Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Time To Panic


Everything from an EMP, to terrorist attacks, to Martial Law, yet he still holds out a glimmer of hope that the election will take place. I can't see how.




  1. You know I have pushed the "no election" meme since 2012, Michael. The EMP scenario is perfect because it has all the numbers

    3-9-6 with 2,5,8 and -1,4,7.

    Imagine the redistribution of wealth bonus. Everything fried. Once you consolidate the information grid (spaced based) you have a free to air total spectrum dominance and the SATCOM and GWEN, cellular tower will offer you one avenue for controlled information which is "disclosure in limited hangout" only.

    Shortwavers and Prepper minded digital repeaters may survive with the Farady Doomsday safety countermeasures but those people will be targeted. Whether shut down, shuttled off to FEMA camps or just jammed by the flying Brics and Drones, we do not know. Pray for the best and expect the worst is my motto.

    Great score with this dude. Sharia was the best choice to instigate the religious war. Oil was the factor. As posted here in a number of ways, the vortex mathematics are mere arithmetic when do see the total control of energy.

    Why solar has been stifled (like the wind)
    Why the nuclear options are no options and yet those who know are building them.
    Why the oil is being phased out (temporarily)
    But production for Military infrastructure is being produced at a mad rate.
    Why the Dept. of Energy is so interested and working so diligently on Human Energy
    Why Obama made sure the Capstone Executive order #13603 about “National Defense Resources Preparedness as number 4 in the series of the 44th and final PREZ.

    Like the Malachy Prophesies, the interconnection of Vatican and Joo-Joo-bees ties into UN and Global authority after Obama (or the final elected President if the election goes off)

    My scenario would be that the election happens, Trump wins but never takes office before the January Date. Making it another benefit if there is civil unrest after a moderate emergency is staged (like the EMP) which I subscribe to in this case) and MSM will carry the water for this event better than 911. All of this of course ultimately leading to the formal transition of government to the exopolitical world declaration after project bluebeam which would happen between now and Agenda 21 final blows in 2030.

    Should we live this long what a show we will see. All the alternative media smokescreens will be exposed. Those like Jones, Noory and all the snake oil fringe frauds will quietly skulk off to Israel, SA or Dubai to the prepared playgrounds and DUMB condos.

    I wear heavy foil, I know, but I feel alot like that character Woody Harrelson played in that ridiculous 2012 movie.

  2. A good starter list.......................

    10 Truth Related Murders We Should Remember This Memorial Day http://bit.ly/1TOcZDG #news via @activistpost

  3. DECODED: I warned about the North Atlantic Cold Blob. I also said the Gulf storms would return to FL and TX after the EL HAARPO NINO changover.

    The Criminal NOAA, NAVY and Weather channels are saying "Average" but Barry is primed for the Global Warming Season that is high on the agenda as TPP stalls.


    "If your local authorities say you need to evacuate, you need to evacuate and get it done," Obama told reporters after receiving his annual hurricane preparation briefing at the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    Obama also made a pitch for his climate change policies, saying that warming of the earth is generating "more devastating" hurricanes and other kinds of storms.

    While states have the lead in addressing weather disasters, Obama said, FEMA and other federal agencies are in a position to assist.

    "We can't control the weather, but we can control our responses to it," Obama said.

    LIAR! You dialectic jerk off!

  4. Just the kind of pre-ceedings I look for when predicting the event. This is the San Fran to San Diego quake alert:

    June 7: FEMA Will Hold a Drill to Prepare for a 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and Tsunami


    Functional Exercise: June 7-10, 2016 - Final Draft


    DAHBOO7 Notice October 2015


  5. Follow the Clues:

    Why is Fast & Furious Gunwalker back in the news?

    Because as I reported, Benghazi and Gunwalker Mexico are connected at the hip.

    New Evidence says not only guns but explosives (the Libyan missing AA missiles)

    reported 400 piece cache but we know it's 800 or more. Where is Marx Rich? Back in business with Hillary and Barry who have orchestrated the largest arm sales to Mexico/ I$I$.

    Watch the news clues and take this in......

    Mexican Military Runs Up Body Count in Drug War

    Mexican Military most efficient killers in modern warfare history?

    Why the Cartel and Army work hand in hand to control the funds for the uprising and border wars coming with the new regime.

    I have called El Chapo-El Trumpo because we have heard his shtick and narrative on Mexico and Vicente Fox as the counter. We know it's coming because this was laid out in the North American Union and PPP who promoted the La Raza and Azatland Movements repatriation operations.

    JADE HELM and Azatland Maps - Reconquista


    So when El Salvadore discovered Fake Syrian GLADIO migration and camps and with the Venezuelan migration out to jobs in special forces and other mercenary options does all that Cartel Colombian CIA training offer us a glimpse into the eventual army that will cross the rio grande?

    This nutjob says yes and we can thank Hillary, Bill, Barry and left right criminal DC administrators with the help of the completely bogus and corrupt DOJ for managing this.

    When you ask yourself why Hillary will never be charged or convisted, it's simply because she has another server, the real server and the ultimate dead man switch regarding this program fast and furious and Benghazi. This is why GOP will do what is necessary to appease her. Regarding the election, I don't think it makes a difference. Either TRUMP will set up the event with his "big fence and NAFTA - AFTA kill" or Hillary will make it simple by disarming America and allowing the ISIS-South American UN Gladio Peacekeepers to waltz in without a shot fired.

    Sound too far out?????????