Wednesday, March 25, 2015

8 Minutes over Illuminatiland


Another Diverted Aircraft - Another staged debris field?

44.2979°N 6.4670°

Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crash: Pilot made no mayday call during 8 minutes of terror

Tragic Flight 4U 9525 took eight ­terrifying minutes to plunge 32,000ft into a ­mountain, but made no mayday call.

Germanwings plane was in perfect technical condition with experienced pilots,

The victims of the Germanwings crash came from 18 countries (9)

Germanwings was forced to cancel several flights after crews refused to fly for what the company said were “personal reasons.”

Recording Devices - American made

8 minutes of complete silence during the so-called 32000 ft plunge

cockpit voice recorder found in usable condition

The plane lost contact with French radar at a height of about 6,000 feet. Then it crashed.

No, I think it tuned and went to sea and the debris field was earlier prepared prior in this remote area between two Newtown type illuminati villages.

Yvonne Selke: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

2. Yvonne Selke Was Working on a $315 Million Project for the Pentagon

The Associated Press reports that Selke was a “longtime and highly regards employee” of Booz Allen Hamilton,the strategy and technology consulting firm. The AP says that she worked on the company’s contract with the National Geospaital-Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon. According to a March 2013 press release from Booz Hamilton, the firm had a $315 million contract with the Department of Defense. In a brief statement upon learning of her passing, Booz Hamilton said she worked with the company for 23 years.


Four of the five big national intelligence agencies are part of the Defense Department, Vickers said. These are the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office. (NRO)

The State Department said Wednesday a third American was killed in the crash, but State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki did not identify the third American.

Booz, Allen, Hamilton, NGA, 911 Commission Report, Ed Snowden, Government contracts, fraud, etc. etc. Conspiracy wins.



  1. Look at the debis field. Isn't it eerily similar to the Petagon debris field. Where's the aircraft? Who's on the ground? Jacobins and Occitans.

    Shanksville was a hole. This is a black hole.

    Really? They manage to treat these stagings ops for a sixth grade audience. Pathetic and soooo obvious

  2. Hey look, the circus is in town.


  3. Lots of tighty whiteys dropped from a C4.

  4. Germanwings Flight 4U9525 crashed in identical spot as 1953 air disaster in French Alps near Barcelonette

  5. Report: Pilot locked out of cockpit before Germanwings crash

    Mile High Club?

  6. French prosecutor says pilot deliberately crashed plane

  7. I$I$ - al CIAda Firewall

  8. I do believe we've run out of time. If you got em, smoke em.

  9. boomerangcomesbackMarch 28, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    Puddy, I believe you are on track here, by some degrees. I just read this, by Jim Stone -- . Stone's "take" is very plausible. Which leads one to ask -- Hebdo/France + Mossad/Netanyahoo + Germany/Merkel = ???

    Cui Bono?

    Controlled demolition (again) / False Flag, with implausible "stories" of -- in this case -- one demented "terrorist/Muslim" blamed as the "fall guy". Too many of these FF's are story-booked with a whacked out patsy blamed for the carnage. Especially, when the events/Operation (ops) are often incorporating complex circumstances where multiple "murderers"/or a "team" suits the crime. Like Batman theater/Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing/and especially 9/11 (LOOK how these Ops are adding up over just a few years now?!); "bad guys" on-the-scene, multiple shooters, etc. were noted, then let go, minimized, and flit off the radar screen of the public, as fake stories are planted, and repeated ad nauseum.

  10. boomerangcomesbackMarch 28, 2015 at 7:57 PM

    On the TPP, from a thread at Rumormillnews:

    "The question still remains, if the TPP is so great for America, why is it being held in such secrecy that even our lawmakers have only limited access to it? Yet they will still be expected to vote and pass it into law. My guess would be if the American people knew what Obama was up to, there would be such an outcry from the herd that their elected officials would have to back down. We can't have that as the 'King' would be displeased.

    As for that Trade Representative, Michael Froman, hmm, would that be another Zionist? He's a lawyer (big surprise) and Obama's principle adviser on the TPP agreement. He's also a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. But best of all, most of his career was within the United States Department of the Treasury, where he became the Chief of Staff to – OMG – Robert Rubin. Rubin's financial advice on a debt based economy is part of the reason we are in such a wonderful financial shape today.

    After Fromans stint at the Clinton White House as Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs, like a good little puppy, he followed his mentor, Rubins, to (drum roll) Citigroup where he became the President and CEO of Citi Insurance and headed Emerging Markets Strategy at Citigroup, “managing infrastructure and sustainable development investments.” (UN Agenda 21).

    According to my research, he received at least $7.4 million from 2008-2009. Pretty lucrative job. But wasn't Citigroup part of the 'Too Big To Fail' corporations/banks that we bailed out in 08 to the tune of 700 billion dollars? Yet he was worth that kind of salary? Now he's advising Obama on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement? I feel so relieved that someone with his pedigree and background is in charge of how my life will be impacted by TPP.

    He was quoted as saying, “We can always do better on transparency (Ya think?) “But there is no area of policy were there is closer collaboration between the executives and Congress than trade policy.” I bet he even said that with a straight face. Since Congressmen are only allowed limited access to this 'New World Order' agreement, I have to question his veracity. Maybe he's drinking the water in DC too.

    Heads-up people. Demand that your representatives learn and share more about this trade agreement and if it's what I suspect it is, vote it down. Remind them that they will be the ones that take most of the backlash if this is implemented and impacts badly on Americans, which it will. The corporate executives only stand to gain from TPP. Of course they want it. And with the level of insulation from the people, they have no incentive to reject TPP".

  11. boomerangcomesbackMarch 28, 2015 at 8:27 PM

    Check out the videos showing "Feet!" of hail recently in 2 different areas in S. America --

  12. boomerangcomesbackMarch 29, 2015 at 6:24 AM

  13. The French have been collaborators forever. Merkel can take a bow as well. I guess she has come around and the Greeks can have their cake and eat it.

    The GWings event is full of holes. In the door, the story, the DSM-V and Big Pharma collaborating on a second amendment and other freedoms and as we have laid out here the goal of the psychological guidelines for anyone who thinks chemtrails are real.

    I believe there was no crash. It was staged and they selected this pilot because he did have depression like millions of other functioning people. That;s why Luftansa GW hired him anyway because they were in on it. (the top tier) Money will flow to cover the liability and the accounting will be handled through the laundry (drug cartels)

    I had thought MK-Ultra as the pilot took a long leave of absence in getting his certification, and that says he may have been a TI, but I do not think now there was a crash of that aircraft. I think it got through the US MATO 'cloaking" technology and flew under 5000 feet and sent countermeasures out to confuse any tracking. Where it went to land is unknown but I know Antartica and Greenland are where 911 planes and MH370 went.

    Picking this pilot was obvious. Do we recall any stooge in the last twenty years that wasn't medicated and having a psych history? From Columbine to date, I cannot think of one. Gee... do we wonder why Obamacare wants all your medical data? Hmmm.... I just can't understand.

    Social engineering has become an art of training sheeple. The sad part is that they operate today on an eighth grade level and it works for 90% of the flock.

    I knew another AIRBUS was going to to go down and Charlie Hebdo told me the french would be in the middle again. Spain to Germany, the EU is in deep, deep shit. Now I know the financial event is this year. War in September to stabilize the transisiton.


    Please note Boomer that you don't keep up with TV Holyroodland, but right now Jesus is the main topic.

    NBC = A.D. (story of Jesus)
    CNN. = "Finding Jesus"
    NGEO = "Bill Reilly's "Killing Jesus" Debut
    HISTORY CHANNEL = Ancient Aliens and Jesus and the MUFON Files (UFO Disclosure)
    and TBN has been running Jesus of Nazareth for weeks


  14. Yes it's the death knell for out freedom. Alex Jones touting Ted Cruz is a f-king joke. He's part of the Tpp-Party as is Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and any other so called Libertarian.

    Ted Cruz is a Canadian. Why the hell is he running? Well we've had a Botwanan as President for six years, what's wrong with a Canadian. Ted Cruz is so slippery he could slide under the cabin door of a Germanwings A320

    His wife, a Goldman Girl and his signing up for Obamacare ought to clue most people but I predict it will not and idiots will think he's a better option than the Bush Clinton crime syndicate, but he's not and the PTB Committee and Bilderberg know they have to have a third wheel option.
    Ted Cruz...Ted Bundy... Ted Kennedy...all psychopaths and criminals.

  15. See, I smell the triple cross here. Divide and conquer. They want those who are not mesmerized w/official story to see conspiracy like 911. They know that as long as you believe that the plane was crashed, either by Hook or Crook, it's fine.

    I see the 3-9-6 6-9-3 sequence here at play. I just will give everyone a clue.

    Go to the internet, your netflix or DVD/VHS library and pull out close encounters of the third kind and watch the last half hour. Or just assume the resurrection of the dead coming sometime in the near future.

    By Hook or Crook, the NWO and Agenda 21 will have you raptured!!!

  16. Yeah poor Brazil, like Californians they can expect no relief from the committee. We are suffering from vitamin D defficiency here in the Blue Ridge.