Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brussels 1st Responder


  1. Is this mind-control Michael. It's hard for me to listen to Belgians and Dutch. They seem more effected than anywhere in the EU to me. Maybe it's in the drugs they all are free to use.

    I swear to you, the marijuana industry is all about behavior modification. It may be he was a player in the theatre. He may be lying about being there for all we know. But after hearing his views I am glad not to be living abroad.

    He moved to Sandy Hook or UMPQUA events like the brainwashed Americans but still he has a real block when it comes to your questioning. It's like when I point to sky with people I see at the pump or store. They look up and then look at me and their eyes go blank. Like snow-blind they stare at me but don't see me anymore. Then they prattle on about something that has no relevance to the subject. Almost as if their eyes go dim and I expect this is the brain powering down:)

    Just like the screen saver on your laptop. auto sleep! Is it in the water, pot, chemtrails or beer? Nice people but I could never engage them like you. Makes me so sad, so depressed.

    Here's the NATO-GLADIO, ISIS trained minions dropping some Humvees on an exercise. "Ho did we forget a few parachutes? Oh well, we have a big budget thanks to the idiot public"

    I rest my case.

  2. In 2015 on my BRICS and Drones predictions I mentioned eBola not being the scourge. But TB. This is where Ft. Detrick , like the HIV scam have been working on a good eugenics killer. I think they have weaponized TB to be induced in the refugees prior to migration.

    Now we begin the narration and the CDC ops agenda of disclosing the information

    CDC secret warning on surge of illegal kids: 'Plan on many having TB'

    Judicial Watch report

    THis one has been around for awhile but now may be the next HIV. MDR-TB multi-drug resistent variety processed and manufactured by test subject given underdoses or incomplete anti-biotics to allow the recombinant mutated versions to occur, resistant to those current meds.

    Now the refugee question becomes even more divided. That is maximum benefits to the agenda 21 population goals while diluting the cultures of the world as well. Never waste and opportunity and always maximize the benefits with a high profile pandemic and ultimate vaccine mandate and huge redistribution of wealth to the death panels and Big PhRMA.

    Good books have been written about the reintroduction of terror in old viruses from the Bubonic to the Zika.

  3. As for the interview with the Belgian man. The saddest part is that he is obviously a very nice young man, but, just as delusional if not more so than American males in this age group. They didn't have the advantage of seeing the good years that are so far behind us now, so all they have to go on is their inner goodness. This young man hasn't seen mankind descend from righteousness into total oblivion. You can just look into his eyes and see that nobody is home. He doesn't get it now and probably never will until he himself or someone he loves falls prey to the Evil that is engulfing us all. Sad ,, Very Sad !

    As for all the middle easterners heading our way, I feel that many of them have already been weaponized within their own bodies with dangerous communicable diseases via vaccination or enviroment. Then there are those illegals who are coming not for a better life or even for just the "Free" stuff. They are coming with the dream of wiping us out so that they can get their caliphate that's been promised to them since birth. The hardest part for me personally about all these refugees (or whatever they are) is that the Christians were the ones being persecuted, yet a scant few of them made it out of the desert in their homeland. "WHY" is it so hard for Americans to look around in every city and see the hungry homeless people of our own who aren't taken care of. I truly believe that pay scale should be based on many things. First and foremost is the danger level of the job. Soldiers get paid little more than somebody who works at Burger King. Then there's the socialist agenda that everybody should get a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour. Surely, "they" know this will kill the few small business owners we have remaining. Of Course "THEY" know ... it's just another part of their Evil Agenda to bring us all down while they live it up in their mansions and on their yachts. Perhaps if the dumbed down millennials would get a chance to go underground and see the cities the elite have built for themselves on "Our' Dime , they wouldn't be so anxious to side with such "EVIL" !!!!


  4. You just described a day in my life.

    Indeed other interviews I've posted with Europeans seem to trend towards appeasement and denial. Although not all. But certainly a vast majority.

    What is causing this? The cocktail of things over a long period of time. Whatever it is being COTO keeps us immune.

  5. A Poem I wrote ... "DOORMAN"

    The Party Isn't Over ....

    Unfortunate For Us ,

    They Steal & Lie .... Complain & Cry ,

    Immorality .. Deceit & Sin !

    My Countrys in Such Danger ,

    Stolen From Within ...

    Not A Single Shot Was Fired ....

    The "DOORMAN" Let Them In !


  6. Very good. Short and right to the heart of it.

  7. Here's the real news deflected by the Prince Killing

    Climate change: World leaders sign Paris deal

  8. Nice.

    Now hang the DOORMAN.