Monday, February 27, 2017

Dream 57

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I don't dream often because I do not sleep well enough to reach that state of REM where they are most common. What likely caused my dream on Oscar night was the chemtrail flu which has dogged me since the new year. It comes and goes but the lack of sleep it caused finally tanked me and I had a doozy of a dream on Sunday. It seemed long but I doubt it was a minute or two.

My friend Boomerang and I were riding four-wheelers down my mountain in what seemed to be a frantic state of urgency. Boomer was leaving me in the dust and I was unsure why we were in such a hurry. I slowed down because I hear something behind me howling. As I slowed, I look back and running towards me was a Polar bear cub.  As dreams go we never think twice about things that don't add up. I assumed the NC mountains were full of Polar bears.  I realized he was running from something as well as he rambled by me so I looked back again and down the mountain, a wall of flood water was pouring downhill and taking the trees with it.

I cranked up and got the hell out of there. So fast was I going that in an instant I was on a highway.  I did not think twice about the fact there was not a single car or human in sight on a major thoroughfare, but looked back to see what else I would find behind me. As I looked back I caught a glimpse of another larger animal in the distance. I was looking for Boomer and the cub and they were nowhere to be found. It was moments later the mother bear  shows up and she speaks to me that she has lost her child. A normal  comment in a dream by a concerned mother.  I told her I was lost and looking for her cub and my friend and had no idea what road we were on or where we were. She said it was 57 as in State Road 57 or highway 57.

What seemed like an hour later with a gap in the dream, I was now riding on the back of the mother bear and no longer on my Polaris ATV.  We were now in the cold of the Arctic and on a desolate road like you see on Ice Truckers and in the distance we see what appears to be a man and a dog.  As we get closer we realize it is Boomer and he has the bear cub on a leash. Boomer tells me we are in South Carolina and not far from his home and we should go there now before it gets dark because the temperature drops below below zero.  I said I have to get home to my dogs and Boomer tells me that they drowned like all the rest of the animals and most of the human race.  And that's all i remember as I awoke feeling a bit upset.

It seems odd that I remember 57 and that I recall a road sign with the number or at least I saw the number in my sleep. I tried today to think about the meaning of Polar bears, Floods and the frigid transition of earth, but more the number 57. There are lots of routes numbered 57, Hwy 57's and Interstate 57. I could not come up with anything except for the fact that Feb 26, is the 57th day of 2017.  Since dreams are so rare in my insomnia, I always wonder why they  happen at all.  I have had several episodes where I am awake or aware with my eyes open yet I am in REM sleep or at least a state of nREM where my body is paralyzed. The first time it happened I was twenty one and in a motel in Houston Texas. I woke in paralysis as a train was barreling by the motel. I remember it was so loud it hurt. And I was paralyzed as well.  That was scary. Since then the episodes do not scare me anymore. I just close my eyes until I drift off again.

I still have a prescription and bottle of Ambien I was prescribed by a doctor who I explained this to in 1997 and he said it was sleep paralysis which I now know well. The Ambien I tried once and that was the end of that. I had dreams all night and woke up to a twelve hour hangover. I do not know why after twenty years I still keep the RX in my medicine cabinet. It must be to remind me that I enjoy an occasional dream and rare paralysis episode here and there but do not psychosis and stupor in exchange.  My mother told me that I was a world class sleepwalker as a kid and they would have to run for a block or two to catch up with me.  Of all the dreams I told them I had while cruising the neighborhood, I do not recall one where I was looking for a lost Polar bear cub. Dreams are great when rare.



  1. What a chemtrailed sky this AM. A large doughnut shaped array and not the ususal straight lines. I should have gotten a picture. Huge!

  2. Interesting dream, Puddy! Perhaps there is something to 57?

    Saturday and Sunday, the 25th and 26th were chemtrail free for the most part. And, I was in NC on the 26th, so both SC, NC interestingly had no chemtrail onslaught. Monday? Back to the whiteout, especially today.

  3. Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits FUKUSHIM PREFECTURE

    This is after a smaller cluster of quakes from Japan to Okinawa. These are HAARPINGS from the China Sea or Gaskon-China facilities.

    M 5.7 - 28km ENE of Namie, Japan
    2017-02-28 07:49:01 UTC 37.567°N 141.300°E

    38.1 km depth

  4. I got NOAA and they said rain to cold front later this week. That explains the massive spraying slated for today and likely tomorrow.

    The dogs were barking all night as the humming was back. I read that people are suffering tinnitus but in reality it is ELF and HAARP scatter. I have jaw pain when they are running the transmitters. Silver fillings? Great reception.

    The World Hum Map Project

    World Map

  5. Dow Drops Below 20,800 As VIX Surges To One-Month Highs

    Worth watching until March 15. - Can't explain any of the volitility except for manipulation for tonights SOTU from Herr Trump.

  6. The Death of Kim Jong Nam: Malaysia to Charge Two Women With Murder

    Poor patsies!

    This has the MOSSAD written all over it. Who has XVX? Israel does! MI6-



  8. Bill Paxton 61 years old

    Magician's death by hanging in Hollywood ruled accidental by coroner

    Daryl Easton, 61, touted on his website as a card-trick specialist known internationally as "The Magician's Magician," was found by employees of the club hanged on Friday in a death that police said they were investigating as an apparent suicide.

    777 - One more Hollywood death that adds to seven. Keep watching

    Actor Miguel Ferrer died on Jan. 19, 2017, at age 61, of cancer, Deadline has reported. Ferrer, the son of Rosemary Clooney (and, hence, a cousin of George Clooney), was known most recently for the role of Owen Granger on "NCIS: Los Angeles," though he was also beloved for playing FBI agent Albert Rosenfeld on "Twin Peaks," a character he reprised for the David Lynch-led reboot. His filmography includes "RoboCop," "The Man Who Wasn't There" and "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock."

    Journalist Gwen Ifill died of cancer on Nov. 14, 2016, at age 61, according to PBS. Ifill was the co-anchor of "PBS NewsHour" for more than a decade. "I am very sad to tell you that our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill passed away today in hospice care in Washington," WETA chief Sharon Percy Rockefeller said in a memo.

    John Saunders, one of ESPN's most visible and well-liked on-air personalities, died on Aug. 10, 2016, at age 61. ESPN Network did not provide a cause of death. "He was one of the most significant and influential members of the ESPN family," ESPN president John Skipper said.

  9. What is the March 15th significance. I read something last night about a huge something coming on the 15th. hmmmm, enlighten me.

  10. An apparent Market event or another event that will bend or break the economy. I have always said the Market will trigger the event. Then in an elaborate algorithm, several other events will occur. It is then they will usher in a new currency rule, a global governance and trade 666 scenario.

    Look at the coming US cash ban on $100 and $50 demonstrations. (maybe only a swap for the trackable chipped versions)What they have in store for precious metals is a little harder because certain coins on junk are legal tender while other minted product is not. But somehow they will force that hand as well. Maybe another FDR or Nixon scenario with confiscation or redemption. Problem reaction solution at play as the PM values would soar after a crash.

    What happens on 3/15 - 3/22 may not happen then but some see the Market peaks as a sign. We know that this is a manipulation and that all indicators say this is artifact. When looking at dollar, debt, GDP, VIX and other charts, the DJIA, NASQ and S&P are living on house of cards.

    China is in deep doo-doo and EU is on borrowed time. Watch the news on EU exits and the Dutch, French and other elections. It is coming to a head this year sometime and as I said in January this is a transition year and it will happen before September. The October surprise will blow the minds of people and the fear will be death to those investors.

  11. Dow soars 300 points, zooming past 21,000 for the first time

    Wow. How do people live in glass houses when a Jesuit liar can jump the market like this spewing a few lies? Well interest rate hikes should help tank the middle class and lower. Why we are allowing this to continue is unbelievable. When it happens I will find it hard to feel sorry for the sheeple.

  12. You know Ms Darlene, I think the Polar Bear is the real market and the bear cub is the reset coming. 57 may be the feb26 date for the beginning of the Wall Street algorithm. It may be on cruise control now. Watch the Bull turn into the Bear. The reason it was a Polar Bear is for White America who will be the losers in the ultimate "left out in the cold"

    This may be a correct analysis of the dream, but we will have to wait and see. It may be a real Arctic Event. Some Polar shift phenomenon. Who knows?


  13. *** TOP SECRET ***

    Earthraker EMP!: New American Spy Satellite Launches on Classified Mission via @SPACEdotcom

  14. I love to he your responses Puddy. My glass house broke a long time ago and we shall all be left in the cold when the bankers shut us all out of our electronic banking. Scary times ahead.

  15. Imagine the chaos in India right now. Cash bans, weather. Now it's South Africa. CIA is in every election on the globe.

    You can see a strategic assault on all BRICS nations. The CIA has been tanking the sovereign nations of Brazil, China, Russia, India and S Africa.

  16. Interesting that I get an error loading video. I'm on some watch list for sure. Videos don't play or load, url's don't work and sometimes my keyboard doesn't work either. Crazy. Thanks for the article anyway. Yes, strategic money bans....even if you have it in the bank, it isn't yours and you can't get it out without a 'reason' and only in small increments or in digital transfer to a debt. CRAZY.

  17. boomerangcomesbackMarch 3, 2017 at 4:48 AM

    Maybe...maybe not?\

    I've seen nothing reported by "evacuees". More info would be helpful on this subject, if the Military is heading to Antarctica to "Wage War".

    Unfortunately, the Human inclination seems to be "Kill it!", particularly with things they don't understand. Probably unwise in this case, if dealing with "things" we've heard about but can only infer about.

  18. You ought to try running Malwarebytes. Free program. And you may want to restore your computer to earlier time before the crash. I don't know what operating system you have MsD but these might resolve your issues.

  19. I wish I liked God Like Productions more. Too bad all the WB's are such cowards. Who the hell is this? Was he ordered to secrecy? Why didn't he say so.

    We've had geomagnetic storms for a few days and that has played havoc on my chemtrailed head. Of course the Arctic/Antartcia polar shift scenario may still be in play.

    Biblically I call it Wormwood. Whether it's bluebeam, coming from ICECUBE neutrino facility or a planned invasion by the reptilians :) it's just an attention grabber

    The action seems to be prepping in the Cape Horn area of Chile and Argentina. I wonder if the Falklands are seeing any build up?

    Make sure you are grounded :) If they are getting ready to test earthraker we could get some ELF and a return to off Schumann Resonances.

    I have concluded the recent whale beaching in New Zealand was a mass suicide by the NAVY-NASA team. Considering the whales and dolphins are far more advanced than us dumbed downed primates, the whales decided to leave this realm for another. Sonar and experiments in ULF are the prompt for a death wish for oceanic mammals. The psychopaths are in charge.

  20. OH, I wish it were that easy!! Brand new (to me) system. Mine crashed completely on Chrome using 7. Running 10 now on a blank system. It's totally me. Malwarebytes is on this as well as an online monitoring system from a reputable company (?). Lots of power outages around me. Lots of local bank sites not working (for a lot of people)..... a sign of things to come. Don't put anything on a computer that you want to keep. It's all going away, the internet, the money, and us. First my sanity though.


  21. Solar storms trigger surprising phenomena close to Earth
    March 3, 2017

    [New research from DTU Space and University of New Brunswick (Prof. Richard Langley), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Dr. Attila Komjathy) and University of Illinois (Dr. Mark D. Butala) shows that, apparently, there is a surprising and unknown mechanism in play during solar storms. During solar storms, large bursts of electrons are usually sent into the part of Earth's atmosphere called the ionosphere, which starts about 80 kilometres above the Earth.]

    Read more at:

    Perfect segue for HAARP polar manipulations. I have no doubt they are active and testing this week.

    If you think th EU elections are going to be rigged, just wait for this rigging. SATCOM are being deployed in record numbers. the secret agenda can only be "faked" by talking "Russia" an "WWIII"

    Putin-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump-Xi-Abe and the rest of the CFR can play this game but we should accept the global confederation of all these players. There are no sanctions when it comes to the bluebeam project. Just a cooperation that is the elephant in the room.

    When the DSTAR algorithm goes live, the whole mission system and enterprise are on automation. This will keep prying eyes and Whistleblowers from seeing the artifact from the cabal. It will appear to be natural or extraterrestrial and I suspect both will be used to explain the phenomenon. I also suspect deep cover operatives will be assassinated to assure no loose ends.


    [This phenomenon occurs especially at high latitudes. It happens because the magnetic field created by the eruption on the Sun interferes with the Earth's magnetic field. It opens, so to speak, up to allow particles and electrons—that would otherwise be reflected—to penetrate the ionosphere.
    It is a known phenomenon. But it turns out that electrons at the same time disappear from large areas, which has not been demonstrated earlier.
    "We made extensive measurements in connection with a specific solar storm over the Arctic in 2014, and here we found that electrons in large quantities are virtually vacuum-cleaned from areas extending over 500 to 1,000 kilometres. It takes place just south of an area with heavy increases in electron density, known as patches," says Professor Per Høeg from DTU Space.]

    Read more at:

    This is BS. The protections of our atmosphere are only compromised by CERN, HAARP and NASA based space technology. They open it up and if ripping into bag.
    This is why the polar points are key to success. If the Lord has seen fit to move the absolute poles to thwart the success by the technocracy science psychopaths, we should be greatly relieved.


    EU HORIZON 2020 PROGRAMME -(80 bln pounds)

    Information and communication technologies
    Advanced materials
    Advanced manufacturing and processing
    Health (€7.5 billion)
    Food, water, forestry, bioeconomy (€3.8 billion)
    Energy (€5.9 billion)
    Transport (€6.3 billion)
    Climate action, environment, resource efficiency, and raw materials (€3.1 billion)[9]
    European society (€1.3 billion)
    Security (€1.7 billion)
    This pillar also funds themes names as "Science with and for society" (€0.5 billion) and "Spreading excellence and widening participation" (€0.8 billion).

    Money is no object.

  22. boomerangcomesbackMarch 5, 2017 at 5:21 AM

    This is about the 3rd day of Sunny Blue Skies being heavily chemtrailed into "whiteness" here in the upstate, SC. Mr. Trump's administration is "not-in-charge" above his pay grade, or he is "on-board" with geo-engineering.

    The OBVIOUS is right over our heads.

  23. WORMWOOD - DSTAR from TRUMP 2016

    cotoheader August 17, 2015

    If it is not already apparent to folks it should be considered now.

    As I published Trump-Bilderberg 2013, the CFR reshuffle and the Clinton Obama crime syndicate (run by papa Bush) have placed the Trump in a presidency designed to tear the fabric of the seat of liberty/freedom.

    I said Trump would be "Mr. Surveillance" and the INGSOC big brother for our Orwellian 1984 transition.

    Watch the Hegelian Dialectic in all it's glory as they play out the "Fake RUSSIAN", the "ISIS Drone" and the "TSA Terror Trap" with a coming Airliner explosion in midair.

    You can "hack" the "Hackers" and clearly see the hype for a series of financial, National security and System failures coming in a Energy sector event.

    What even smart awake cotoheads may not be seeing is an escalation of SATCOM and other Terra based backup for the NWO enterprise system.

    Also the constant bombardment of HAARP and Magneto-ionospheris clues.

    Focus on Polar site and extremities.

    Here's the latest: Just like TROMSO Norway....


    EXITING THE SOLAR WIND STREAM: After three days inside, Earth is beginning to leave a fast-blowing stream of solar wind that has sparked bright auroras around the Arctic Circle in the early days of March. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on March 5th as the solar wind speed subsides below 600 km/s. Free: Aurora alerts.

    "AURORA SPRITES" OVER NEW ZEALAND: Last night in Otago, New Zealand, Ian Griffin counted more than a dozen "aurora sprites" dancing over Hoopers Inlet. "The display was very beautiful," says Griffin, "with ghostly auroral sprites putting on a display that lasted for several hours."


    They are manipulating the magnetosphere beyond the ion layer and gapping or slicing the earths magnetic field. This is is weakening the geomagnetism of the earth and causing all the whale and other specie mayhem as well as human health.

    Whether this coincides with CERN's attempt to reach DStar is unknown but there seems to be an effort to break through beyond radio frequencies or in a higher energy way.

    This Russian - Western alliance is now obvious in my study of the "sanctions" given to the cabal to proceed with this dangerous endeavor. Sanctions?
    They have sanctioned massive death possibility in this project. The so called "nation sanctions" for Russia, Iran, China are a smokescreen and do not ever interfere with the AGENDA!!! Which is of course, bluebeam and total spectrum dominance and surveillance.

    We are merely collateral damage.


  24. FAKE NEWS - VAULT 7 for Donald Trump from the Jesuit Jones Vault!

    Vault 7: CIA Can Stage Fake Russian Hacking to Undermine Trump. - Blah, Blah, Blah....

  25. boomerangcomesbackMarch 7, 2017 at 4:30 PM

  26. boomerangcomesbackMarch 8, 2017 at 5:50 AM


    How a Gangster Government Functions: The Clinton-Obama-Lynch-Comey Corruptocracy Timeline

    1999: Loretta Lynch is nominated by President Bill Clinton to be the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

    2001-2010: Lynch is a partner at Hogan and Hartson, the Clinton�s private law firm.

    2002-2003: James Comey is US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

    2003-2005: James Comey is Deputy US Attorney General. 2003-2005: Lynch is also a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    2005-2010: Comey is General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin, which donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Comey is paid millions in salary and bonuses.

    2010: Lynch is nominated by President Obama to again become the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

    2010-2013: Comey is senior counsel of Bridgewater Associates, �the world�s largest macro hedge fund� with $122 billion in assets under management. Paid millions in salary and bonuses.

    2012: Lynch as US Attorney for Eastern District of New York makes a sweetheart deal with the HSBC Bank in their drug-money laundering scandal. Fines equal five weeks profits.

    2013: In March, Comey becomes a director at HSBC Holdings Bank. Paid millions in salary and bonuses.

    2013: In September, Comey is nominated by President Obama to become the Director of the FBI.

    2014: Lynch is nominated by President Obama to become the US Attorney General, replacing the disgraced Eric Holder.

  27. YEAH, computer fixed. Can't say big brother isn't still looking, but I'm all better.

  28. OMG thank you for the hum map link! It's been ages, I've been so busy, and now my electrosensitivity is so bad i can barely tolerate computer use if I put my silver bobbinet veil over the equipment. I was basically okay until April, and since that is the beginning of Japan's fiscal year, I wonder if they started something up. I measured the EMF way out in the paddies north of Tokyo, far from any cell towers, and they were as high as in Narita Airport concourses. We've witnessed amphibious landing drills near us, with an Aegis ship monitoring them, that we've never seen before.