Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jim Stone Posts Incriminating Audio of 9/11 Flt. #93 Phone Call PsyOp

Jim Stone reveals audio subterfuge regarding 911.

From http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/ .  Stone says he is former NSA.  Readers should go to his site, and scroll down to read the various subjects he covers.  The subject below is found by scrolling down a little bit to the date.  There are other interesting tidbits on his blog.

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"19 feb 2015

I Learned Something New About 9/11 Today -- and then proceeded to crack it wide open. No matter who you are up against in a 911 argument, if you play my processed audio of CeeCee Lyle's phone call from flight 93 you will deliver the red pill, which even if they deny it at the time will rot them and wreck their evil Arab fantasy world.

Here is what happened, and I never knew this - Flight 93 attendant CeeCee Lyles left a final phone call to her husband on the answering machine, made from an air phone that did not exist on flight 93. Never mind that bit of magic, (don't bother telling your brainwashed fool) there was no way the call could have happened, instead, when CeeCee finished talking, her coach whispered "that was great!" and this is what will bust the matrix.

When first listening to the source audio, I could not hear the subtleties of what was going on, and only half believed it. A recording of that nature will not convince a brainwashed 911 squid of anything. So I knew if anything was there, it had to be brought out of the shadows clearly. Fortunately, I am former NSA and applied a few skills to extract everything from the audio.

The end result is what an audio forensic analyst would have produced. That was not my job at the NSA (too small a field) but I certainly knew that job. At any rate, I have here a rendering of that phone call which has been processed to make the quietest sound in that recording as loud as the loudest sound, without making the loud sounds any louder than they were originally. I ripped the truth out of the audio shadows and now, even on the worst laptop speakers, ANYONE will clearly be able to hear several things going on.

1. This call originated on the ground in a large room with other people talking. It sounds like a call center. In the super enhanced audio, you can hear this, because when CeeCee is not speaking, the background noise is boosted up to the level of her voice.

2. At the end of her message, in my processed audio you can clearly hear that it is someone else and not CeeCee saying "that was great", and "that was great" is audible as loud and clear as CeeCee's voice in the call. There is no mistake to what it is.

3, after her coach said "that was great", you can hear a third person say in a matter of fact voice "allright", as in, "Let's proceed with the next step in this hoax".

I have three audio versions here. #1 is the super processed audio that I talked about above, which brings all events, even the noise, equal to each other. This is the clip that will make everything brain dead obvious even on a laptop that has horrible speakers.

CeeCee was GREAT.mp3

After hearing the heavily rendered audio, which makes it all obvious, you can hear what is going on in the following render, which is not so heavily processed. This one does not have the noise floor coming up to the volume of CeeCee's voice between her words:

CeeCee was great again!

The next clip is the original clip the first two clips were extracted from. Now that you have clearly heard what is going on, it is ALL PERFECTLY OBVIOUS in the original clip. Now that you know what is there, you can listen to the background, and hear everything that was brought forward in the processed clips:

CeeCee was GREAT whispered

If I had known about this clip earlier, I would have processed it then. Obviously, because this clip can hang the official story, it is conveniently missing on the government web site. THERE IS NOW NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO STAY STUPID ABOUT 911, download these clips, ARCHIVE AND POST!"


  1. Fascinating. I can hear it myself, but I gotta admit I'm still pretty doubtful that a skeptic is going to listen to that and believe that what you're hearing is "that was great". I listened to all three versions, and they all sounded pretty garbled.... That being said, I admit I haven't listened to the recording in YEARS, probably since before I learned the Truth about 9/11, and I instantly was siting here listening to it and thinking, "Wait, did she just say they heard that a plane had hit the World Trade Center....?" How implausible that they would have been able to get such news, in flight, after being hijacked....(!)

    So you think "CeeCee" is sitting on some private beach somewhere, enjoying the payoffs of a job well done? (or do you think she's simply been given new assignments since then?)

  2. Thank you for commenting here at COTO. It has been "accepted" by many that cell phone technology at the time of 9/11 was unable to provide "service" in flight. With this understanding, how could ANY calls have been made? They could not. So ALL are bogus, a psyop, and evidence of TPTB manipulating the public's minds to distort the facts for gain.

    I've no idea where CeeCee has gotten off to, except it appears to be Scott Free, after being complicit.

  3. I'm going to play around wtih this Boom. Thanks for finding it. Just got power back after the usual Duke-Progress Energy shut downs. I swear they are running drills here for the biggy event.

    Of all the prepping I do, the electrical grid is a priority.

  4. (Is the person who was coaching her on the phone call dead too...?) ;-)

  5. Please do play around with it Puddy. Freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. This Snoball Warming is sure taking its time, aye?

    Go see http://jimstonefreelance.com/, and scroll down just a little to his piece where he is talking about Benjamin Fulford's recent claim -- "Did the Pentagon really put the CIA on lockdown to prevent the CIA from carrying out a nuclear terror attack?

    I originally covered the "CIA lockdown" a couple weeks ago, and attributed the "appearance of a lockdown" to what the police set up when some Iranian students protested outside CIA world headquarters in Langley Virginia. However, Fulford has not backed off on his angle of this story which I would expect to be huge news (but with our illustrious zio press being so accurate I would not bet on it).

    I am only posting this because Fulford has not backed off, and he is not rock stupid. There is a chance he has the right contacts to actually get the goods on this situation and be perfectly correct. He has done that before and nailed things no one else has been able to in the past. SO, without endorsement of any type, I am going to post Fulford's latest here and let you discern for yourself.

    If this is accurate, it really needs to be known".

    You might want to examine this and post your thoughts, or not...

    Then, there's this item which just crossed the radar -- http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/two-pieces-us-mass-media-propaganda-russia-tamir-rice-revealing-correlation.html . Easy for this to fall through the cracks as so much of this type of thing has been, and is going on across the former Republic.

  6. At :42 seconds of this recording "you did great" is much clearer.

    ..and yes all of these people are dead, you don't take the chance of anything being discovered by leaving anyone alive. That's their modus operandi, kill everyone.

  7. Never waste an opportunity. CP. conv wisdom says they are dead or in experimental lab. I think 911 flights went to greenland and Malaysia 370 and french flight went to Antartica bases.

    Dead? Hopefully. Alive? I shudder.....

  8. New plane tracking to be tested after Malaysia jet mystery


  9. Speaking of 911, how familiar is this disclosure? They are in a real rut.

    Jihadi John’ known to MI5 since 2008, but they let him escape – report

  10. It's so obviously faked that you'd have to be an idiot to believe she placed that call (which was impossible back then) i mean... just listen to her voice.. does she sound like a woman, a mother, a wife, whose plane has been hijacked by terrorists and will never see her family again? She's as cool as a cucumber ! Absurd on it's face value let alone hearing someone tell her "that's great" ! pffffffffffftttt.... I really want to herd the dumb sheeple off a cliff :D

  11. Hahaha, me too! The sheeple are getting to me just as much as the evil overlords! If the sheeple would wake up already, it would be impossible to keep up with the agendas. I should be more understanding, but it's too hard sometimes!