Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can You Guess What Topics, What Important "News" Stories Were the MOST CENSORED from Americans in 2014?

This is good stuff!  Kind of like a reverse "Believe It, or Not?!" book of stories.  The interesting thing is -- you-the-reader -- become privy to the "Good Stuff" that the bought-off Main Street Media (MSM) and the "Administrators" have been surreptitiously trying to hide from you -- JOE PUBLIC!

You can imagine or guess what "They" aren't telling you, or about to tell you, but I bet you will discover some Eye-Opening stories and facts that affect you, your family, your pocket book, the political landscape, and a whole lot more you didn't realize.

So -- Here's the piece!  There are quite a bit of embedded links for substantiation built into the article.

SEE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING... and REACT appropriately.
http://rinf.com/alt-news/featured/censored-news-story-2014-____what_____/  by Eric Zuesse

The Most-Censored News Story of 2014 Was ____(What?)_____.



  1. "This sequence of events has been major news, and it’s been thoroughly suppressed in the U.S"

    Rather manipulated than suppressed. It runs the concurrent with the NASA time The gregorian and Islamic calendars sine and cosine similar event going back to babylon.

    The one term that describes the theater of this global transformation is 'flying economy' - - from RF to Wifi to Fuku Gamma to Geo-chemtrail to Oil to Aerocraft to datacloud to space base ISS to the invisible spectrum of economy.

    Reserves and Treasuries are buried in 811. If you know whats below and then what is airborne, you see the realities of what is otherwise a total illusion in the thin slice of crust we are captive in.

    Right now, perception is wealth and the flying economy just a phase shift of fiat. An illusion to the true currency which is that of carbon units and our willingness to feed the beast. The keyword is 'dragon'. The derivatives are properties of the scalar functions and creative algebra cloud functions to keep the lattice of we carbon-ians, in the box, or in nano terms, the tube.

    We may as well be shackled to the grid, panoptically blinded to all this bullshit because the only truth left is what we (each) decide it is. Is this too hard to grasp?
    +1 or -1 is the choice. Simple ejection /injection can resolve it for our personal benefit.

    This method is how they are able (eg) to convince us that Islamic extremism is the force that endangers us when in fact the (re)-ejection is the escape. Human consciousness is radical by nature and the base (MIC complex) is threatened by such free radicalism. Hence their "flying economics" must be intense and multifaceted. A Bluebeam Omnibus of scalar vectors from chemistry, RF, Wifi, Media visual and perception.

    I just make it a point everyday to see the PTB using the law of one and make the simple adjustment to stay as free as possible. There are eight ways of altering their physical control of the world (XYZ) vortex. These become apparent when you begin to see how they use them. Propaganda, Holyrood (celebrity), Social Media, Finance, Terror-Trauma, EMR, Chemo, Data Informatics. Energies all, designed to to force, create motion, transfer, transform, control and deplete.

    I'd say they have been very successful thus far.


  2. That is an awesome, encompassing comment you have made Puddy. I hope readers will reflect on the points you have made, and make their own personal decisions to "not play" into the schemes of the controllers.

  3. Grease Devil News

    Sri Lanka releases 572 prisoners to mark pope visit

    Pope Francis Canonizes First Sri Lankan Saint


    Pope on a rope? Grease it.

    Slippery characters and greasy games to ensue . It's not just the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP, but a world order at stake. Get your Blue Lithium Salve and lube up!

    711 Ur'Anus

  4. I just watch the markers and placements. Seems to me that the Asian Priority is the big dragon and we can watch the unfolding of major event for Chino-Russian economies which should be linked with Papal tuning fork over the continent.

    I expect fireworks from 2/4/15 - 2/18/15 and a sacrificial goat.

    I want to post my eight most likely targets for AmerCIA event pre-papal climax

  5. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 14, 2015 at 6:08 PM

    '"Slippery characters and greasy games" for sure. One of the most frightening scenarios imaginable has reared its ugly head to Americans -- Hillary Clinton in the White House?! Another Bush/Clinton clan monarchy coup is vaguely possible. The other scary possibilities are Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, or __________ NWO plant. Plus, it looks like more of the "same ole" Team from recent and past administrations will be re-upped, a very large number being Zionists.

    It will be interesting to watch the Billions spent on another fake election, offering Americans' zero choice between 2 individuals who are employed by the same people behind the curtain. Status Quo is on the menu.


  6. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 14, 2015 at 6:33 PM

    Then, consider what this piece suggests -- Trading Out Hillary for Diane Feinstein?! Can the "Show" get any more distasteful? Probably...


  7. More distasteful? You're right Boomer, I'm sure it will and I want to throw up now...........I want NO part of THAT.