its a tactic. WE get it. Its Obvious.

    It is as chemtrails poured upon our heads daily. WE are At War then.

    The chemtrails, the "refugees" is the poison introduced into our water. They are a continuing "problem". But, they will keep coming as long as WE do not stop THOSE who are funding, shipping, and supporting the conquering HORDES. That is where the noose needs to tighten, and even higher to be effective.

    Like turning off the radiation monitors on the West Coast of the USA. That's high up the chain. Someone is trying to blind the population to the multiple murderous vectors focused on sickening, killing, and erasing the American People and this Republic.

    By their Own Words, this rings of Zio-Globalist-Illuminatti-Satanist shtick.

  2. I drove 1-95 from Miami to Melbourne so many time and yet after a dozen years away I would never recognize it.

    Great report Boomer. It's a mess. So far worse than the social media box of fake news and illusions can show. Much of America is already third world. Too bad Americans have been de-boned and find their spineless apathy to the fate of their children easier than standing.

    You can tell you're in Florida because there is a Walgreens Drug store at every four point intersection. Liquor and drugs, who needs chemtrails in Florida. :)


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