Sunday, December 25, 2016

Saturnalia Sacrifice 9-11



As predicted by COTO, Dec 18-25 would entail a sacrificial Jesuit CIA event. Geared to the agenda for which the Joo-joo-bees are most focused.  During this period there were smaller sacrifices and always a larger one.  Here it is. Thanks to the "Good Shepherds" 92 souls were taken. Mossad-CIA ISIS events are always involved when the Prince of the Air decides so.  Then in consistent fashion the Air Force Navy Coast Guard, NTSB and any other foreign investigative and rescue personnel are brought in to handle the investigation. In this case the narrative and media will spin this into a conspiracy deflected toward the agenda.  SYRIANNA! Clavum fingere, another nail in our coffin as war comes to the U.S. Terror on the homeland. The Lord of the Flies and Ba'al arrive in New York at Trump Plaza and we are witnessing it all.

You will see immediate narratives and MSM Fake News, prepared in advance of this event. It does drop another bomb on the coming Trump Inaugural and a blessing to the Luciferian overlord. This is party time for the Committee and Jesuits Joos who drunkenly, with power, celebrate another chronological year of victories in their false reality, fake news and false flag successes.

'No survivors' as Syria-bound Russian jet crashes

Russian jet with 92 aboard crashes into Black Sea; Putin orders inquiry

All the numbers and code in the press are indicative of the 9-11 and vortex as a real event but false flag. So I say it is a real crash only under SPECTRE control and planned in advance as are the news stories themselves likely drafted days ago. So on Christmas, the pagan anti savior day of Jupiter and the Sun Worshipping Illuminati, the likelihood of a Tu-154 Russia flight bound for Syria for a celebration is the perfect and most un-coincidental event they could have arranged.  So we can look to this prewritten scripted tentacle of the MSM as a very good clue. Coming from Amazon Fake News Washington Post.

A look at recent crashes of Soviet-built Tu-154 planes - WaPo
MOSCOW — Some fatal crashes involving the Soviet-built Tu-154 planes.

[#11—] Dec. 25, 2016: A Tu-154 operated by the Russian Defense Ministry en route to Syria crashes into the Black Sea minutes after takeoff from Sochi. All 92 people on board are believed dead and the cause of the crash isn’t immediately known.

[#6—] April 10, 2010: A Polish presidential Tu-154 crashes in poor weather on approach to Smolensk airport in Russia, killing all 96 people on board, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Investigators blamed a pilot error in adverse weather, but Polish authorities have launched a new probe.

[#6—] July 15, 2009: A Tu-154 of Iran’s Caspian Airlines flying from Iran to Armenia crashes when one of its engines disintegrates at high altitude, killing all 168 people aboard.

[#11—] Sept. 1, 2006: A Tu-154 jetliner operated by Iran’s Airtour skids off the runway and catches fire while landing in the northern city of Mashad, Iran, killing 29 of 147 passengers. It was believed the crash was caused by a burst tire.

[#8—] Aug. 22, 2006: A Tu-154 of Russia’s Pulkovo Airlines crashes in Ukraine, killing all 170 people aboard. The crash was blamed on an error by its pilot, who put the plane into a spin while trying to fly over a thunderstorm.

[#1—] Aug. 24, 2004: A Tu-154 operated by Russia’s Sibir Airlines is brought down by a suicide bomber while flying from Moscow to Sochi, killing all 46 people aboard.

[#6—] July 1, 2002: Russia’s Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 flying to Barcelona, Spain, from Ufa, Russia, collides with a cargo plane over Germany, killing all 69 people aboard, including 52 children. Another plane’s crew of two also was killed.

[#11—] Feb. 12, 2002: A Tu-154 operated by Iran’s Airtour smashes into mountains near its destination of Khorramabad, killing all 119 people aboard.

[#6—] Oct. 4, 2001: Russia’s Sibir Airlines Tu-154 flying from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Novosibirsk, Russia, is accidentally downed over the Black Sea by a Ukrainian missile fired during an air defense exercise, killing all 78 people aboard.

[#1—] July 3, 2001: A Tu-154 operated by Russia’s Vladivostokavia en route from Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains to Vladivostok crashes while landing in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, killing all 145 on board. The crash is blamed on a pilot error.

[#7—] Feb. 24, 1999: A China Southwest Airlines Tu-154 flying from Chengdu crashes on approach to Wenzhou airport, killing all 61 people aboard. An elevator failure caused by faulty maintenance was believed to cause the plane to go into an uncontrollable dive.

[#7—] Aug. 29, 1998: A Cubana Tu-154 flight from Quito to Havana skids off the runway and catches fire, killing 79 people, including 10 on the ground when the plane plowed into a soccer field.

[#4—] Dec. 15, 1997: A Tajikistan Airlines Tu-154 crashes in the United Arab Emirates, killing 85 people. A pilot error was named as the reason.

[#6—] Aug. 29, 1996: Russia’s Vnukovo Airlines Tu-154 carrying Russian and Ukrainian miners and their families from Moscow to Norway crashes into a mountain, killing all 141 on board. The crash was blamed on a pilot error.

[#8—] Dec. 7, 1995: A Tu-154 operated by Russia’s Khabarovsk Airlines crashes in far eastern Russia, killing all 98 people on board. A pilot error is named as the reason.

[#7—] June 6, 1994: China’s Northwest Airlines Tu-154 bound for Guangzhou crashes minutes after takeoff from Xian in northern China, killing all 160 people aboard. The crash is blamed on a pilot error.

[#8—] Jan. 3, 1994: Russia’s Baikal Airlines Tu-154 suffers an engine fire on takeoff and crashes into a snowy field near the town of Irkutsk, killing all 125 people on board and a person on the ground. The crew had ignored a warning of an engine malfunction.


The Tu-154 is described as having an average (or better than expected) safety record considering its length of service and heavy use in demanding conditions where other airliners are unable to operate.[4] On January 2, 2011, Russia's Federal Transport Oversight Agency advised airlines to stop using remaining examples of the Tu-154 (B variant) until the fatal fire incident in Surgut had been investigated.[28] Its operation in Iran ceased in February 2011 due to a number of crashes and incidents involving the type (almost 9% of all Tu-154 losses have occurred in Iran). This grounding compounded the effects of US embargo on civil aircraft parts, substantially decreasing the number of airworthy aircraft in the Iranian civil fleet.[29] In 2010 there were two fatal losses of the Tu-154 due to pilot error and/or weather conditions (a Polish presidential jet attempting a rural airfield landing in heavy fog, see 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash, and a Russian-registered plane that suffered engine stall after a crew member accidentally de-activated a fuel transfer pump). Following these accidents, in March 2011 the Russian Federal Bureau of Aviation recommended a withdrawal of remaining Tu-154Ms from service.[30] In December 2010, Uzbekistan Airways also declared that it will cease to operate Tu-154s from 2011.[31]

Another Joo-joo-bee sacrifice was the 2010 crash that literally took out the Polish government prior to the Ukraine event.  During the same time as Iran Syria Russia were pitted against the Jesuit NATO takeover of Poland.  Strategic nuclear military weapons WMD, facilities and bases were in the mix.
On 10 April 2010, a Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Polish Air Forcecrashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. Among the victims were the President of PolandLech Kaczyńskia nd his wife Maria, the former President of Poland in exileRyszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other seniorPolish military officers, the president of the National Bank of Poland,Polish Government officials, 18 members of the Polish Parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy and relatives of victims of theKatyn massacre. The group was arriving from Warsaw to attend an event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre, which took place not far from Smolensk.

Various conspiracy theories about the crash have since been in circulation, and are promoted by senior political figures in Poland, who claim the crash was a political assassination. No evidence supporting this version was found in Polish and international investigations

Here is where the rubber met the road. 6 years since an episode, event for the false flag Freemasons. 1940 Katyn Massacre. One of many Jesuit Joo genocides and false flags, this information has been scrubbed from the Vatican Assassins site. But here is a bootleg should you want to get educated on the Black Pope and Jesuit butchers who are coming back to finish the job. This should be noted as the blessing for a successful year in 2017 for Trumpski, his coadjutor headhunters being placed into positions with immaculate precision.


The rules are still in play but the law is not a factor. Do not expect the Russian, NATO or US to provide you with a fact. Just look for usual error or failure and a controlled opposition/conspiracy to play into Cold War agenda for the axis of evil in Russia, Syria, Iran.  Trump will be MIA in foreign policy and his global genocidal Jesuit Generals will handle those details. Putin will play his role while the details will begin to come out. His inquiry and investigation will be similar to the agenda. Unlike the fake Turkish Assassination and Berlin Lorry staging, the numbers reveal this is real death and a necessary sacrificial slaughter. I look forward to details and the easy decoding that comes with these aircraft events.



  1. Blatantly Obvious False Flag

    Disappears from Radar. How about ACARS, N-TAP and the other pings and beacons? Shades of JFK Jr.

  2. Russia examining all possible causes for Black Sea plane crash, including terror attack

    in good weather....

    Emergency crews found fragments of the plane about 1 mile from shore. By Sunday evening, rescue teams had recovered 11 bodies and Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said fragments of other bodies were also found. [#11]

    11 bodies (decoded) real event - false flag Putin knew......

    The plane belonging to the Defense Ministry was taking its world famous choir, the Alexandrov Ensemble, to a New Year's concert at Hemeimeem air base in Syria's coastal province of Latakia. Those on board also included nine Russian journalists and a Russian doctor famous for her work in war zones. [#9]

    92 =11 (84 + 8) = 11

    Registration, RA-85572 = RA = 91 85572 = 9

    6-9-3 Event 5-8-2 (decoded) Miilitary takedown


    Fits with the 2010 event and Jesuit Military Complex.


    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.7
    Date-Time 25 Dec 2016 14:22:27 UTC
    25 Dec 2016 10:22:27 near epicenter
    25 Dec 2016 08:22:27 standard time in your timezone

    Location 43.417S 73.897W
    Depth 33 km

    Chile earthquake tsunami warning lifted

  4. NDAA supplimental

    “Ministry of Truth” Plus $611 Billion for the Military in 2017: Obama Quietly Signs the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” into Law

    [Late on Friday, with the US population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration, Obama quietly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which authorizes $611 billion for the military in 2017.]

    Remember the Federal Reserve Christmas Surprise?




    Publicist: British singer George Michael dead at age 53


    George Michael Cause of Death: How Did the Singer Die? HEART FAILURE


    DEADPOOL= Predictive Programming (NLP)

  6. LAST CHRISTMAS - WHAM! Heart Failure


    Pop star George Michael dies peacefully at home aged 53 – live reaction

    Jesuits: IHC - Black Pope Society of Jesus
    Pope calls for peace in world's conflict areas in Christmas Day message

    Peacefully into death....


  8. Born: October 21, 1956, Beverly Hills, CA
    Died: December 27, 2016, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

    Age 60


    Trump Ally Alex Jones Wonders If Carrie Fisher Was Murdered

  9. Yes, famous deaths. Debbie Reynolds dies of stroke day after her daughter Carrie Fisher dies.

    But, back to the F-F-F-False F-F-F-Flags!

    The BIG Demonically "Planned" False Flag is yet to come. The story below, suggests a Grid Out scenario, blamed on Russia.

    May COTO and many others point out the Obvious that there is no one entity better to "Pull-the-Plug" on all things electric (grid out) than the so-called "Landlord"! "Placing the Blame" and "Demonizing the Enemy" are easily accomplished with the Fake News MSM machine assistance.

    These are the Daze of Deception. Rule #1 -- MSM utterances are inversions of the Truth for the most part, or are diversions from the Actors.

    A steady diet of such sick soup has resulted in the fact that "Disbelieving" the elites and their mouthpieces is becoming the new Chic. Ironically, a great many people now think of MSM soup slurpers as the IDIOTS. This is a turn of events the elites loathe. Too bad.


    A current Yahoo news article has all the trappings of a false flag setup operation to me..One LOTS Bigger than 9/11. If you have not read the article, see it here:
    you need to read it to get the gist of the following:

    1) The warhawks know that they have to kick off the festivities before the muslim-in-chief leaves, b/c Trump won't play their game. So they:
    A) Have already (for several weeks) accused Russia of election interference via 'hacking'

    B) Warhawks will soon announce some bullshit 'sanctions' that Russia won't really give a $hit about b/c Putin knows the sanctions will go away in 3 weeks.

    2) However, the warhawks will hype, hype hype the media that Russia is really, REALLY pissed, and MAY, no strike that, WILL retaliate.... and soon, "someway". Want a clue?

    A) Notice the paragraph in the article that says Russia hacks electric grid systems really well, and that 'WE' have found their grid hack triggers all around the CONUS power grid.

    So, the warhawks throw the CONUS grid switch, blame Russia, and we have SHTF, screaming libs and snowflakes, rioting, martial law, WW3,the election cancelled, and the muslim-in-chief still in power.

    9/11 would seem to have been a church picnic at that point, wouldn't it? That false flag got us into war for the past 15 years, though.

    Happy new year.

  10. "Lights Out!" says the Illuminated Committee. Such a triad plays perfect for all areas.

    Suppose the selected grid ties Wall Street in knots and the you can watch the pre-event heavy trading. You can blame Russia again forcing Trump to rethink. (all theater)

    Make the scene all the better by blasting HAARP RLF on two major hotspots.

    1. New Zealand 2. Juan De Fuca 3. South China Sea Indonesia.

    Floow it up with the "Tomorrow Never Dies" scenario and stage a China North Korea event and shut down the trade routes or better yet, ICBM a freighter and get the economy really jump started for Leon Don John Trumpski. It's purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

    Angela Merkel Plans to Fine Social Media Sites $522,000 per Day for “Fake News”

    Once they get this universally in place the stagings will get only the MSM Frequencies and images. The Full Spectrum Dominance will be a total blackout with us as a bunch of mushrooms grounded in bullshit.

    You can already see Googleplex dropping massive amounts of alt-m off the search engines. If it isn't powered by google it aint there.

    Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher and George Michael = 3-6-9
    Along with Tu-154 (=6) it was a good bloody Saturnalia. The pope likely took the head off a child somewhere considering Queen E the second has a slew of children hidden away just for ceremonials.

    Like Disney's "small world" the little ones are the powerful voodoo. I expect yet another event before inaugural to capstone Obamacare success and lay the stone of destiny for the DONALD. We can only imagine the outrageous power trip and destinations for the new year.

    lock and load all....

  11. This also, sourced from . Original piece at

    A Header with "RUSSIA DID IT!" and Donald Sutherland's iconic picture "pointing" in "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" would be appropos.

    Picture found at --

    "Moscow hopes that the new sanctions may be lifted by the incoming Trump administration, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s special envoy Andrey Krutskikh said on Thursday.

    The diplomat added that, given Trump’s promise to reverse up to 70 percent of Obama’s executive orders, “the latest restrictions that hamper our cooperation are very likely to be part of those 70 percent,” as cited by RIA Novosti.

    His statement comes amid media reports that the incoming administration may take steps towards mending Washington and Moscow’s badly bruised relationship. According to German magazine Bild, Trump is looking to lift sanctions on Russia, as has been recommended by American political heavyweight Henry Kissinger.

    The article adds that Kissinger, who was secretary of state and national security advisor during the Nixon administration, has “clear ideas” about the future relations of the two nuclear superpowers.

    The outgoing Obama administration and the Democratic camp maintain that ‘Russian hack attacks’ were instrumental in undermining popular support for Hillary Clinton and paving the way to Trump’s victory. Earlier in December, Barack Obama threatened Russia with covert and public payback, which he said would be carried out in a “thoughtful, methodical way” and could come at any time.

    On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed Obama’s intention, saying the outgoing president reserves “the right to respond to Russia at the place and time and manner of his choosing… Believe me, it will be his choosing.”

    For his part, Trump has dismissed the bizarre allegations that Moscow tried to interfere in the 2016 US presidential elections as “conspiracy theory.”

    The above snipped from:

    As with 9/11, it would be expected that a False Flag would incorporate multiple "agencies" coordinating together with traitors to America at the top in the Driver's Seat of said organizations. Pizza Eaters probably. Whatever their ilk, they would stand to Profit off of the chaos, via increases in power, responsibilities, and filthy lucre. Could be immediately (stocks, equities, etc., munitions, war materiel and so on), looting galore in the fog of "war", or the tried and ancient way, of owning the companies that get the contracts for servicing and re-building infrastructure. MIC companies always profit throughout the "process".

    Shall Obama be "allowed" to go FUBAR on all fronts against America and Americans from now to the swearing in? If so, the rumors of him being "tethered", and impotent so-to-speak to affect much of anything, would be found to be untrue. Or, a deeper conspiracy is at work behind the puppet. This, we can bet is the case.

  12. It is not hard to see why both Carrie Fisher and George Michael were "Targeted Individuals" for blood sacrifice.

    George had become Christian thanks to George Brown his mentor for the new found religion. George Michael was on his way just as why Prince and Whitney Houston were sacrificed.

    Carrie and Star Wars also plays well in the coming Bluebeam event where we will get the Ancient Alien explanation of man, monkey and alien DNA. The war on Chritianiry has been well played out during the Obama regime and now Trump as the JESUIT SUN WORHIPPER will play his part in collecting the souls of trusting dupes worldwide and bring these lambs to slaughter.

    Carrie was Jewish by roots and that makes here a target for the Kabbalist Khazars who profess Islam, Joo and Xtian identities but they are all frauds. Since the death of Shimon Peres, jews have been targets of periodic illuminati high days.

    I find it most revealing when knowing what Trumps purpose is for the next major transition into Lucifers UN Global IMF 666 treaty. First they will tear it all down and if you are not prepping the worst you are going to find troubling times ahead.

    Agnes of God? pure" and "holy" is Holyrood and their ceremonial sacrificing.

  13. Trump writing own 'short' inaugural speech: Trump says he's writing inaugural speech with inspiration from Reagan, Kennedy

    The Hill

    I expect an astounding decodable dielectical presentation. I will be all over this audio and visual spectacle from the committee. He will be writing himself? Please ....I doubt seriously this will not be a scripted but encrypted message styled for Trump by the MSM and speechwriters from the Tavistock Grp.

    January 20 - 1-20-17 is eleven and it's the master date for Gregorian Calendar events. Look for an event on MLK day as well. Something very violent. The algorithm for division is best conveyed by words. The Jesuits are masters of the language while the Joos are the numbers experts.

    It's tiime for an event in Israel and Bibi seems itching to play. We can expect something to happen in the Golden Triangle CT to Chicago to Atlanta. Included are DC, Philadelphia



    Assassin who gunned down the Kremlin's ambassador to Turkey had a 'sexual relationship with a Russian woman who was planted by Western secret services'

    Read more:

    Mevlut Mert Altintas gunned down Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara
    After he murdered the respected diplomat, he was shot dead by Turkish police
    There are claims in Turkish media Altintas was in a relationship with a Russian
    His sister claims this woman 'brainwashed' him into committing the murder

    Your daily dose of "TELEFON" and the Russian MK-Ultra program. Very entertaining and certainly more actors are forthcoming. Look at the sister.....she's going to be a star!

    Mevlut Mert Altintas = 9

  15. LOL on the Snatcher's Header! Its perfect for "the now".

    Check this NYT news "release" --

    "WASHINGTON — The Obama administration struck back at Russia on Thursday for its efforts to influence the 2016 election, ejecting 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services"...

    We ask, "WHY?! Poke the Russian Bear RIGHT NOW, before your ass goes out the door? Why do That?! Why light that fuse AT THIS TIME?

    Of course, We are asking of the Shadow Men who would profit in power, filthy lucre, and prestige? Whom would They BE?


    The article above by Eric Zuisse describes the psychopathy of the elites. Ultimate Control and Power is Their driving religion, their Creed. We have already seen enough to know They put no limits on methodology. Whatever They can get away with or are "allowed" to get away with works for Them.


    Duterte Says US Ambassadors Are CIA "Spies" As Alleged US Plot To Overthrow Him Emerges

    Obama, Soros and the CIA Muslim brotherhood are pissed at Duterte for killing their drug dealers and screwing with their profits.

    As I predicted the Phillipine Is. are on Obama's radar. Obama hates to be called a son of a bitch or Bastard even though he is one.

    HAARPING on the 9's

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.2
    Date-Time 29 Dec 2016 22:30:18 UTC
    30 Dec 2016 06:30:18 near epicenter
    29 Dec 2016 16:30:18 standard time in your timezone

    Location 9.066S 118.609E
    Depth 72 km
    Distances 33 km (20 mi) S of Tolotangga, Indonesia
    67 km (41 mi) S of Bima, Indonesia
    143 km (88 mi) ESE of Sumbawa Besar, Indonesia
    154 km (95 mi) WSW of Labuhanbajo, Indonesia
    768 km (476 mi) W of Dili, East Timor


    Too bad the location is a tough target while Indonesia is a sitting duck.

  18. I like the premise but after the fake Cold War I, I am too suspicious to buy it. But what has to happen, I believe, is a climate treaty. Russian power sits under the ground and that we too now can all prove peak oil is bullshit.

    I remember our OPED NEWS friends who were barking "Peak Oil" 10 years ago. Too bad renewables and new technologies could advance coal, gas and crude you can see the risk board is focused on Russia.

    Not that Venezuela, Mexico and others were not bought off. If we look closely we can see how Obama's bankers and global elites are in a position of losing control over the whole board if they cannot advance the Paris agreement to a real carbon scheme.

    I cannot be certain but still assume Putin is a player. As long as he doesn't give up the "house" the elites will still win on pulling this cold war II game.
    Yeah, I think they are psychos and sociopaths but not nuclear MAD men.

    This game is just another rerun to get the world in line for a global authority. Ask yourself why Putin will hack, we will hack, Putin will deport US agents, Obama does the same, Obama will impose sanctions, Russia will retaliate.....YET...NASA and Russia will still cooperate 100% on Space and Rocket joint efforts.

    Isn't it obvious. If there were real tensions to be addressed, why would we still share technology and space science? There are other "hands off" in the sanctions that do not add up. This is a huge diversion off an end game that includes Obama, Putin, Cameron, Merkel and Trump.

    You can't buy into the war gaming and when the NYT and big 5 MSM outlets are 24/7 on something you can be assured it is a fraud in my opinion. Look at it as gamesmanship and figure on the winner as the one who wins the hearts of the dumbed downs.


  19. Posted in 2008. Right after the Obama election 2008 - I called the Soviet Fall the worst day of my life. But I think one day in 2017 will surpass it.

    1. ?????
    1. Fall of Soviet Union
    2. Death of Muammar al-Qaddafi
    3. 911
    4. NAFTA WTO
    5. Obamacare

  20. $USD flash Crash, Stocks down, Oil drops, at the last day of trading 2016. Bounce or bust? You tell me? It feels like Y2K.....

  21. "Gaming"; that is how I see it also. I posted because it "tells Their tale(s)", and therefore is one of Their "Tells".

    It is my opinion at this time, that their oppression tactics are so stiff, the actions are therefore obvious to all but the severely dumbed-down, and pegged. No doubt, it is a great mass of people that are mesmerized by the full spectrum MSM mind assaults. They have chosen their delusion until or if they make a more healthful choice.

  22. None can say but the 'insiders' because everything is manipulated and controlled. They have the means to crash an economy, demolish a dollar, or decimate entire countries, as we have seen. Its that hegemonic "bent", that demonic inclination to control that becomes blatantly evident as they turn the profit funnels towards themselves, while conducting their slash and burns.

  23. Jim Stone at has a communication from the guy that runs Beforeitsnews and His comments should be considered for their import (at this time).

  24. Right. And yet I think even the dumbed-downs are not bothering to even look at the news period. They decide to wait until it hits the pumps or the price of Iphones to look into the situation. We cannot expect the Committee elites to stage the revelation of John so obviously that everybody gets it. So they create the enormous entropy in their chaotic system. Why we cannot all see it better is because their 'closed' system allows for only them to decode algorithmic truth. We either have to decode it (with successes and more often failure) and then without quantum data and maximum efficiency, there are just too many messages to handle. I suspect the dark web has some answers but the risks are higher and those who venture too deep into the states busness are targeted. A dilemma when having to look at linguistics, computing and mathematical create a dichotomy and dllemmas that include unseen danger. Pure genuius I must admit but not unbreakable if you decide to risk.

  25. That's the genius of the system. A few algorithms and a false info release and the entropy takes over. Recalculating to show the results they wish.

    The NYSE is the best example of a closed system in which they can monitor actual randomness on superscale. On a micro level and macro and see how the dynamics play in each, quantum and totality. To rig the system becomes less and leass important and simpler techniques can be done by media false reports which is not illegal.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The U.S. is going after Russia for "election hacking" right? That's what they are calling it. Have you seen any proof? No and you will never see it. Why?

    1. This was not direct voter hacking
    2. It was a virus or worm
    3. They did not penetrate the black box system
    4. They did not hack polls or voter number, etc.

    What they did (or what hackers did) was to hack micro (specific) people's personal info. And then release it with a specific theorem and formula to maximize the effect of what many may have thought was random release of energetics to alter the power of a closed system called the election.

    This could have also been a false flag to destroy Obamacare, a false flag Muslim brotherhood event to discredit Hillary-Obama, or a fake news meme known as Pizza-gate.

    The dollar flash crash will have ripples as well that we do not see. When Buffet or Soros makes a buy-sell it has ripples too. Markets react to news, news react to events, events are staged. It's a closed system. Therefore the financial system runs off the social entropy. The forces, trajectories, decay and power are all influenced by unseen, unprovable properties of the physical system only recorded and observed by the entire social grid and googleplex. The analytical aspects are theirs and we have to rely on the theoretical information which can only be seen as manipulated.

    There are no better dynamic models as those incorporated in the Market money changer system. The dollar flash crash may have been triggered by Donald Trump farting or tweeting. Or it may have been triggered by the dark web or googleplex release of a bit (or bits) of information in some innocuous social transmission on Reuters or AP. Decoding it is not easy but you can look at the language and linguistic anomalies that seem to make the information seem off for some reason. The message, meaning order of words, use of definitions seems almost amateurish or irrelevant but their meaning in the vortex and numbers says much.

  26. This "Russia Hacking" meme in my opinion is a Bush/Clinton/Obama Camp deflection from the light shone on their guilty deeds. The Obvious rigging of Clinton's campaign/voting schmear across the nation and the MSM interference, programming, and psy-ops were grotesque. Stacked on her/their other crimes that have come to light reveals a really humongous stinking shit pile, too reaking Obvious to cover up adequately.

    So, we get the puppet, Obama using the MSM blow horn to fart out unsubstantiated accusations against Russia. Oh, they rigged it. Like the entire freaking national MSM orchestra and BCO Camp's "activities" over the course of the sElection weren't egregiously greater than anything they can impugn Russia for? A sorry flaccid lie to try and fly in our face.

  27. Agree. The deflection has been large since WikiLeaks NSA MI6 began it 2015. The question is whether the delection is part of the crime spree. Clinton-Bush Syndicate... or is it a major deflection off a real event for innaugural welcome to WORLD ORDER?

    Like Bush got 9 months into his reign, I suspect the Vatican Assassin will get it during the Jesuit high days. Septemeber 11 is too long away so I look to March and the Ides of March. Remember that JFK and family had the bloodline as well. Druids and the whole bunch were in the bloodline.

    Like Trump the second triumvirate could give us a Julius Caesar and Brutus, but I suspect we get the gift of our own selection in a Reichstag. A whole generation has come since 911. It's time to indoctrinate the snowflakes.

    When you vote, you play Satan's game and either or any candidate comes with their own set of events and destinies. So Trumps event may be different had we gotten Hillary or another. So as the "artofthedeal" tells us, the bankrupt American corporation has come to dissolution. Under the new regime we will be in receivership under the MICC complex. Drastic measures is my guess.

    Not even Houdini can keep social services running increase defense and reduce taxes without his own printing press. If the "purge" is the order of the day, we get total anarchy and martial law. Trump can do it because Obama was too weak and too black to get it done without a race war. Trump has the moxie and piss n' vinegar to put military in front of police.

    But most important the 1984 Global Spy Grid is Trumps thing, just as Drones were Obama's thing. Weather mods are also a huge priority. I suspect the worst of Trumps story will be major climate headaches, but we will see.


  28. Are we on the brink of World War III?

    Nice piece that correlates the agenda and fear campaign. The strategy of tension.

    Oh and by the way NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon was not murdered, he committed suicide (officials report)

    So therefore he was murdered as suspected for his knowledge of NATIO-GLADIO ISIS Funding. Follow the money. His family vehemently disputes the findings and FTP gives more details


    How about HRC, McCain, Graham, and all the rest?