Monday, December 28, 2015

The American's Creed, Stands in the Breach -- Tall and Strong

Many Americans, through generations, have been standing on bedrock principles that have served their families, their nation, and themselves well.

It appears Obvious "Perspective" makes up a large amount of what counts for a free-minded man or woman.  There's no hurt here.  There's no holding down others to climb upon the backs and bodies of those beaten down.  A nation of those who can stand up proud, picking themselves up by their own bootstraps, who extend a hand (because its the right thing to do) to the less fortunate, who are comfortable standing shoulder-to-shoulder with uncountable decent folks who also have accepted the responsibility for themselves, for others, for how their representative government acts in concert with the will of the people -- in concert and in crescendo with Obvious Inalienable Rights.

This, is what makes a nation of "people" a formidable force for good, at home, and wherever their hands and hearts reach.


"The American's Creed" is the title of a resolution passed by the U.S. House of Representatives April 3, 1918. It is a statement written in 1917 by William Tyler Page as an entry into a patriotic contest.

Sourced for this posting from Rense, and Rumormillnews

A vast throng of Americans hold to the principles and sentiments described above.

These are the people which make up America's True "Homeland Security".  They are not govt. employees, they require no pay to defend what is right.  Surely, they can spot all that is counterfeit, for lies are as chains of sand blowing in the wind.

They are not the authors of lies, deceit and falsehoods, nor of terror, nor of the psychopathy that reveals the soulless.  As evil is a force in the world to be reckoned with, so too is good that resides quietly in the hearts of a great many.  A great many who will never capitulate to evil, lies, and force.

It is the difference of wise perspective, of character, of mature responsibility, and knowing the difference between black and white, good and evil, friend and foe, representative government and everything else that is not.

NOW, is the time to know what one believes -- and know those who believe it not.


  1. A most appropriate post Boomer and with impeccable timing. It is surely the time to draw the lines as we descend into the new year. I'd call it the "two flew over the cuckoos nest" as they clear the runways for the meaningless landing of the new savior.

    All our staged reality shows like the presidential primaries, once again performed by the puppeteers from Bilderberg and these imaginationless marionettes just regurgitate the same empty and vacuous drivel of past muppets.

    So refreshing to be reminded of the real American Creed and the truth about what a fraud the American Dream Act is all about. The psychopaths running the Asylum have Ratcheted us into the great crash of 16. Therefore predictions for 2016 will focus on the Gremlins who hide in the shadows and will sabotage the America way, once and for all this coming year. The Flying Economy will land this coming year. Whether a nose dive crash or a skid and burn, it is over. When it takes off again it will be the TPP-Carbon Currency and 666 buy sell trade. No fly-no buy will be dictated by your passport which will be cleared through the DSM-5 of your mental state which would clearly have had Washington, Jefferson, Henry and the Tyler's on the terror watch list.

    No country for old men, Monuments of unageing intellect - sums it up for me.

  2. Dahboo7 (just before Christmas) discusses the Democrats pending "gun grab" law, while also suggesting the timing is thus "ripe" for another False Flag shooting "event" to provide the fear, shock, and grease for this unconstitutional legislation.

    Pay attention to the signs and false flags waving in the D.C. cesspool:

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  4. As a follow-up on the subject of Obama's backers pushing the "gun-control" agenda, I ran across the following:

    This story was sourced from:

    The "idea" that people, in this case the population of America, would choose anytime, especially NOW to disarm themselves and become defenseless (by choice, meaning compliance) is totally insane. "Terrorized" by a steady diet of domestic False Flags, while reading the MSM rags/propaganda of MSM Middle East "beheadings" and such, all the while witnessing a lawless rogue government -- whom would comply to an unconstitutional usurpation of the 2nd Amendment?

  5. Prolific writer, James Kirwan, has just written a piece incorporating "The American's Creed" subject of this post. I would suggest you also read his piece found at