Sunday, January 24, 2016

WOW! People are Watching This Revelation about Donbass, Ukraine, and Western Responsibility

Mirrored from , this discussion by an ex-CIA guy who has went to Donbass/Ukraine, reveals some reverberating FACTS about activities taken by Western Powers in the fomented war there.  (Thank Victoria Nuland, Yats and those who sent her in to begin and "manage" the destabilization process):


Derive your own conclusions.

Interview by: Janus Putkonen, DONi News Agency, Chief-Editor
23.1.2016, Donetsk City


  1. In his TV address on Friday evening, President Beji Caid Essebsi had accused "dirty hands, known for feeding violence and misbehaviour"

    GLADIO dirty hands are moving heavy in AFRICOM. Instability round two.

    ALGIERS (Reuters) - Algerian authorities have detained over 200 Moroccans at Algiers airport and summoned the Moroccan envoy to explain an "unusual" increase in the number of Moroccans apparently trying to cross into Libya, airport and government officials said on Sunday.

    The brazen gladio ops by Morocco and Libya I$I$ forces are so obvious. MSM will not report the French Gladio-B motivations. Algeria should start waterboarding them as al-CIAda did under Yoo-hoo. Tunisia and Algeria can expect the same thing. We came we saw they died.

  2. Magnitude-6.8 (7+) Earthquake Hits Alaska, Jolting Nerves

  3. Here it begins but it will go global with a three event combination. People will find out just how connected the climate-economy-humanity intertwine.

    You have heard reports about people hoarding and fighting for parking and groceries for "Jonas" which was a simple HAARP steered manipulation.

    These idiots think we don't know what the thunder is when it's snowing? Like Derecho, El Nino and the rest of their new bullshit vocabulary you can add "THUNDERSNOW" or "BLIZZARD LIGHTENING" to the mix of BS.

    COTO should stick with scaler heater interferometry, magnetic-flux-dependent temperature oscillation, ionosheric superheating, backscatter chemtrail particulate, plasma beam propagation, accoustic CO2 laser pulses. All the weapons of Mass Hypnosis.

    Thank you to the NAVVY.NOAA, NIST and NGO Corporate architects for creating the real WMD. Thanks to the Weather Channel and MSM for selling it climate change ( a limited hangout and grand disclosure delusion)

  4. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 24, 2016 at 6:22 PM

    Yes, you are calling BS on Their machinations and climate manipulations, and more. So many programs are being run for destructive purposes it is difficult to name them all or point them out. "Thundersnow". Yeah, never heard of it growing up. Now, we witness it a couple times a year. No need to chemtrail following the passing snowfest in the south, so Blue Skies today like a day would be without the obvious manipulations.