Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Bluebeam Projectionists

[caption id="attachment_2751" align="alignnone" width="525"]nasacoto.jpg EVAN: Electromagnetic Visual Audio Network "Challenger"[/caption]

projection: the act of visualizing and regarding an idea or the like as an objective reality.

In the E.V.A.N., the audio visuals are critical in progression of large scale psyops. Along with the usual green screens, deflection and smoke/mirrors the propagandist has to control all parts of the program. The tools of propaganda (or techniques) are as important as the message. The testimonials of Holyrood and government have lost much of their credibility over the recent times.

Therefore, the alternate (claiming to be truth) media had to be created. Easily the antagonist becomes protagonist by coming out with a single truth and dazzles the dancing fickleness of the media shallow masses who cannot allocate time for the research on the orators and projectionists of the MSM EVAN psy-operators. I talk about those like Donald Trump, Russell Brand and Alex Jones.

I pick Alex Jones because the history and information that lined up in regards to William Cooper and his death, the 911 predicted event dispute that AJ claims he owned that was Bill Coopers prediction.  It is since that time back in 2001 that this transition from Bill Cooper,  to Art Bell, Alex Jones, George Noory and others like these who follow the script.

It was John B. Wells, the latest victim of the Audio Visual Projectionists who have to fight on a daily basis to stay on-air. Those like Republic Radio (RBN) and Dave Hodges, who has struggled to remain online and on-air.

It was Bill Cooper who had embraced the UFO conspiracy and disclosure in the beginning based upon the M.I.C. and their "Disclosure" project. But it was also Bill Cooper who came to realize the hoax of this project and all the others who cash checks on this fraud today. It's not that they don't offer certain truths and as we know, the agenda works with limited hangouts but always deflects the true agents and institutions that are at the core of this special alternative. Just like the images themselves have an alternate source or link, these conmen, or in some cases "useful idiots" carry the muddy water of truth to the thirsty masses.

Alex Jones will not cover the dead doctors, will not cover the Joo-joo-bees or even speak the word zionist.  What his show has become is what I call FOXX. The FOX like studio and visuals have come a long way. Now a salesman of nutritional sups and along with this character Dr. Group, he flourishes.  It is now in between these constant ads that we get the new reporters covering the most ridiculous time wasting on the Trump debate, spending time talking about trumps comments to Megyn Kelly and other hoaxes like Ferguson where they have spent an enormous amount of time.

He will not call any of these staged events as hoaxes but merely social engineering of what he perceives and random events by random psychotics. Well maybe they are random, I just expect him to investigate, get real guests and independents who have information on the show.  That is what John B. Wells would do. That's why they fired him from the Coast to Coast Bullshit Stream.  Stop blaming the Saudi's for 911 and stop covering the nonsense.

Well today, he blew it again. After returning from his trip to visit his Jesuit handlers in Rome he comes back and begins his return with the interview of astronaut Story Musgrave. I don't really care if Alex Jones wants to believe we landed on the moon and that Apollo 11 was not a hoax, but to entertain these guys from the NASA psyops team is like him having a NATO general come on and tell us all that Bin Laden died in Pakistan in Zero Dark Thirty.  I mean really Jones, how do you manage to psyche yourself up for a Project Bluebeam operator like Story Musgrave? 


I wonder who the real program director is for Infowars and why the GCN  network is Genesis?  There's no documentation left on the Genesis Project and limited info on Serge Monast and Bluebeam, but there are more limited hangouts on Disclosure than one can shake a stick at. I posted several posts using the Concilating the World to Order. The scientific realism approach to hoodwink the masses into bedazzlement of the greatest hoaxes of our time. CONciliation by CONsilience using social CONscience. 

Story Musgrave is another of the better and talented cover men for NASA. You have to spend 21 minutes to watch and listen and observe. This is a real treat for TEDDY's and the NWO captured class but it is also a very good example with clues to the real NASA agenda. Post WWII paperclippers and  hangars at the Johnson Center.  He's a very talented Ripley and Alex Jones claims he reached out to him but I propose he was scheduled by the real program directors.  Story Musgrave is a classic Bluebeam Projectionist.

Two videos (Todays Infowars interview and the TEDx scrambled presentation)

Alex loves celebrity and will not go after Hollywood or Holyrood Zionists. I'd love to know what he did for two weeks in the EU. It's about money and planning I bet. Maybe Rupert Murdoch and the Vatican.  Story as a neurosurgeon provided the same mechanics for human brain modification as he did in Mechanical engineering for fixing Hubble. Project Management in Bluebeam.  I can now observe timing and clues to Alex Jones, Vatican Assassins, Jesuit General Francis and Story Musgrave's appearance.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfELc0XuW_w]
iNfOWars - "Make the vision so good people got to buy into it"
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23-wjt57cv8]

The Hegelian Dialectic of NWO will continue to bring the outlook so bleak when bluebeam arrives, everyone will board the shuttle. To where? I don't know but the countdown has started.


  1. China surprised the world on Tuesday by devaluing its currency, in a move likely to boost Chinese exports and support the country's flagging economic growth. The change to the currency's value was the most dramatic one-day change in two decades.


    Whose on board with this? How obvious the dollar printer and manipulators are to get thier way in TPP concessions and to further boost it's own exports while the criminal US Government and admin, kill what's left of US exports and manufacturing while creating huge issues for EU, Japan and SA currencies.

    This is the fist shot of the open currency wars and evaporated liquidity and Bond bubble on the horizon? Nothing comes from this but further austerity higher taxes (energy) and interest rate increases won't fix it. Look at the factory durable goods data in July for 9 of 10 months has fallen. Interest rates? Please.

    This is the NWO on top of the problem reaction solution for a crisis and a fast track global governence of currencies and trade under WTO.

  2. Excellent commentary as usual Patrick...I gave up on Jones a couple of years ago. You know how I was enamored with the info he put forth. When I finally understood that he was a Zionist protectionist, I was gone. I tune in once in a while just to see what he's up to. After him announcing, after Sandy Hook, that he knew children really died there, I truly saw what he was. I have truther friends who say they will vote for Trump. Holy God.. really? He's just another wooden puppet on their stage dancing to keep the peeps focused on just another bogus election that is nothing but a selection. Stop the world I want to get off.

  3. It's great to hear from you Deb. Been thinking about all the OPED folks lately. Waldo confirmed we lost Curt. TonyForest passed away in 2012.
    Sorry to see Rady gave up on COTO2.

    Your message needs to go out far and wide. Too many must think I am on the fringe of reality (insane) but you need a forum to reach those who will listen.

    Anybody remotely intuitive can see the buffet of candidates they have thrown out to see which will stick to the wailing wall. Its simply the illusion of choice. Much like Story Musgrave, only [select] members got into space. This is the bilderberg version of "Star Search"

    I know Trump. I know he eats fried chicken in bed. "the art of the deal" is what he will pull in office. There is not a outsider in this field but TPTB have covered every hole leading to hell with a con. I can't wait to see how Hillary (houdini) escapes the prison. Maybe El Chapo can provide some tips. If she doesn't it is good to know Trump is there to replace her or Jeb.

    I have to listen in as well to rebroadcasts of Jones just to know what the truth is. That's simply what he does not cover. I like David Knight and John Bowne as they do cover the TPP and vaccination/autism. You can see that Jones has dumped or lost guests that were real and has replaced with Joojoobees from the central office. It is like panning for gold now to find less known people really exposing the cabal.

    Many of the good blobs and outlets have disappeared. I wonder what happened to them? Be well and nice to have to pop in. Keep us posted on any links, sites or nuggets you find.

  4. boomerangcomesbackAugust 12, 2015 at 7:06 AM

    I was going to say, "Excellent piece!", 'cept JG beat me to it. Good to see you swinging by JG! U R Missed!

    Yes, the Truth in these times surely is Revolutionary. We live in a swirling whirling cauldron of "Deception" matter, stirred by the witches, warlocks, and demons of Lies & Disinformation.

    It is a time of polarization. Everybody gets to (is forced now because of the circumstances) decide whether they will be a Liar/Deceiver or Truth Teller maintaining integrity in all they do and say. 2 sides. That's it. This is as prophesied, so we are watching this scenario come to fruition. It has been an incremental process for some time, but the floodgates are opening for a Free-for-All for those who have chosen to be liars/Deceivers. This makes detection easier for those watching, listening, researching, and understanding the details, history, backstory, etc., while connecting the dots.

    It is rather an Art Form now to possess the skill set and ability for rapid discernment of bullshitters. Keep honing your survival skills, folks, or you will be swept away in the drift net of delusions following the Skull & Bones Captains of the Pirate Ships. Its a virtual regatta now, with their colors flying and flapping in the winds-of-change.

    Find solid ground where you can, and there make a stand. We're in for heavy weather.

  5. Hey Patrick & Boomer <3 Boomer.. very well said ! I agree. and..Yes, Patrick, sad about Curt/ Tony Forest :( I really liked him. I used to check his blog frequently a while back to see if he would post anything new. When he didn't, I figured he was too ill or passed.

    I miss you both too..and M and our Aussie girl and all the others that have come and gone.

    So, do you think this September is going to be when the real shit finally hits the fan? That's what I keep hearing..............hey.. did you see the projection of Goddess Kali this past weekend in NYC on the Empire State bldg? creepy to say the least


  6. I had not seen it. It is clear the signals are coming like the 2012 event. I don't know if you saw my BRICS and Drones may break my bones 2015 predictions but yes, I believe the new 811 phase for Agenda 21 has started. I discussed with you in 2012 that it would start with the financial Market then go to false flag USA. That will keep us busy so that they can take the entire GLADIO and mercenary forrces (ISIS) and depopulate the Central Asia.

    That will culminate into a global catastrophic event that will insure the TPP/TPA/WTO terror transition. By the election, which I still believe will not happen, we will get pseudo-anointing of a North American Union governorship to represent a UN based new government. All thing NWO will happen from here over the next 7 years. The Buy-Sell-Trade will come into fruition with all the draconian regulations. Essentially the bill of rights evaporates and the Jubilee frees all criminals in a historic amnesty.

    Any free speech or action against them will be a death sentence and the FEMA DHS detainment. NDAA will be enforced rigorously. [Shmita] Joo-joo-bees. Amnesty or the "Reset" will usher in this cosmic ET event and bluebeam (full spectrum surveillance) The trade agreements will capture everyone in a web of GMO, mandatory vaccines, mental health/mandated PhRMA and an end to choice or self determination.

    JUBILEE comes at a steep price. We will all be radiated by bluebeam. They have a 50-100 technology advantage and we have no concept of the wmd thay have. I think it's irreversible at this point.

    Curt is free. We are not. No doubt that what we are seeing is the preparation of the American Lone Wolf -ISIS terrorist merging. It's graduating this year as cum potissimum prioritate (top priority) We obviously need a bloddy event to get sheeple on board for this draconian takeover.

    I hope you stick around long enough to see if I am wrong :)

  7. iNfOWars – “Make the vision so good people got to buy into it”

    First you have to make it so bad, a Chimera utopia will be given in "HOPE"
    Anything we ever heard in Political theatre (Primary) will pale in comparison to the greatest delusion hoax coming. I have even feared I would not resist, but I work daily on counter-measures to hopelessness. This is serious prep time internally and externally and I warn people now I encounter everywhere. I suspect soon the padded wagon to pull up.

    MEDICAL CLUE: The GcMAF assault.


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  8. Really important to learn to ferment stuff! Recently, we've become aware, as you note, that fermented foods are critical for health and help clear the mind. To get decent yogurt, you need raw milk. TPTB will try to stop you. But sauerkraut, kimchee--no one can stop you. Of course, until they drive up with the van. But until then!
    Furthermore, fermenting is how we used to get by without refrigerators. A dead fridge is a rat-proof storage case. A dead car is a good dehydrator.
    I'm going to experiment with sweet potatoes this year for alcohol and vinegar. Climate's too rainy for apples.

  9. The late Mike Ruppert said he'd caught Alex Jones at the disinformation game several years before. For disinformation to work, you have to mix it in with a heavy dose of truth. He never trusted any sources associated too strongly with Jones either.

  10. I also quit listening to Alex a few years ago after he was on Piers Morgan's show. However, I am grateful that I learned a lot about vaccines and big pharma conspiracy on his program. For that, I am thankful!