Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BURNED in Oregon: Don't get Hoaxed America!


The steering committee of the NWO has just given us the Clinton Ruby Ridge for the next phase of Jade Helm which I call Union of the State. We can see all the convergence of the NDAA, AUMF (USA), GLOBAL GOVERNANCE,the Federal overreaching of all departments and the MSM left right paradigm. The Bundy affair was psyop'd and so was Oregon. BATFE, FBI and the SPLC run Media are focusing the eye on violations of federal law while they the EPA, IRS, BLM and other .Gov entities are committing the real crimes of conspiracy in places all around the country. The strategy of tension, US Gladio operations being operated inside government as well as through the secret visa programs to bring in the foreign operatives.  Ammon Bundy and Company are running a real clever psyop here. Lavoy Finicum is a hoax.

Assassinated? Only if he had terminal brain or lung cancer. Otherwise he did not die. Do not buy this crap. Do not trust the Bundy-Koresch WACO style operation. I do not accept it. Pete Santilli, an asset of the FBI ala  "sting" was arrested as well. A Fraud, this is all the way down to the fact that there was no cellular or WiFi available at the staged venue for this scam. Lavoy, an actor from Arizona where many of the Greenberg actors come from was well suited for this scam. His soft spoken cowboy demeanor was an excellent character trait for this hoax.

Be prepared for several related FBI stings and MK-Ultra setups in connection to this trigger event. Start looking at the narratives to come out in the usual way with a larger focus on El Trumpo and Clinton showdown of the divide and conquer operation that is real. Jade Helm 15 transitions into Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016 (UWEX16)


Updates of this HOAX will be more difficult due to the planned blackout.







    Roadblocks set around refuge, militia still inside

    The agencies said in a statement that the containment was to ‘better ensure the safety of community members.” According to the statement, only Harney County ranchers who own property in specific areas will be required to show identification and be allowed to pass. Media in the area were advised to leave.


  3. 11, 44, 55 the HOAX!! CIA-CIA-CIA!!

    Mormon Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed on the night of January 26 as the militia standoff near Burns, Oregon, appeared to come to an end. Famously, Finicum, 55, had told the media on January 6 that he would choose death over surrender in the case. His death was confirmed by Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. She wrote on Twitter:

    Mormon rancher LaVoy Finicum was killed during the Oregon militia standoff on January 26. He's survived by his Jeanette. Finicum was 54 years old when he died. Together he and his wife maintained a ranch in northern Arizona. The ranch was staffed and managed by the couple's 11 foster children. They were kids the couple took in, troubled kids with criminal histories. During the standoff, Finicum complained that the state had taken away the children because of his high profile role with the militia. Meanwhile on his wife, Jeanette's LinkedIn page, she lists foster care provider as her full time job.

    Finicum was killed during a traffic stop, reports CNN. He died one day before his 56th birthday 111 The HOAX!!

    1. Cliven Bundy Said Finicum Was SACRIFICED ‘for a Good Purpose’

    Yeah we know friggin purpose Cloven, you actor and operative.

    2. During the Standoff in Oregon, He Had Become Known as ‘Tarp Man’

    Yeah TARP, we remember it well hoaxer.

    3. He Posted a Video of His Family Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Just Hours Before His Death

    "How Sweet the Hoax!"

    According to Mormon tradition, cremation is not encourage and a proper funeral burial is preferred.

    Good let's find out if he was sick had cancer or some other pathology. Let's have an open casket viewing and see what is what.

  4. 'Shot Down Like A Dog With His Hands In The Air'

    Audio testimony of Victoria Sharp, who was in the vehicle ambushed by the Feds, and who watched LaVoy Finicum get shot with his hands in the air!

    James White
    NorthWest Liberty News

    I received a call late last night from a trusted friend, Bill Kosloskey, who had just got off of the phone with his friend, Victoria Sharp. Bill was obviously moved as he spoke to me, as his friend Victoria Sharp was in the vehicle ambushed by the FBI last evening; an ambush that resulted in the arrest of Ammon Bundy, and the death of patriot, LaVoy Finicum.
    For now, I will not add my personal commentary on this matter, but instead let the eyewitness testimony of someone who is probably grateful to still be living about now do the talking. Our prayers go out to the family of LaVoy Finicum who, as you will hear, was shot down like a dog with his hands in the air. After he fell, they pumped up to 6 more rounds into him for good measure.

    To hear Victoria Sharp’s testimony, I have linked to my friend Bill’s YouTube channel below and have uploaded the interview to create a podcast which you can also listen to below. See above video/audio.


    Right out of John Wayne and the "Cowboys" Can't write better script than this steaming pile of crap!!!!

  5. Go Teddy Go!


    FBI reportedly told some journalists the Bureau couldn't offer "protection."

    Patrick, who has said he gave up an $80,000-per-year roofing job when he set out for Oregon because “the Constitution is more important," will likely be behind the microphone when the protesters speak. He wouldn’t say how many people remained with him at the refuge, but Patrick told The Washington Post that occupiers weren’t planning on leaving because of the arrests.

    Must be a 'second story' roofer for the gubmint.

  7. Look for the links the Eleven and the Media narrative. Mormon Masonic Media

  8. This entire "event" certainly lends itself to a "set-up". The "end" is predictable for a small group that dares This government to capitulate. Squishing the small, isolated group of "patriots" (whom perhaps many people identified with in some way) and showing them (and all those watching) that trying to kick sand in the face of the big bully is futile.

    "Resistance is Futile". That's the message. Get it, and move along in single file through the turnstiles folks. You're glue no matter what you do, cowpokes.

    This would be a really easy cheesy psyop to pull off to send a message to the masses -- don't get outta line.

    We'll look forward to more info becoming available.

  9. Exactly what it is. Show of Strength and force:


    “Unbelievable“, “embarrassing” even “dangerous” are some of the words the financial elite gathered at the World Economic Forum conference in the Swiss resort of Davos have been using to describe U.S. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

    play it up media. Martial Law or revolt and revolution. Take a look at Trump and Sanders. How could you divide and conquer with two more polarizing figures. What an obvious phony election.

    And we will be surprised when it never comes off in November.

  10. Who Is This Guy Pete Santilli?

    Since 1992, Santilli has owned 9 residences. Most of them have been in California; however Santilli has also lived in Shelton, Connecticut and Waterford, New York.

    Santilli currently holds a Real Estate Salesperson license (# 018023282 00494219) with the California Department of Real Estate. This is where the multiple residences tie in.

    Santilli has been involved in a fraudulent series of purchases of foreclosed homes in the city of San Bernardino, California for nearly a decade. Santilli has been purchasing foreclosed homes from black market listings unavailable to the public. Through a connection in the banking industry, Santilli has acquired homes for pennies on the dollar to turn a profit.

    Shelton, Connecticut, Waterford, New York and San Bernardino, California . Connect the dots coto. He's a stage manager CIA-FBI and disinfo specialist.
    Likely a deal made to keep himself out of jail. This is similar to how we get our senators and reps as well. The only difference is Pete is small potatoes.

    Pete Santilli, self-styled journalist and militants supporter, among those arrested by FBI

  11. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 28, 2016 at 7:49 AM

    What have you researched about Mr. Finicum that leads you to believe he is "not dead", and this is a hoax? Ammon Bundy & the other arrested individuals statements on the shooting should be examined for differences. Of course, they're incarcerated, so that's a tough nut.

  12. The usual suspects were there. FBI, Agents Prov., Select Media, the fact they are Mormons, the report that they supposedly pumped 6 shots into him after the initial bullet. I mean really, how likely the authorities were ready to massacre this guy on a traffic stop and this woman here who was an eye-witness is a A.P. according to some inside the story.

  13. As you can see the staging was perfect. THe FEDS win. One dead and the Bundy's give in. The perfect ending. America is supposed toi get it into their heads that shooting you three time standing and three times on the ground for not following a command is justified.

    I don't think it happened and if it did, he was likely terminal and had a death wish in Lieu of a painful slow death. (suicide by cop). Are you seeing much play on this. Outrage by militia? I am not. Google Ore Standoff, Malheur or Finicum and see how little update there is.

    Not the libertarian Media, Militia sites, Outposts or alt media is even making a big deal out of it. Fox news blew over it like the wind while giving 24/7 on Trump boycotting the election. They could have made a big GOP boost on this big government, Obama agenda. They didn't.

    If the FEDS wanted to make their case we would have already seen the footage of Finicum charging or advancing on the cops which prompted the shooter. MSM is using "reported dead" in their news.

    Just too much to buy. I think it's Mormon Masons and Arizona actors/agents. Much like the Gabby Giffords event.
    Judge Roll was killed? Was he? Or just disappeared?

  14. BTW, do you think when the FEDS come to annex your land under Trump eminent domain, that you will raise your gun? I think not if they can convince you that the billion rounds of ammo that was supposedly distributed to FDA, EPA, DHS, BLM, IRS, USPS Postal, Education Dept and Dept. of Agriculture are waiting for discharging? I suspect the economic reset is on, it will happen this year or just after election, and they will find the takeover, an easier than expected confiscation. Thanks to ignorance, apathy and cowardice, the men of this country have traded their manhood for manboobs.

  15. I expect a final showdown and those remaining are definitely the spooks. It will be an extravaganza for the world stage.


  16. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 28, 2016 at 2:50 PM

    Now that's a pretty funny way to send a message "upline" to Bill the NWO Shill!

    Thanks for your explanation on the OR event. As has been noted here and abroad, the first thing We the People should suspect in these instances is deception, lies, fraud, and the kitchen sink. More will float up to the surface soon enough.

  17. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 28, 2016 at 7:21 PM

    This article from the Rutherford Institute is worth the read:

  18. The economic collapse will happen sooner then later. Most likely next month. From there all hell breaks loose. Commerce comes to a standstill as riots become the norm quickly overwhelming authorities as they stand down and allow the carnage to wipe-out the majority of the weak. Any survivors will then be mopped-up by the military using Obama's new war-powers.

    Of course we won't see an election. By Nov. this country will be in shambles. I can't imagine that we'll avoid war, most likely nuclear. Or even more likely Russia will EMP us further into the stone-age.

    I'm not sold that their all actors. I believe a good many operatives were placed to manipulate the innocents to set the stage for this shooting. I haven't seen any convincing evidence that Finicum was one of the actors.

  19. Certainly seems the events are real enough to gather unwitting officials. They just do their job and want no problems. Keeping their jobs is primary. The collapse, in my opinion has already happened.

    Everything now is propping up the illusion. You can't make this happen without direct control over the indicators from the Market to the Revenue figures. Jobs numbers are a complete white hoax.

    WalMart is a great indicator. 269 stores closing. Retailers are fighting for those who are still in the Matrix. Seen food prices lately? Wow.
    When the commerce/commodities numbers are realized, it will have already happened. Then a panic like Black Friday. Watch the Grunion run!

  20. Google said the most popular search of 2015 was the "PARIS STAGED EVENT"
    Bataclan-Malheur.... It's all a French Fried Fraud!!!

    897 million queries

  21. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 29, 2016 at 5:27 AM

    Huge Sonic-like BOOM heard and felt on East Coast! What is your take?

  22. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 29, 2016 at 5:45 AM

    Explanation for booms found on Rense --

  23. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 29, 2016 at 5:57 AM

    A commenter at Jim Stone's site -- offers an explanation of the OR event as tied to El Chapo, Obama. Code "Numbers/dates" are included which you may wish to decipher. Stone seemed to assent to the analysis.

  24. Could be but if I didn't see the planes I would not buy it. Planes have to be very low and over Mach 1 to create the kind of sonic noise. Plus the US forbids overflight by aircraft at supersonic speeds.

    I think these are ionosheric ping back heating weather clouds or trsils. Maybe gases in upper levels and it is creating thunder (electrostatic)
    Otherwise it is underwater experiments from a sub. Ours or Russian.

  25. I like his spot on the ZIKA hoax, just like eBola and the flying economy last year.

    Diversions o' plenty this year. Watch how Hillary slates from prosecution. Loretta Lynch and Obama. Some White lives matter.