Friday, January 22, 2016

Planned Chaos?

Source: The Independent

"Europe cannot take in all the refugees fleeing war-torn Syria and Iraq and the migration crisis is putting the European Union in grave danger, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said". 

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Valls added that Europe needed to take urgent action to control its external borders. “Otherwise,” he said, “our societies will be totally destabilized”.

Cue the "destabilization" caused in Syria:'s_Third_Largest_City/48435/0/38/38/Y/M.html


Strange-looking FOX commentators discuss Hillary's "email-gate" situation after latest revelations...(video)

"Amid heightened tensions between Israel and Western allies, Jerusalem on Thursday confirmed a major annexation of 154 hectares (380 acres) of territory north of the occupied West Bank.
Israel's announcement of it's largest agricultural land seizure since 2014 has drawn harsh criticism from Palestinian and Western authorities. Palestine officials announced they would push for a UN resolution decrying Israeli settlement policies".

What happened in Ukraine?  Does it matter?  How ANY of the horrendous conditions, events, and chaos have come about?

Witness Hillary's humongous non-sequitur(s) {}.

Six weeks to save Schengen: Dutch PM says Europe 'cannot cope' with migrant crisis and EU's passport-free zone is on brink of collapse

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"Denmark will move refugees out of cities and into rural camps as the anti-immigration Danish People's Party shifts government focus from immigration to repatriation".

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"Cuban migrants have been traveling more than 3,200 miles by land across some of the world’s most dangerous countries in Central America to avoid the U.S. Coast Guard in the waters between Florida and Cuba.

The difference between Cubans and other migrants traveling north from Central American is they are allowed into the U.S. and almost instantly granted federal benefits and an expedited path to citizenship".

Who is manipulating the BIG markets?  Oil, stock exchanges, currencies, metals?  Who is strategically profiting?


George Soros ~ "Europe is on the brink of collapse".

Here's an interview of mr. Soros, chock full of Lies, or should we say "mis-statements", particularly about the state of the U.S. economy and such.

Just a quick Snap Shot of our surroundings, and it is easy to comprehend that leaving (allowing) the elite folks to continue doing everything they've been allowed to do around the world, will lead to --> CHAOS, IMPLOSIONS of SOCIETIES' FABRIC, DEATH FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS AND PROBABLY MUCH MORE, YOU GET THE PICTURE.

Doing the SAME thing expecting different results is correctly labelled as INSANITY!

Letting the CERTIFIABLY INSANE continue to do the same things they've been doing is BEYOND INSANITY on the part of humanity. 

Click here to see some of the articles on Obama's "Immigration Reform" activities:

NOW, can you see the RECIPE for DISASTER brewed and served by the elites?

Check your manipulated Wall Street stock market performance for clues to how great and stable the management of the markets has been.


"The American Revolution - The Sequel" --

"The coming market collapse will be the largest in human history" --

CHECK THE "WEATHER" 'ROUND ABOUT!  That is, the "weather" on every front.  Take action.







  1. I said it was too big to stop. Like stopping a train. The facts seem to indicate they are ready, so we can expect no brakes.

    The flying economy landed. (due to climate) which has nothing to do with the weather but as the committee always does, they match the vortex with the simple "in your face" comparisons and metaphors.

    Planet 9 is the tip off. I have been waiting thirty years for bluebeam. It is now coming in nine. How do you portray this in film? How about District 9.

    Can we really see the difference between aliens and illegals?

    We have about 6" here right now with drifts of two feet or more. I hope it dumps thirty on the District 9 criminals in Columbia.

  2. Soros or Speilberg?

    Horrifying Video Shows Troops from NATO Country Gun Down Civilians Carrying a White Flag

  3. She looked like Hillary Clinton:
    Woman shot at Renton movie theater during 13 hours Benghazi Movie via @KING5Seattle

  4. "They realize the people are waking up, the people want change, they want a leader who will stop the destruction that Obama, the Bush’s and Clinton regimes have released on this country, NAFTA, Illegal Immigration, spending our nation into oblivion 19 trillion in debt and counting.

    They know we’re pissed, they know our mindset, so they go to the well and pull out one of their billionaires who has been in their banking system since birth, they have this guy say everything the American people are thinking, he says stuff politicians would never say, the American people love this guy and how he stands up to the system.

    The American people do not understand the system is broken and no one would ever dare run for president if the establishment did not appoint him".

    Continued..."So the American people rally on the back of the savior they have been sent by the establishment, enter Donald Trump!

    Be careful what you wish for, he is promising you strength through Military action, this means war, 100% war.

    WWIII is on the cusp, they will have a very hard time starting WWIII if the American people unite and stand against it, so they manipulate the American peoples minds, they contrive hard ships, crimes against the people, animosity toward other people, other religions, other countries I.E. Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia, China.

    Now they have us all stirred up and thinking that Trump is strong and willing to fight for us, ready to take America back!"

    Righto!!! Look at the candyassdates the elites have presented the American People with -- its like a circus with geeks, criminals, bearded ladies, the bizarre, beyond.

    They must know a very large segment of the population laughs at their circle jerking ploys. All unelectable, many illegal criminals, a farce wrapped in used toilet paper enigmas. Many will just ignore the circus show and all "laws" spewed forth from the Borg machine. Until, the show busts in the front door, or parts start landing on the front lawn. How much longer will anybody tolerate ANY of this? Davos should just be poured into Guantanomo and the world would be an immediately better place.

    Yes -- WE SEE the "9" being waved about.


  6. I think we are at 15 dead doctors now.

    How do like this?

    January 22, 2016
    PayPal Shuts Down MHB’s Account

    DAVOS: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Leonardo DiCaprio to tone down his "inflammatory rhetoric" on climate change saying it was not helping those who have lost their oil-industry jobs.

    The movie star had told the World Economic Forum in the Swiss mountain town of Davos on Wednesday that corporate greed was causing climate change and "enough is enough."

    At a dinner later in the day, Trudeau, elected in October as the head of a Liberal government, took the 41-year-old actor to task.

    "I pointed out that both Alberta and Canada have new governments over the past year that are committed to action on climate change...and that there are families suffering, out of work, who need to be supported, and inflammatory rhetoric doesn't necessarily help those families or help Canada," Trudeau said as he recounted his remarks to reporters on Friday.

    "He actually said if we took concrete action on climate change he would be the first to come up and celebrate with us."

    this says it all. Let Leo bury the ones who freeze to death this winter without coal and shale oil heating oil.

    climate change is eugenics. that is the real agenda---