Monday, January 26, 2015

Author Surmises Saudis are "Laundering" Trillion$ for D.C. Regime via Citigroup

"How could trillions of dollars be laundered from the Wash DC regime to Saudi Arabia? Why, through Citigroup, of course".

Welcome to a BOLD hypothesis by author, Ann Barnhardt.  She writes in an article at the following:

"Is the US laundering money to Saudi Arabia through Citigroup in order to “hedge” against, or compensate Saudi Arabia for the drop in oil prices?

Well, it sure as hell looks like it.

I recently tweeted the reportage on the massive derivatives position being accumulated by Citigroup               (the parent Holding Company) and Citibank (the bank held by Citigroup HoldCo) – $135 TRILLION.  Citi is adding roughly $10 TRILLION PER QUARTER, and the bank is now holding MORE derivatives than the parent HoldCo, which is unprecedented and shocking.  Even worse, the bank – the derivatives holdings of which are now “guaranteed” by the FDIC, which is to say the US TAXPAYERS, thanks to the Cromnibus bill – is where the exposure is being added – $9 TRILLION was added to the Citibank portfolio within the third quarter of 2014 alone – the latest available data.  Citi is the only big bank that is INCREASING its derivatives position, all the other big banks have modestly reduced their derivatives exposure in the same time period.  But Citi is piling it on as hard and fast as it can – NINE TRILLION $ IN ONE QUARTER!!

Do you know who the largest private shareholder of Citigroup is?

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud.  Mister Saudi Arabia.

So, I’m going to indulge in a little dot connecting here.  I don’t think this is terribly far-fetched.

I hypothesize that the Washington DC regime is providing Saudi Arabia with a “laundered short hedge” on oil prices through Citi.  Citi “borrows” money from the Federal Reserve at next to zero percent, plows it into swaps (a form of highly leveraged derivative wherein cashflows, not assets, are the underlying “commodity”) at this stunning clip because all swaps are held “off balance sheet”.

So, I’m going to indulge in a little dot connecting here. I don’t think this is terribly far-fetched.

I hypothesize that the Washington DC regime is providing Saudi Arabia with a “laundered short hedge” on oil prices through Citi. Citi “borrows” money from the Federal Reserve at next to zero percent, plows it into swaps (a form of highly leveraged derivative wherein cashflows, not assets, are the underlying “commodity”) at this stunning clip because all swaps are held “off balance sheet”. Remember that term from MF Global?

The position is such that it makes money when oil prices drop, thus “hedging” Saudi Arabia. If the poop hits the fan, thanks to the Cromnibus, 100% of Citibank’s derivatives portfolio is now under the umbrella of the FDIC, which we all know means the Federal Reserve printing dollars to bail out their friends. The FDIC is only sitting on a few billion in assets. It’s a joke.

So, the Washington DC regime has essentially posted YOU AND SEVERAL GENERATIONS OF YOUR PROGENY as the collateral guaranteeing a short hedge on oil prices that it is providing for Saudi Arabia through its ownership of Citigroup. In other words, MONEY LAUNDERING, EXCEPT ON A MULTI-GENERATIONAL, CIVILIZATIONAL SCALE".  END

FELLOW AMERICANS -- THAT TRASH! Tying LOSSES to the American Taxpayers is where this illicit "trade" is classified as blatant FRAUD! There is not one thing clean about that bit of skullduggery, and the Obama Administration, Carlyle (Bushes), Citigroup, the Prince, and everyone else associated with this "Trade" should be put on notice that We-the-People will NOT stand for it!

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Bold & Italics are my enumerations -- Boomerangcomesback


Saudi Prince Paid for Obama's Harvard Law Education: HRH Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud See "Controversial donation after the 11 September attacks", under category -- Philanthropy

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud



    It was predicted to be a "crippling and potentially historic blizzard" by the National Weather Service .

    Meteorologists dug deep into their stores of weather-related hyperbole, warning residents of the US northeastern seaboard of a "snow hurricane" as the storm approached New England on Monday night.

    But late on Monday, five hours after a New York City travel ban shut down all major mass transportation throughout the city, social media users in the US had begun to wonder whether reports of #Snowmageddon2015 weren't slightly overblown.

    As of 4.45am ET (9.45am GMT) as much as 8.8 inches of snow had settled in some parts of Long Island.

    In Manhattan, Central Park had experienced 6.4 inches.

    Yet for many, the most unusual aspect of the storm by late on Monday night was the eery quiet that had descended on the "city that never sleeps".

    Thousands took to Twitter, using the hashtags #Blizzardof2015 and #Snowmageddon2015 to share their observations, with many noting that the storm did not seem any worse than the blizzards which hit the region every winter.

    "Feels like a normal snow storm outside except for the city is complete empty," wrote one Twitter user.

    "Now I know why they named this storm Juno. it's because everyone's asking, 'Hey, Ju-know where the snow is?'", wrote another.

    2:23 a.m. in Brooklyn — Feels like a normal snow storm outside except for the city is complete empty

    — Michael Rusch (@weeddude) January 27, 2015
    Now I know why they named this storm Juno. it's because everyone's asking, "Hey, Ju-know where the snow is?" #blizzardof2015@fox29philly

    — Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) January 27, 2015
    Snow lightened up again, let me take a selfie

    — Anthony Quintano (@AnthonyQuintano) January 27, 2015
    Others noted that the levels of snow and wind they'd experienced so far on Monday night would not faze residents of other, harsher climes.

    Back in Ohio, we wouldn't have even asked the toddlers to come inside for this. #blizzardof2015

    — Dave Hill (@mrdavehill) January 27, 2015
    Meanwhile in Finland...

    — Bipartisan Report (@Bipartisanism) January 27, 2015
    You know it's serious when CNN is reporting from the Blizzardmobile, also known as a car.

    — MoniKa Platek (@MonikaPlatek) January 27, 2015


    A classic big brother psy-op and globalist martial law exercise. The streets are empty like the vacuous heads of sheeple. Seems the ENMOD team could not make it happen. It was a boost for the grocers and hardware stores.

  2. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 27, 2015 at 1:37 PM

    I like your analysis here, Puddy. Thorough and informative as usual.

    DOW Off close to 300 today. No matter. What does matter is the main point that markets are "controlled". (Hell, everything is "controlled" is it not? For sheeple however, the view is just the rump of the next sheep in front of them or the few blades of grass below their nose. They just move in "programmed" mode to the next rump view spot for their next grass lick, ignorantly waiting to be sheared and become steaks when their owners decide).

    Another writer who is "On-Top-of-It" offers his trenchant insights as to "cause" -- "Ninety-Nine To One", By Jim Kirwan --

    The day before he offered some interesting stats on that 1% ownership of the world's assets with this article -- "The Chessboard Has Imploded" -- . Typically naming Zionists as the problem, he also understands those standing in the shadows, ala "The Green Men" as you Puddy have called them.

  3. boomerangcomesbackJanuary 27, 2015 at 1:40 PM

    The "Green Men" are right before us, proposing their hallucinogenic psycho "Green Solutions". They hope to sell preposterous NWO fantasies as "needed" solutions to the hypnotized masses while They live as Kings on earth:

  4. The Zionists as you say. They`ve been controlling the cloned sheeple since the Cradle of Civilization. "Never again allow anyone to take control of your money." But, Oh how hard it`s going to be to take control back. I think we`re going to have to create an entirely new system. Removed from and boycotting the current financial control system. I think we`re going to have to take a step or backwards backwards, to send a clear message in order that we can one day begin to move forward in another direction. One modeled on a Credit Based society, if we can`t do better than that. Some interesting info, there, COTO. Thanks.

  5. The Green Men are the enforcers. We grew up knowing them as Secret Service, then Treasury Agents, Revenuers here in the hillbilly country when they were hunting for liquor stills.

    Then they graduated to Blackwater, Xe and now Academi and others that are far more private PDA's. The French, German, Belgium, Italians and Poles have theirs too.

    France has been doing some heavy revenueing in AfricoM and trying to seize again what they controlled years ago. The EU Criminal States are all active in Africa fighting over 19th century territories and borders.

    These are the futures which help prop their markets (in their minds) I think again the controlled and manipulated sectors are helped by falsifying corporate data (ala ENRON) Creative accounting has the big 3 three firms (less Arthur Anderson) to creatively con Citizens with erroneous entries. They may be monetizing derivatives with futures in blood and treasure.

    You may call this "Time-Space Factoring". I am certain the big firms like KPMG, Deloitte or PriceWaterhouse have their remote-forward viewers, satanic soothsayers and digital alchemists waving their hands over the P&L's.

    It's magically delicious those lucky charms.

  6. Hi T2F

    If the Carbon Zebranomics does materialize most people will face death over accepting the extreme austerity and regulations. You do not have to be biblically educated to realize the system will not just be financially controlled. Many of us could live much simpler without too much problem, but the idea of the War on Terror which is Trade code for those who represent a danger to the temple and gods.

    If the Soros Red team, Al Gore and D. Blood group and UN based system becomes a reality, then the definition of terror will be simply a danger to the planet which is the temple to them. We have seen that WORDS will surely kill you.
    Climate deniers are being requested to be shot and jailed all over the internet. Same for Cops, gun rights advos, Christians, Vaccine deniers, etc. etc...

    It seems the psy-ops and MK program that internet MIT and CIA was designed to do is working. DESTROY THE FAMILY DESTROY THE COMMUNITY and have us divided by Ethernet. History tells us what happened when resistance tried to gather and meet in community.

    There are many tools such as barter, micro regional economy, bretton wood modification or backtrack and farming economics that can throw mayhem in the temple (like Christ did in Jerusalem) It took some violence for sure but until people realize that they were always the terrorist to the temple and that all the extremists they use are fabrication, there can be no transition in our favor.

    The credit based model is a death sentence, IMO. unless the reset is returned to the pre- debt fiat to commodity money. Redistribute the precious metals and allow the derivative holders and benefactees to fail. Without it the debt based monetary system will crush our future generations and that's what they have in mind. The TRADE agreements, Patent theft and sanction controls are just mafia type instruments to insure the temple remains intact and that the Olympians have autonomy.

    One way to accept the debt and move forward would be to turn the green economy completely over to the entrepreneurs and people and remove tax burdens and grant investment credits for start ups. If the Climate Change is truly important to them then they could prove it by not making the obvious "pyramid and ponzi" scheme so apparent.

    Instead it shows that they want energy abundance and revenue out of the hands of those not accepting of the NWO UN front. The Hegelian Dialectic of Climate Catastrophe has been busted over and over yet they continue to press this issue by terrorizing the Malaysians, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, and even our own frakkers. They again rejected Alaska deposits in any form and if the GOP wins in 2016, expect the SHTF big time. So again, they could offer Americans great jobs and small business an opportunity to go "Green" with incentive. But once again we know that "Green" is only money, the little green men are Bankers and monopolists and they don't give a shit about climate change beyond it's usefulness in reducing any competition on controlling ALL ENERGY (including yours and mine)

    Thanks for comments!

  7. Yes, thanks for commenting on COTO Transform2Freedom!

    Climate Change is obviously propaganda. "$90 TRILLION!" Mr. Gore proposes to radically restructure cities. He doesn't think "small" does he? What do you suppose his % cut is out of that and other peripheral deals he would of course be making?

    The man is a Snake-Oil Salesman on steroids, completely out-of-touch with the common man. This is a mental condition affecting probably every one of the "elites". Aside from narcissistic psychopathy, probable occult and satanic alliances, and other negative anti-human 1% deficiencies, this guy is a staunch NWO world-improver. It never crosses his mind that while he is improving his standard of living "beyond Kingly excesses", he is intending to to decrease the rest of the world population's meager standards. Like a drug addict, he is on a "high", a "high-and-mighty" high no less, to "help" the world, save the environment, blah, blah, blah.

    WE can tell this individual's mental state is incurable. He'll never know how skewed he is, because his ego is too big.

    The money system...gotta start over. Corruption and usury have done their evil work.