Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SPECTRE, a Quantum Leap?

Not since Diamonds Are Forever, (1971) has the franchise used the familiar "Special Executive for Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion" appeared in symbol, spoken word or title. Not this year.  The release of SPECTRE yesterday gives us an opportunity to put the Hollywood facade to the global covert unseen committee that provides all the aspects of their organization acronym.

It follows Skyfall which was an essential installment for the NWO to advance the "Disclosure" of what we face looking forward in the progression of this grand delusion, this master plan for single world authority, by this unseen league of extraordinary psychopaths and their demented Utopian vision of a transformed society and new order for earth and it's life forms, which as always they have license to make extinct.

Skyfall was an extraordinary script with unique elements of the terror groups trade, unlike many of its predecessors. I offered a post with the collection of the films, Earthraker to Skyfall , June 2013


The Past becomes the Present. Yes, it does. The 2012 release of Skyfall came during the Mayan Calendar Psyop and end of the world. Not to be confused with SPECTRE, was the ghost of the past who came to play with MI6's number one "M." (Mother) played for the last time by Dame Judi Dench.

Robert Alpert wrote an interesting article entitled Skyfall: a mother and her twin boys. He connects similarly  in what is a basically an entertainment review, to what the might be the deeper suggestive theme of the franchise in Bond #23. It is interesting that now as we move to Bond 24 [6], the man is resurrected while the story is about relinquishing the old for the new.
In a post-9/11 world in which technology has overtaken privacy and nation states have increasingly merged with global, corporate interests, Skyfall self-consciously subverts its audience’s expectations about the triumph of good over evil even as it simultaneously caters emotionally to those expectations.Cloud-Climate-Cashin

This transition is so clearly apparent in Skyfall, that I have used it often as a tool for talking about the flying economy and WOT or World Terror Organization. Well, enter SPECTRE and have them sign in please. You could not have had a more crystal clear view to a kill.  Without presenting any spoilers, I can offer some insight into SPECTRE. SPECTRE is the real secret committee who manages all assets in the entire world. Though we see the administrators everyday in media we never see the nine. That is the heart of Holyrood, the freemasons, the organizations and core committee that make up the cabal.
On his return to London Bond is indefinitely taken off field duty by the current M, who is in the midst of a power struggle with C, the head of the newly created Joint Intelligence Service, which consists of the recently merged MI5 and MI6. C also wants to create the "Nine Eyes" intelligence co-operation agreement between nine countries, and close down the '00' section in the process.

So what we have is basically a backdoor into Five eyes or STONEGHOST expanded to nine? But maybe it's expanded to ten. It was Danny Casolara who was assassinated in the Octopus affair that connected the PROMIS software for intelligence to known backdoor access. Also known as the Inslaw affair.  Why the Octopus?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="170"]SPECTRE Logo.png ALIEN +8[/caption]

It's more interesting, the transition of the SPECTRE insignia from the octopus to the alien to the spectre, but not as obvious to the deep connection to the psyop of the mind that is this spectrum-quanta connection. That is the hidden meaning behind the hidden nine behind the seven and one.

Some will say SPECTRE-QUANTUM, but I use Spectrum-Quanta. In Bond #22 Quantum of Solace, the reference to Quantum was not connected directly to SPECTRE. The ghost was noticeably absent for quite a while.

In the EON series of films, the layers of truth to fiction are evident but at the turn of the century they shifted to a far more cryptic mode. Changes in screenwriters, producers, directors and other factoring has made these by far more difficult to decode. Unlike other offerings for the masses, the 007 series are like Rubik's Kubricks.

This year Hunger Games will take us to gun confiscation and revolution with its "in your face" Operation Mockingbird while Krampus may backdoor the attack on Christian values in a capitalistic X-masse bloodbath. All good for the Tavistock Group and Holyrood mind control operatives in Hollywood but not too complex by design.

The 007 series on the other hand in my opinion have become very complex. It is by design I believe that though they are relegated to political correctness and certain dumbed down action, they carry very cryptic clues and disclosure.  When we begin to look at Mr. Snowden, a major psyop limited hangout, we have to decide on true or false. The same goes for the Sony Hack where supposed emails regarding SPECTRE were released. It is here the real triple cross and phony false flags really get their wings.

I still realize many believe Edward Scissorhands is real. I came from the Cold War school and cannot buy a nickels worth of snow from this Manchurian candidate. Neither Korean or Chinese fingerprints can be found here. But it does allow Obama and Xi to meet to discuss much deeper aspects of SPECTRE based upon a bogus talk for cybersecurity. Skyfall was an 'eyes only' look into the technological reality of the panoptic full spectrum surveillance apparatus that is being justified by the very false flags supposedly giving us the necessity for acronyms we cannot even count. One thing has been missing in the cabals arsenal of weapons. Weather Modification? Why after all the fifty odd years has the Scalar and HAARP weapons scenario escaped the script? Even Hollywood has its taboo.

In Quantum of Solace, we had the villain looking to control the water in South America's, Bolivia. It's not too hard to write good fiction based upon globalized efforts to destroy nations. Nestle wants the Great lakes and T. Boone Pickens wants the Ogallala aquifer. MI6 and the CIA want to know. It's the economy stupid in your face sure, but the reality is deeper than waters and plots thicker than blood. Countries are assets just like slaves. Corporations are the banks and borders are illusions. The Quantum is merely creating the value and if you control the experiment and variables or are able to set the parameters, then the successful outcome will be realized. The science is knowledge and information and the quanta is the system in which the SPECTRE to be the ghost in the machine, able to quantize the physical world and control the system using the variable scientific methods.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="287"] Bullet hole or Eye-9?[/caption]

When the writing chores came to the team of Purvis and Wade and the directorship to Sam Mendes, the tone of the movies changed. All being Brits is somewhat interesting. The theme as I stated in the Earthraker to Skyfall piece, is about man. The Craig as Bond character has shifted from the gadgetry to the internal mind of the man. The plots have all included the Jade Helm human domain and more psychological. More anger, less restraint, more rebellion, less obedient are these four films with Craig.

When the Sony Hack released emails event occurred, they contained some discussion by producers to staff regarding act three and ending rewrites. It is possible that writing these scripts becomes more difficult when you are given cryptic material that must be presented in the final script. Same goes for Mendes who must also shoot the graphics and symbology designated in the treatment. Along with the usual political correctness modifications such as color changes for Felix Lieter and Eve Moneypenny, the usual no smoking signs and dialogue no-no's, there are scores of cryptic keywords, phrases, imagery and marketing bullets used in these films. Other little nuances and messages include the recurring Mr. White. How inventive! Mr. White (blue eyes), the bane of all our problems.  Also as always the CIA is subservient to the British Intelligence but that really is accurate in the true reality of global finance and intelligence.

SPECTRE should seem familiar to all based upon the clumsy acronym. SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion is the best description I can come up with for the POTUS and military industrial congressional complex excluding the ring but no less obvious in membership. But membership aside, the vortex mathematics says it is Quantum that controls them. Therefore without knowing the film's plot of having seen the trailers or spoilers myself I will predict that this film will expose the corporate banking mafia known as SPECTRE.  It will involve membership in government. I say this because they made a point in Skyfall to have M (Dench) quote Tennyson and remark that our enemy is not known and our world is more opaque and that Silva (Javier Bardem) was once the trusted but betrayed. Who are our friends and who are our enemies? Borders and nations are non-existent in Quatum. The enemy is in the shadows or right in our faces? Quantum will betray SPECTRE, consume them, absorb them, neutralize them. What is Quantum really? What will the transformation entail?  The ghost in the machine?  The ET or AI factor, is it earthly?


The end of the story may be "the past becomes the present" but we have no truth of the past therefore no idea of the future, let alone the present. We have enough disinformation to fill volumes but I think the underlying message is that SPECTRE takes a permanent holiday very soon. This is the basis of everything from revelations to the NWO. Simply stated, SPECTRE was our world up to the 21st century. All the crime and control was operated by government, corporate movers and shakers, financiers, Mafia crime syndicates with all their corrupt political connections. Just as the characters throughout the EON Bond series, they were used and necessary in order to control the progression up to the point where they are no longer needed.  Now we are on the precipice of the change and transition and those who were insiders, administrators and enablers now find themselves betrayed or on the outside like the rest of us.

Spectre (2015)[edit]

Main article: Spectre (2015 film)

In the aftermath of Raoul Silva's attack on MI6, a cryptic message sets in motion events that will see James Bond come face-to-face with the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. As Gareth Mallory, the newly appointed M, continues fighting political pressures that threaten the future of MI6, Bond follows a trail from Mexico to Austria and Morocco as he is drawn into a confrontation with an enemy from his past; one who holds a dangerous secret that will force him to question the value of everything he has fought to protect.[15][16][17]

The concept of the triple cross, mind control, the NWO Hegelian Dialectic and vortex mathematics all play here. Whatever changes for the better is a wolf in sheep's clothing. A betrayal or disclosure is just a tool to transition into another dimension of the continuum.  All that is required is that they have you attention, your body and your mind in a quantum state with the information. Should they have discovered the human particle and secrets of the genome and the black hole matters, then maybe they can not only control, but predict outcomes. I expect a real twist in this release of Bond #24. It may be realization of all we ever suspected.



  1. It appears the opener takes place in Mexico City on the Day of the dead. I predicted Mexico City for a real disaster. Hurricane Patricia did not appear to be the event. Austria is a venue as well. THE FINANCIAL? Zebranomics. I predicted Belarus. Not in the story. Too bad.


    What about 11.3 and 11.5?

  2. Well?.....the end of Spectre?
    Does This “Elite” Magazine Cover Predict A Major Global Event For November?

  3. I showed this cover photo to a graphic artist friend of mine. It is her opinion that there is an overlay of sorts that goes over this to show the real meaning of the photo. But, only the elite that went to the meeting would have it. It was interesting to think that we are only getting part of the picture. But, isn't that always the case?

  4. There are always an option. In an EXIF file for example photos you take can include data like where you are(GPS) date/time and other metadata if your device has been compromised. The transfer of these graphics can be an issue if collected and then hacked virally.

    The PNG, JPEG, GIF can have malicious code or benign. If there is a code to alter the image under certain software or enhancements they might see an altered image.

    There is certainly some very poor overlays or layers on this graphic. That tells me that there are indeed, some possible added pixel that has different bit-color or numerics. Like any encryption, it requires you have the key.