Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GAIA, Artificial Intelligence, and the NWO Transformation by the numbers


7 years of posts and I still get the chills when I publish

2015 Predictions: BRICS and Drones may break my bones…but names will surely kill me

Halftime report - by the numbers

Expect a third known aircraft crash before Winter ends. Another AIRBUS - 811

Expect another round of contagion here in US coming through Mexico. Not eBola. Expect Tuberculosis.

internet control from IANA and ICANN to make their way through this without loss of control by the committee

I expect several audio events for South America, The Balkans region and Pacific Rim. The sounds will range from hiss and crackling to low cycle sine waves or possible chirps in a triangle wave in the 15-20hz range under 1 decibel

I do believe the this year we will see the first of several infrastructure attacks that may be of a EMR or stuxnet hack. I predict one for California (hack/virus) and one for Pennsylvania/New York (Power Blackout [pending])

I predict tragic events for Belarus[pending], North Central  India (Bhopal) and Mexico City[pending].

[I predict] Tsunami warning for Alaska, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State after 8.0+ event Semidi Island Aleutian subduction zone. [pending possible 8.0+ event]

I expect a bad Tornado season again and severe weather for Texas and Oklahoma due to the Vortex shift in Mid Atlantic Arctic dips.(worst on record)  Climate change will be back on the Carbon Exchange of Media propaganda

Pacific vortex and cooler temps will keep storms constant over the US and there will be more rain for Northeast with flooding. The Winter and Spring will be very wet with record levels in the Southeast. [pending hurricane season totals]

_________________________ score?

What seems to be a fairly accurate record so far has some bonafied science and vortex math science behind it. What I can glean for the MSM and googleplex, along with 40 years of watching the psyops and propaganda mills spew out and what results,  is invaluable. In the artifacts of the global enslavers are an enormous amount of tools, tricks, combinations and coordinations, but what limits they have are clearly relegated to limited numbers 0-9. Sequence combinations may be many but simple computers can decode and crunch those sequences.

Until Jade Helm.

[caption id="attachment_8878" align="alignnone" width="500"]cotogrid.jpg Hey that's me![/caption]

When I started posting at WP, I began with the enormous task of hunting, reading and researching WORDS but struggled mightily as Mastering the Word Domain was far more difficult for me than the Arithmetic of communication and brain science.  I always knew their complex language and linguistics to overcome but was not fully educated in that realm. I thank GOD everyday he gave me a good alternative. Color, Pattern and  Mathematical perception. This is the place where I am Master of my Domain.


Let's talk about the Global Grid. Back when we had many more contributors, I posted some articles on the doomsday chip, the global grid, enterprise system, the coming cloud server environment and the brain science of the "big blue omnibus"  I focused on all the aspects of the true meaning behind JADE HELM MASTERS OF THE HUMAN DOMAIN.

I used concepts that did not require writing skills to offer this information. (because I suck at writing and I know it.) I used graphics, headers and numbers. I tried using cute inventions like NWO geographic (conciliating the world to order) and EVAN, the electromagnetic visual audio network  consciousness to convey vortex concepts in language that did not require too much skill.  I think it offered entertainment over education.


We are at the Apex now and there's nothing entertaining about what is coming over the next twenty months but 2017 will be the worst year in transformation. In 2011, I offered Orwells 2015 and it was one of the worst written posts I ever did. I was so sick with EMR and pollution, I was nearly incoherent. Not in the vortex which where I was that day I reached out to communicate. It was JADE HELM in beta test mode. It was the largest EMR and solar flare days in a long time. Well we just had another Monday and Tuesday and was feeling the same way, except worse. I believe they test the space based weapons on these days and other EMR and communication sub-routines during these times for R&D. (the secret ISS space station) I call the secret space station EARTHRAKER in honor of Tavistock and British Intelligence and the NASA boys are deeply entrenched in the Bluebeam Dream Team for Transformation. The Full Spectrum Dominance and Surveillance is in space and weather mod, WMD, Surveillance down to microbe is well in hand of the ISIS team.


JADE HELM DECODED is merely another LIMITED HANGOUT in reconquista. The larger picture is that of the Colossus system in place and the events to transpire that will coincide with the transition to a total buy/sell, precrime, tracking and prediction enterprise system. The cloud represents the buffer between tera servers and the space based master system. Backups done by optical lasers of course. They have a fifty year technology curve advantage and EAGLE EYE is just another limited hangout. It's far worse than that, I promise.

(two pdf's)

JADE SYSTEM and PARKA and the Military Industrial complex provide a limited hangout of operations in predictive pre-action but miss the creation of the pre-cursors that they will employ. Self reactive self adaptive full spectrum prediction-action-resolution is ruled by data collection and precursors of what is already deemed as the master domain of command. This is based upon not only the genetics of super-beings (natural selection) but mixed with complex algorithms based upon mindsets of what would be termed as terrorists or viral to the collective system. As I have pointed out in multiple articles, the assets and liabilities of the markets are key to the harmonious system integration into a total solution unaffected by other human biases. Therefore the system is AI and autonomous to human review. Once operational and fully beta tested the system will make all the decisions.

This is much like the TPP and Congress, an example of human inability to understand the Trade Markets, components and operations, let alone the  MIT and MITRE project and science itself. Without human fear, empathy or error, the system will allow for only cold scientific analysis, conclusion and resolution.


FROM ORWELL to HUXLEY the order of hierarchy is a technocracy. Earth first followed by the Nerds, elites and environment. Then come the human domain and assets. In the pecking order you fall somewhere under the Florida Panther and Emiliania huxleyi.

Know your station COTO. For it is there you will have your realm in the GAIA of world order classification. I know that I have decoded many concepts and terms used by the propagandists. Black Lives Matter is code for the fact that black lives are useless in the system under most conditions. White, Yellow and Brown don't matter in the scheme. What they are saying is Black Lives threaten the system. Is it natural selection? Is it Huxley and Sanger determinations? Of course it is. So read the lines again

Black Lives Matter if they continue to be present in the new system NWO. They must be exterminated. (ie: AFRICOM) A Clinton Project

White Yellow and Brown don't matter. They are identified, Analyzed and Categorized by other models and markers.

This is the sick, evil and "in your face" they just love to hoax us with. Once you can decode the numbers, see the process, predict the deflections, distractions and psyops you can piece the jigsaw into the mosaic at large for the murals to adorn other airports and eugenics transportation facilities. It's not a race war in the normal terms, I do not suspect we go to war on the streets black versus white, but instead a condition by where survival will create the natural selection of all colors by intelligence, wits, endurance, genetics and mindset.

JADE HELM 15 exercise is a program for deflecting the masses to a focal point that is so far off the mark that it just connects by HAITI and AFRICOM which are test grounds for survival and the fittest in fear campaigns and hardships that will go global in September and run for the next eight year cycle.  JH-15 is the GiG of Military, Social, SMART, Financial and Human Domains. It has no face and never will, or ever seen, or ever hacked or ever to die as it regenerates, evolves and lives and breathes like the connected elites and technocrats who will be wired in directly by thought only. Convenient isn't it? They have no more whistleblowers or Bilderberg leaks to deal with. Thanks to Wikileaks and Snowden psyops, the release of all INGSOC related information will be 100% controlled. Internet, MSM, wireless communications and any thoughts at all put on mediums will be firewalled by the GiG. Master of the Human Domain is Agenda 21, where all aspects of your domain are networked to their domain which is at the Helm 8-11. All vortex sequences are theirs and you will only function in one they already have mapped.

Now you can rest assure that the sheep will be safe and protected. No more father or mother. The war on women is the war. Fathers are useless. Mother only to nuture. Education is pre-programmed and re-educated is provided pre-emptive to failure or action. Death is decided this way as well. Simply pre-emptive to the terrorists action. How thought itself may one day be possible, they will rely for now on the complex data run under AI science over the last 60 years.

When Queen E II, recently visited the Nazi Death Camp, she was just performing a trigger event to collect the data and feed the system. All the hoaxes we talk about are hoaxes. How do you know that?  It's data. It's food for the Beast. It's reactivity in social engineering and GiG programming. Yes there are human domain engineering aspects involved because the system is determining who will survive, who is worthy of survival and how to re-educate those who are genetically desired but may have random factors that pose risk to the system. This is where we can expect to see the events for the second half of 2015 to the summer of 2017. I predict the system to go live between 2017 and 2020.

GAIA and the Global Grid have one flaw for certain. It cannot read your mind. Instead it will rely on destroying your mind, based upon your score and then replacing it with a new computational model suiting the elites and providing them a working asset for the NWO. Other than that the fate is Work Farm/Prison or Carbon Sequestration. Such is the Brave New World.



  1. boomerangcomesbackJune 24, 2015 at 10:39 AM

    Reads like a novel -- Excellent for your analysis. Too bad this stuff is not virtual, but real in intent. We've been witness to it operationally becoming their modus operandi and signature. Signs...signatures..."Theirs" are everywhere, and they are dirty, dirty, dirty.

    I think you are pretty much on track, though it sounds so Sci Fi, unfortunately, it is all becoming quite believable. Evil never sleeps.

  2. It's hotter than a bad girls dream here Boomer but I had chills all day. I am so off the grid I am detoxing. Going to fast for a few days and try to get cleansed, I have such a feeling of dread for people somewhere when it hits but its going to come regardless. The Global Information Grid will get it's real-time beta test.

    The enterprise is real. The Jade program underreported. The HELM is completely unexplained. It is the TPP of DARPA MITRE science. The Helm is the mystery. Everything else is an iPAD on steroids. The HELM may be the genetic code of the MASTERS and living tissue for all we know. Regardless the A.I. is there, man or machine makes no difference.
    It's like hanging you with nylon cord or hemp rope. Does it matter?

  3. Probes started into potential U.S. spending on 'ghost schools' in Afghanistan -Public Intergrity

    I get a kick out of the truth. "Ghost Schools" as a term for what we know about Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. I think most of the MK-Ultra Terror figureheads graduated from "ghost schools"

    Where do they think the money went? Into personal accounts? Ha! Into the deep cover vocational intitutes known as al-CIAda and I$I$. Tim OSSman aka Usama may have been a grduate, summa cum laude.

    We've seen a lot of ghosts lately. Obama keeps pulling the grads out of Gitmo and delivering them to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen. Then the grads hit the corporate fairs and find great jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's PAYROLL.

  4. Good Job!

    Protestors just blocked the construction of a revolutionary scientific instrument — again

    Read more:

    Here's an example of a project for Bluebeam and spectrum dominance. Along with the celestial ops this could be a data transmitter and receiver to space station moon bases etc. via laser IR data transfer. Funny how the 18 story ELT with adaptive optics could unnerve the citizens of Mauna Kea? Go figure.

    Are we all excited about the coming visitors yet? If not, try to psyche yourself up a bit more. You have to pay good money to get entertainment like this.

    You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church

    Holy Smokes Reverend!


  7. Showing at a Theater Near You