Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Operation "Greenlight"

[caption id="attachment_26895" align="alignleft" width="500"]Cyberbowl CYBERBOWL 2015[/caption]


NDAA National Defense Authorization Act - HR6534

Section 933 - Green for GO

Congress has given the Defense Department explicit authority to launch offensive operations in cyberspace.

The provision included in the National Defense Authorization Act passed by lawmakers in 2011 affirms that DoD has offensive cyber capabilities and that the department "may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace" when directed to do so by the president.
20 (a) STRATEGY REQUIRED.—The Secretary of De-
21 fense, in consultation with the Secretaries of the military
22 departments, shall develop a strategy to provide for the
23 rapid acquisition of tools, applications, and other capabili-
24 ties for cyber warfare for the United States...

14 (3) The allocation of facilities and other re-
15 sources to thoroughly test such capabilities in devel-
16 opment, before deployment, and before use in order
17 to validate performance and take into account collat-
18 eral damage and other so-called second-order effects.

22 (A) the circumvention of operational re-
23 quirements and acquisition processes through
24 informal relationships among the United States
25 Cyber Command, the Armed Forces, the Na-
1 tional Security Agency, and the Defense Infor-
2 mation Systems Agency; and
3 (B) the abuse of quick-reaction processes
4 otherwise available for the rapid fielding of ca-
5 pabilities....

16 (3) The establishment and maintenance of test
17 and evaluation facilities and resources for cyber in-
18 frastructure to support research and development,
19 operational test and evaluation, operational planning
20 and effects testing, and training by replicating or
21 emulating networks and infrastructure maintained
22 and operated by the military and political organiza-
23 tions of potential United States adversaries, by do-
24 mestic and foreign telecommunications service pro-
25 viders, and by the Department of Defense...

1 (4) An organization or organizations within the
2 Department of Defense to be responsible for the op-
3 eration and maintenance of cyber infrastructure for
4 research, development, test, and evaluation purposes.

[caption id="attachment_26894" align="aligncenter" width="400"]greenlight I$I$ & Operation Greenlight[/caption]


ISIS Is an American Invention - NYTimes

When the 811 started the TPP, the issues and events began in 2005. July 3 to July 12, 2014 the Ottawa meeting began the cycle of the events we have seen. The reason Ferguson was staged was for the FED heads of regional bankers. The suicides began which were all assassinations. I think none of the 40 were real suicides. The state of Missouri is the only state to have two (11) banks. (Kansas City and St. Louis)

Two Years Before Ferguson: Tanks and Heavily Armored Personnel Carriers Roll Through NORTH St. Louis


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIqCtzAuQq0]

Until such time as the petro-dollar is to be eliminated as the  world currency, the BRICS swift boating and rapid pay will continue to be the tool for much of what we see this year. It will create another opportunity in a false flag like Sony only this time a real financial institution and cyber-attack. Fears of Defense type attacks may be staged depending on the BRICS agenda and support the Cold War agenda to clean up the remaining hold-out nations.

I focus on larger events for 2015. I have predicted the “Kansas City Nightmare” and the Malaysian missing flt 370 will come back in 2015.  Operation Greenlight happens before or on May Day 2015.

The war begins September.


Blood Alley: The eye thirty five corridor

2015 Predictions: BRICS and Drones may break my bones...but names will surely kill me.


  1. We can tune into the "State of the Mafia" address tonight. I expect Barry Soetoro to give the coded message for Greenlight and address the middle class which he intends to wipe out this year. GOP confederates will get their piece of the pie in the deal to fast track trade agreements, pipelines home and abroad and continued assaults by ISIS to force IRAN to the table.

    This being his 6th address it will be all about the people in words but full-on economic “resurgence,” for globalists and higher taxes for middle class. More money going out of country.

    His inflated numbers, rigged polls and creative accounting won't cover his attack of Obamacare, higher taxes for small business, wage decay and higher spending for free education. Smoke and Mirrors for more regulation, more information gathering and spying, internet CISPA controls.

    Based upon the phony SONY and CENTCOM events cybersecurity will be the infrastructure he will talk about. This will be the code word for GREENLIGHT.

  2. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 20, 2015 at 1:50 PM

    This info I provide links to has already received wide circulation on the alt-net: Examine the site WILL YA!!! Question? WHAT SERVICES DO THEY PROVIDE? Yeah -- they look like professional "contractors".



    If people would actually google or ixquick stuff they wanna know about, they would be that much smarter immediately...

    Nice catch on the hidden "Greenlight" notation within the Econo Cover illustration! The NDAA is as Unconstitutional as all the other quackery legislation pushed through on the back of False Flags. Still, Americans are buying guns, ammo, and stocking up because "why?" They don't trust the corporate "government" for some odd reason(s). Let's just say Americans' survival instincts, though barely intact due to the numerous assaults upon their bodies & minds, are still driving them to "prepare" for -- in this case -- The Obvious!

    Might not be that meaningful of a defense against the "machine", but the limited number of "machine operators" will not fare well against the attrition inflicted by the 10's of millions of pissed off, armed Americans, who realize they have nothing to lose. Pretty much the entire middle class on down have "lost it all" being just one inconvenient surprise away from destitution.

    So, they will hang their lives upon the liberties and rights "guaranteed" by God, their unalienable Rights, and fight tooth and nail against those who are coming to "finish the job" that Their paper tiger legislations have failed to do -- genocide The American People. The paper is supposed to provide the bogus paper corporate united states the means to strip "citizens" of everything coveted by the state. But, enough aren't buying that paper butt wipe surprise. So, Big Problems for the operators behind these heinous plans.

    Tonight's Obama caper will be just another teleprompter reading of the zio-writers schemes behind the scenes. We'll tear it up tomorrow. This mal-administration has zero solid ground to stand upon as they have built a hangman's structure of lies upon lies. Evidently, they cannot discern when a great many of the populace are on to them, or just plain ignore them as lying paper pushers.

  3. https://public.isishq.com/public/about/default.aspxsee the map. Like the
    Institute https://www.iiss.org/ and like http://www.isis.org.my/ , these players all fit the NWO model for psyops and props for the committee.

    The research is in and if all the working people who are off the UI dole were to reenroll the National Unemployment figures would be 10%. The "LIAR" will say 5.9 but its 10% and those who are working HS jobs who have degrees are another couple of points.

    So Obama wants to tax us to give com college free tuition? Associates who graduate can look forward to staring at deep fryers for a living.

    Guess where the missing plastic went? Yep, right into the McNuggets.