Wednesday, May 11, 2016

FEDEXIT, so fast and furious




eBola Gay, Gaia and Global Governance

Valued at $811 million, this first tranche of funding will support renewable energy projects across the BRICS countries including two solar energy projects in India and China, and a hydropower dam in Russia. For Brazil, it created a credit line worth $300 million for renewable energy projects such as solar and wind power.


It is interesting to see the George Soros backed Panama Pimps doling out the dirt on BRICS. Certainly we can see the targets of those nations and the ultimate goal to create the Springs in a different manner. Like the Middle East Gladio springs by the Obama fronted cabal perpetrated over the Soetoro Regime, the Panama Psy-op brings us another destabilization and uprising tool of their arsenal.

As far as I can tell, it's about Russia, South Africa, India, Brazil and Russia along with a few others who might have been teetering on a Fedexit, if you please. Even Canada can be added to the list at the right time of Trudeau II coming to power. He surely fits the bill for a NWO crony and one to take the NAU borderless global world order to the next stage.

It appears to be the merging of the phenomenon of the 99% and 1%. While there are no current sitting politicians listed so far, it may be yet to be released pending the election. Globally it seems the spring is a have and have not clash at its core. Bernie Sanders bogus run for the Democratic ticket is very transparent. With no hope of being the candidate he continues to run the best divide and conquer we have seen since vietnam. It's clear, the game plan is to have this civil war just at the boil and allow the MSM and deep state to continue the heat through the summer.

Watching the Zika Hoax and Impeachment and clashes of Brazil months before the Olympics sets up a unique opportunity for the 'committee' to stage a masterful false flag and event to kill whats left of the BRICS hold on Brazil. With the left emerging and unions taking over, the PRO-NWO forces would be taking over. That would align with Obama Bernie and the Soros and Vatican plan for world serfdom and the global authority. Kissinger can take some bows for this type of interference in South America over his terror reign and so can the Black Jesuit Bergoglio, but blood will run in the streets of Brazil and that should attract the zika mosquitoes to fall from the chemtrailed skies. Don't fear the Zika but beware the ZIRP.

Be prepared for a real hot summer and some real efforts to destabilize the NAU TRIAD of Mexico, Canada and the homeland. What the weather wars brings and what the economic realities are showing is a real abrupt change in the climate. More fires and more monkey business in this the year of the fire monkey.

There's no way to exit from this great big monetary experiment

Brazil’s Dilma Faces Coup: ‘Say Goodbye to BRICS, Say Hello to Washington’

2,000 Indian citizens, entities named in new Panama leaks

The Real Target of the Panama Papers

The Obama Administration Just Granted Henry Kissinger a Distinguished Public Service Award

Gotta love the pageantry, puff and ceremony....

‘Pentagon wants to implement Kissinger’s world domination plan’



  2. boomerangcomesbackMay 12, 2016 at 6:30 AM

    Wanna understand the "Fix" we're all in, and how devilishly devious TPTB truly are?

    On Display -- a "Tell" in the backroom card game by Trump:

    For COTO, this "selection" iand what it portends is as Obvious as they come.

    "Choosing" Rudy Ghouliani as "Head NeoCon of Homeland' 'security" (of 9/11 infamy, entwined in the events of the entire FF, with the capstone of the "control center" located in WTC7 conveniently being blown up/down into its footprint to erase the evidence)...the writing is on the wall of the subway lavatory that is D.C./NY. Want an "insider" who knows how to arrange diabolical False Flags, and is adept at appearing innocent like the Bush Baby, blood dripping from his dirty hands, smiling all the way? Here you go.

    Chertoff's Damien Child to take the reigns. Ill winds are raging.

  3. She got screwed!

    Brazil Senate votes to impeach President Dilma Rousseff

  4. Russia got missiles in Iran. Obama gets them into Romania. Check, Checkmate -

    US Launches European Missile Shield in Romania

  5. Late again Alex.....

    Zika Outbreak at Rio Olympics Could Ignite Global Martial Law


    JANET YELLEN: I won't completely rule out negative interest rates


    How Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes Exposed the Wide, Corrupt Web of Liberal Journalism

    Rhodes confirmed to Samuels what most Americans already believed: that the Obama administration misled them to sell the nuclear agreement with Iran. Rhodes also bragged to Samuels about how he manipulated the news media into publishing stories supporting the White House on its nuclear diplomacy with Iran by relying on “legions of arms control experts [who] began popping up at think tanks and on social media” and became “sources for hundreds of clue-less reporters.”

  8. More Joo-joo-bee Bullshit from the Zionist Media machine.

    FBI has more than 80,000 secret pages on 9/11 that could prove hijackers visited Florida family with links to Saudi royal family - but they may never be released

    Read more:

  9. boomerangcomesbackMay 12, 2016 at 9:12 PM

    "Japan Citizen Radiation Testing Labs Join Forces To Show Data"

    "Various citizen based radiation testing labs that have been established since the 2011 Fukushima disaster have joined forces to make their data available, all in one place".

  10. Dump Trump, Stump the humps and fool the schools.

    The grunion and sheeple have taken the bait, hook line and sinker. El Trumpo, the alternative media and elixir salesmen are humping and pumping the anti-establishment people as if they were Pultzer Party Bathroom Sheep. Bend over America, take your screwing and get your "Deliverance" from the shadiest non-politicon insider since Hoover, maybe Grant.

    What can be said at a time when economic war and nationalism is under fire? Truth is we need a politician but one like Jim Traficant, Paul Wellstone or another dead whistleblower. Hillary would probably do less damage than Trump but that is the plan. Blame it on the outsider. We told you he was the most unprepared President in modern history.

    4 years and total meltdown and then a Bush Clinton run. Not that the orders won't be coming from overseas for any puppet but Trump offers the best opportunity for the false flags and hegelian dialectic to throw is into total chaos. GOD help us.

    Trump will end missile shield (star wars)???? That will be the first test of his authenticity. China too. Watch the TPP come-around as well.

    How about Hillary and Bill 2016, Bill Richardson. He's a criminal too and a Kissinger Protege. Mr. Hit and Run!