Sunday, November 8, 2015

From Spectre to Quantum on slippery ice

Secrets from the south pole.cotoicecube



Fermilab to Sanford experiment

Feds: Sanford Lab Experiment Won't Harm Environment

Where have we heard that one before? Time to dump the "God Particle" and focus on the "sterile" neutrino. If the quantum leap is the superluminal highway to time travel, zero gravity, black masse-less matters and Higgs boson's mate, the 4th and 'sterile' neutrino, I'd say they are coming into view at the right time.

When the Feds cannot even handle a simple mine claim clean-up, we are to assume they can assure us of no environmental impact? Ha!  What do the Antarctica Treaty nations think we are? Idiots?  Certainly so.  While we are bombarded by psyops for WWIII, we are unaware that World War 4 has already begun. This war on human development, depopulation and space domination are matters and priorities that supersede all political and military false flags and media hype.  When it comes to banking and science, there are no borders or conflicts. Only "we the people" are the concern of the current nation states and governments.

I believe that the powers that be may not be able to escape the confines of space, but may look to escape the time barriers, taking the knowledge and certain materials with them. Like a reset? Or moving to the fourth dimension. Meanwhile, working on full spectrum dominance of the human domain is what they will leave us with.  If the microwaves and lasers travel at the speed of light and data from thought transference equal, would time stand still? What the endgame is may be unclear. Assuming the TRIAD, there are likely no less than a dozen deep projects in the CERN, FERMILAB and ICECUBE projects and high hopes for an escape. It would seem that they have opened Pandora's box.  No doubt the Neutrinos are getting much attention and that makes me very nervous. So where are the missing planes really? Are ghosts really just particle dimensional anomalies? Did someone open an earth based black hole?  I think soon, the cat is out of the bag.

Neutrino Observatories


  1. From the LAX diversion

    So when the lame stream media blast the news:

    What do you have? Project Bluebeam testing for the grand delusion? Another psyop and diversion from the real focus of their game.

    Time to look to Paris and the UN Climate Summit and the continuation of the War on people using ENV MOD WMD.

  2. Sorry, No Aliens! The Navy Test Fires Trident Missile Off The Coast Of California.

    Then they used ship based or Alaska based (scalar) Star wars to bring it down? Someone needs to confirm energetics and RF EM anomalies.

    All this Russia-China blustering and bullshit. Have we not learned the Cold War Triad is a money scheme. It's how the west took down the USSR. What we know is that the NWO has the largest military in the galaxy. And the only one.


  3. The Sustainable Gladios and the West African Drug Trade