Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Just as Hurricane Patricia Hoax, the architects of ONE GLOBAL AUTHORITY cannot escape the conversion of experts from all staged events from 911 to crisis shootings to Environmental Modification. We are to find out soon just how serious they are. I predict the tipping point is much closer than we expect. Great work by these people will free the minds of many. Project Bluebeam is the end game and your mind will be the target of the project and the means by which to take you out.


  1. This is typical FDA, AMA, EPA, Government Crap.

    Bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer, experts say

    Who are the experts? Is it John Expert or Mary Expert? They wish to remain anonymous to avoid lawsuits. This is chicken wars and much like the Egg/Cholesterol scam.

    We know processing factors, nitrates, growth hormone, other ammonia based additives and God knows what else causes cancer. Red meat and pork raised outside the factory farms is fine. This is part of the Agenda 21 program to shut down the agricultural livestock producers and kill more jobs, destroy infrastructure, trade GDP growth and send us further into the black hole of carbon based eugenicist obamacare black hole.

  2. Obama and the NWO kust attacked Afghanistan for the Hospital Doctors without Borders Expose.

    [It is notable that this response of the United States government stands in marked contrast to a similar incident that occurred in Pakistan in 2011. On November 26, 2011 US jets and helicopters bombed and strafed a garrison of sleeping Pakistani soldiers at Salala in a prolonged 30 minute assault that resulted in the deaths of 28 innocent victims. Like the attack on Doctors Without Borders, victims on the ground repeatedly notified US air command that they were under attack from friendly fire. But unlike the US response to the Doctors Without Borders killings, the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon refused to apologize or offer compensation to the families of the young soldiers who were cut down. It took eight painful months, and a near total rupture in US-Pakistan relations over Salala and the interruption of NATO supply routes through Pakistan, for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to finally, on July 3, 2012 issue a tepid apology. There has been no compensation to the affected families.]

    Deaths, damage reported in powerful Afghanistan quake

    If Pakistan and Afghanistan threaten a NATO supply block it should be noted they got their warning in a shallow 7.5M HAARPING.

    This is a good time to send in CIA covert ops as well. Taliban regions at border.