Friday, December 26, 2014

Humanitarian ALERT! Vitally Important Expose' by Karen Hudes describing "Coalition of the Rule of Law"

BRICS countries have joined the "Coalition of the Rule of Law". TPTW (were) are still running interference for the transition from bankrupt Federal Reserve notes to REAL Gold Backed currencies. Here in this stunningly informative presentation, World Bank "Whistle Blower" Karen Hudes describes background of current "behind-the-curtain" events, Names of Known Position Players running interference, and the legitimate PLAN FOR FREEING HUMANITY from Bankster control.

WE are currently at a critical juncture where the Bad Guys want to bankrupt the Fed Reserve notes collapsing the World Economies. However, Karen Hudes describes here the REMEDY already in place and waiting to be Legally and Legitimately Approved.

What's the Hold Up?! Cover-up by the sold-out MSM, and AWARENESS of THE PEOPLE! Most people cannot bring themselves to believe the extent of the FRAUD & CORRUPTION in High Places (See previous post here at COTO on why people are afraid of THE TRUTH). The lack of informed citizens on a world-wide scale is the reason why humanity is in-the-dark, poor & pillaged, when a remedy is ready to go.

So -- Getting up-to-speed is critical for Everyone.

“Exposing the Puppet Masters”

Published on Dec 23, 2014 By Karen Hudes

"Transition from paper currencies to national currencies out of gold from the world's gold that went into hiding at the end of World War II. After the 10/7/13 attempt to nuke Charleston, the US military stopped taking orders from the network of global corporate control".

Yes, Karen Hudes informs Us that a nuclear weapon was detonated off the coast of Charleston by some Heroes in the Military who have been buried by the MSM. You may recall SC Senator Linsey Graham disclosing fear porn publicly BEFORE this event that something nuclear-related "might" occur in Charleston. WE KNOW NOW, that he had prior knowledge and is therefore culpable.

What can you do after learning about this startling information? As Ms. Hudes suggests, form networks (Coalitions) of informed citizens, and email the links to this story and her youtube expose' to local Sheriffs and county government offices.

You can put state and federal authorities On Alert that You Know this information, and they either get on board or will be held accountable.

Story sourced from --

This information can be contrasted with discernment with another breaking story, also sourced from Rumormillnews, "The World Changes On Monday, December 29, 2014!" By Susan Duclos. With holiday chaos, traveling and families getting together for Christmas, many may have missed an announcement that will change the world as we know it, where China has announced the launch of Yaun trading with Russian Rubles, set to begin on Monday, December 29, 2014!

As is explained in the Zero Hedge article discussing this announcement and the ramification of it, this will "not only enable and make direct currency trading more efficient by sidestepping the dollar entirely, but also allow Russian companies to budget in Chinese Yuan terms."

Directly from the Zero Hedge article, we see what the effects of this huge news will be:

So while the US continues to parade with "destroying" the Russian economy, even if it means crushing the shale industry, aka the only bright spot, and high-paying job-creating industry in the US economy over the past 5 years, Russia and China continue to be nudged by the west ever closer monetarily and strategically, until one day, as we have long predicted, China and Russia will announce a joint currency, one backed by both China's "surprising" gold reserves and Russia's commodity hoard.

Things are about to get VERY interesting......"


  1. The truth revealed is a MASTER limited hangout. Let's connect the dots.

    417-528 396

    JFK and MI5. Remember the Bush Cabal and memo prior to Dallas
    Remember M1?

    Who is M1 Part of the global conspiracy to run the financial psyops all the way through 911.

    Karen Hudes? KH is a lead character in the scheme. No nuclear event took place. (judy wood) HAARP. The event had nowhere to go...We are occu-PI ng Japan. The Jesuits have occupied Asia for century plus.

    KH or (811) is key to transition BRIC's to Global Carbon currency. What Gold reserves are in Asian territories are never to be found. The vault may as well be an imaginary place in Peru. The Joo Joo bees will present a fascinating detail of the Alien benevolence coming to redistribute the wealth to the people but it is a crock of shit.

    If anyone thinks Putin and Master 1 will be transforming the IMF, World Bank Rothschilds system to fairness is crazy. The transformation is a fabian 'wolf in sheeps clothing" and Obama was picked for many reasons but mainly to continue the Joo-joo Bees control over the world currency. Obama talks good but the masses have now come to see that he is unc tom to Bush Box gang. The Bank of Zion is merely transferring wealth to a new facade that will continue the process of transitioning the World Trade and BuySell Market to one in which people will not be able to transact on precious metals, barter or independent credit.

    In a transparent-transparency, we should be able to reach this conclusion based upon the simple need for change. Day by day we (sheeple) think that a new prez, new law, new product will sum to better life. Please spare me the Karen Hudes of the world. Ben Fulford can say the Dragons own the wealth and want to redistribute it to the people who toiled for the slave traders. Obama would be able to attract the nations of the world to thinking he was a change for tearing down the 1 percent and that was revealed as a total lie. Now the Indonesian front men are resuming the real Sukarno role as the caretakers of the deposits and a power model to named at near future.

    Bix, Hudes and Fulford are the fabians (147) to the pilgrim freemasons (258) of the paradigm. The rockefeller to the rothschild, the clinton to the bush, the brics to the fed, thats all, nothing more than a transformation. A timely change to hundred years of Central Banking moving to a new locale. For America it's a less subtle change because of the dollar position as a reserve anchor.

    When the meeting between Sukarno and JFK was known, the cabal made a quick and decisive move. The Secret Service kills all bankers and politicians or counterfeiters whistleblowers. The Silver Gold note will get it done in quick and severe manner.

    11-K was JFK and Putin is 7-G Russia G8. Now he is 8-H or soon to be 11-K.
    If the deal isn't to the liking of the Joo-joo Bees then we get war. If so derivatives will become a factor in the transition to this new carbon economy. Dollars will not be a factor. If the Vatican is holding massive treasuries or Bonds, i'd be surprised.

    We have each $200,000 in national debt on our imaginary credit card, we have deeds to "use" our homes and lands, we have a UCC to a slave trading EU and the "rule of law" is our worst enemy.

    WE NEED TO BE MASTERS OF THE RULES****PUBLIC POLICY is the RULE OF LAW and has no power to we the people.

    Hudes Paranormal and alien are the next step for Project Bluebeam and a dismantling of the Commonlaw state and guarantee your eternal slavery here and beyond. Though this is my opinion only I say this broad is a fraud telling a story we'd like to see and whistleblowers that are real speak once and no more. The shills speak forever.

  2. You can also connect the MH370 to the MH17 to the M1 goal. The TPP will divide the China Russia alliance in BRICs. The war on China is TPP and after they have dumped our economy they are done and China knows it. They have no access to the rules or negotiations and that won't fly. Therefore the writing is on the wall. It's easier to take out India or Brazil but that does nothing. Therefore the best solution was Russia and the easiest way to do that was the "set up" in Jukraine-Ukraine.

    Now the Chinese have answered the question. The question has been answered for Americans and Western alliance nations. We are a war economy and disease healthcare GDP. The time for US and Western EXPORTING has already begun.

    For true Dems and GOP caught only in the party paradigm lie, this should be soon becoming apparent as well. The Clinton Bush ticket only supports the linear truth of the cabal.

  3. I will say I agree with you Puddy. Why? Because I am an unabashed cynic, with all rights reserved, due to "experience". Watching the world go 'round leaves me believing more in chaos and the armies of the unscrupulous which I have been watching for some years now.

    I, and many others, would like to believe in "some" force(s) for good, some group who will fight for humanity, but it seems none are in existence. Humanity seems to be really poor at organizing to defend themselves as a group/entity of prey. Maybe some Event will coalesce the maddened throng to rise up and revolt against their evil masters/vampires, but how much faith can WE scrape together for that concept? I think this psychological "blind spot" of humanity, this inability to collectively agree on who is friend or foe, is what the predator class counts on to continue their evil predation.

    Yeah, I put up stuff like this thread, sometimes with a sliver of hope, sometimes as a test to see what the feedback loop provides. Here, Puddy shows he is not asleep at the wheel or "gone for the Holidays", and makes a cynical retort against "The Money" managers getting their butts kicked by a hidden benevolent group, and working things out for humanity's greater good. That is rather a Santa Claus like "story" he's kicking down the chimney is it not?

    So, where's that leave US, the people? Where we've always been. We have a responsibility starting with each of us personally, to become informed, aware and awakened, and make a decision are we "against them, or with em?". Throw in the towel? How can one do that, even when one learns Santa Claus isn't "real", and in fact the real background of the story is weirder than one might imagine?

    Every day, on many alt-news sites we read the latest headlines about "this or that" is going to happen, and it never pans out. Can we investigate Karen Hudes further, and figure out why she hasn't been offed as she is an "insider whistleblower" apparently able to travel freely, and do presentations on just what you see in the video? Can the SC nuclear detonation be debunked? She claims it was a nuclear bomb that actually did go off far off the coast of SC. I do know Linsey Graham is a Top Klown and did have prior knowledge of whatever went down, and was one of the first to raise the story to public knowledge. The MSM never confirmed "yay or nay" on the story to my remembrance. It died like so many other "latest" predictions that we are fear-porned about.

    Thanks Puddy for your critical comments. We'll see what anybody else wants to chime in with on this subject.

  4. I totally agree with Boomerangcomesback:

    " I think this psychological “blind spot” of humanity, this inability to collectively agree on who is friend or foe, is what the predator class counts on to continue their evil predation."

    I don't trust anybody. Everyone is a potential predator, and to blindly trust in a figurehead or organization is not wise. None of the news on COTO surprises me, but I still like to read about it and keep up with the new lies they're telling us. I feel so frustrated by the lack of awareness of our fellow citizens, so it's good to come here and be around others who "get it".

  5. I see you as a realist. I take a lot of crap over my cynicism, but it is not doom and gloom and "negative" attitudes that spoil the Xmas puddings but a false hope that someone or something is going to make it all better. As you say we need to do that. It starts with each one alone to say enough of the misery peddlers and enough of the global killing fields that do not get reported. The problem is I have to stop worrying about my personal plight and see where the real tragedy is happening. You can sense it, feel it, hear it and taste it. It all stinks and people on this planet are really in dire straits.

    What I find even more tragic is how it gets by those who are in the matrix. I am convinced now it is real. It can no longer be a case of denial or acceptance when the entire world is in conflict. It's a case of an alternate world I have yet to experience. I can only shrug now when someone tells me I am a negative killjoy. I just have to say I live in the real world and must have missed the train or that medication.

  6. It's good to see you speak like one who has come out of experience with predators. You can spot them lying when their lips move. Actors and Players were jesters and clowns originally.

    Thanks to DSM-V if we are not happy with our slavery, we are clinically depressed and need meds. If we are not trusting of government , considering none prior were trustworthy, we are extremists and conspiracy loons.

    If we chose to fight we are dangerous and possible terrorists. If we resist we are killed. If we are not in the box we are loose and need re-education and if dumbed down enough we can get elected.

    If we know Hegelian Dialectic and how they solve a disclosure problem is a three step process, discredit, edit or erase, then we can be sure who to trust and evaluate the information by degree.

    If Damnatio memoriae doesn't work then create the alternative. The vortex has distinct limits and rules. There are no magic fixes for the human soul, the creator's intuitive messaging and numbers. Lies, forgeries and frauds cannot change the arithmetic. They can only deflect or attempt to distort by constant interference and manipulations. Hence the MSM frequencies, DC and AC, are all suspect.

  7. Revealed: Hacker Who Took Down Sony Playstation and Xbox Shows His Face: “This attack was basically done by three people”

    This is sheeple terrorism and how you get the internet trade agreement CISPA beta test. Hit the bank next. Step by step inch by inch.....

    Three Stooges - Slowly i Turn

  8. Henry Makow offers up his take on the Conspiracy dragging down humanity -- . "Yes Virginia, There is a Masonic Jewish Conspiracy".

    His presentation gets into areas that many are sensitive about, yet his theory seems to be proven by that which we keep watching occur around us.

    On another note -- what now with another Asian/Indonesian plane disappearing. This seems to becoming more than a happenstance, and rather more of a recurring theme. What are the odds? Timing?

  9. Flight From Indonesia to Singapore Loses Contact With Air Traffic: Reports / Sputnik International…-COTO- 10 hours ago

  10. At what point do coincidences become too ripe to ignore as "possibilities", and then turn into KISS highly probable factoids?

    Bogus IS-Threats Prolonged? - POTUS Golfed with Malaysian PM 1 Day before...

    Posted By: FarSight3
    Date: Monday, 29-Dec-2014 12:55:36

    In Response To: AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared (Jordon)

    Only one day before the Air Asian Flight QZ 8501 went "missing" there was taking place an interesting meeting:

    ...U.S. President Barack H. Obama and the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, played golf Saturday, in a close quarters, outdoor, meeting, while being scorned by the public as over 160,000 Malaysians were forced from their homes from recent and devastating floods...

    And here's the official passenger list:

    At first sight I would concentrate the investigation's effort on those 23 people who didn't show up ("No Shows").

    Promoting the pace of an ongoing threat seems to be crucical in these days.


    If you want to know the time, then take a look at this and know the fate of humanity.

  12. Awww, that's gotta be crap, PD.

    Well, Monday's gone and went, and I didn't see any "change" on the financial horizon or with the bankers scum. I guess Susan Duclos' was "wrong" about the big change she predicted. Tomorrow maybe?...

  13. Since 2005 the indonesian pacific has been hammered like the US was prior to the Katrina series of cyclonics via HAARP.

    This all about the TPP and global authority UN based treaty for disarmament, trade, patent, law and surveillance.

    Now does anyone think my posts about 38th parallel and the 44th CIC does not seem plausible. This is Botswanan Big Voodoo and his wielding of the golf clubs may as well be the magic wand. Like a nightmare from Fantasia and the wizard.

  14. Who is Susan Duclos? Is she a Nibiru Alien shill? Was she predicting a banker disappearance?

  15. SURA facility HAARPing via SIHF (Putin)

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Officials say a strong earthquake has shaken parts of the southern and central Philippines, frightening people but causing no serious damage or injuries.

    The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck Monday afternoon at a depth of 38 kilometers

    Government seismologist Jane Punongbayan said it was centered 205 kilometers (127 miles) northwest of Zamboanga city and was too deep and far from urban areas to cause any damage or injuries. She said aftershocks were expected.

    Zamboanga city police director Angelito Casimiro said people attending Mass at a Roman Catholic shrine exchanged glances when the ground began to shake mildly, but the ceremony proceeded after the shaking stopped.


    Wheres the Gold Ring? Coming in 2015.

  16. Susan Duclos is the lady referred to in the 2nd part of the thread above, who was referring to everything changing Monday (yesterday) as the Ruble starts trading with the Yuan.

  17. Shadow Wars (in plain view)

    Over the last dozen years, the US military has focused much of its efforts in Mindanao on anti-terrorism training with the AFP. On this ethnically and religiously diverse island, rich in mineral resources like gold, silver, copper, nickel and zinc, foreign mining and plantation operations are known for using the AFP to protect their interests.Armed Forces of the Philippines

  18. Hey Puddy, your posts are always most plausible. I believe your math-oriented mind and constant in-depth research provide more substance and reliability than most anything COTO-ites will come across. The kicker is -- I know you to be honest, forthright, and absolutely clear of any agendas and "influence". We cannot suppose any of that from most of whom and what we read on the web.

    I hope COTO readers will have divined this most important aspect to the information that is presented here. We used to have a much more lively interaction from readers, and I hope that will return and folks will comment. That has been the beauty of this website. It is a crucible for readers to think, consider, research, respond, and attempt to discern The Truth of the matter, which to US matters the most! The richer the minds that bat about the subject matter, the better the distilling process to get to the meat. Shills have never lasted long here, as they are smelled out quicker than a month old dead skunk. I've always found the intellectual exercise value of COTO to be a most helpful personal tool to my own growth and understanding of the world we live in.

  19. Anti-terrorism, hmmm. Everybody is scared shitless of the terror term, all the while it is well known where the training grounds (certain U.S. military bases like the School of the Americas for example) for those who DO terror are located (Israel and their foreign based training grounds). It is also pretty well known who funds Terror, and Why. Right in front of us all is it not conducted? Phillipines would be another one of the thousands of countries hosting foreign terrorists and banker resource profiteers' outfits.