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The LuCIFer Ciphers



THE A, B & G's of Transformation - Puddy Dunne 7/10/2011

Written regarding the Agenda 21 Human Transformation to collapse the will of the people. Time to rejuvenate the article and update the expose on Mercury, Thimerosal, Aluminum, Barium and the PhRMA compound in conjunction with the Alpha, Beta Gamma of project Bluebeam and the Radio Frequency used to drive it. It is reposted due to the recent explosion of the CDC whistleblowers on Autism and the direct link and cover-up of vaccination research.

[caption id="attachment_16075" align="alignleft" width="660" class=" "]cropped-cotorock.jpg Rock the Brain and Roll the Protein[/caption]

More from the Big Blue Omnibus - Puddy Dunne 12/22/2010

The technology is simply the best term I can use to describe Satan, Luciferian Occultism and the core source of evil. At every turn we can see the through the Smoke (CLOUD) and Mirrors (MEDIA) to see the towers of world wide war on the people of the planet.

Once you see the clever connection to ancient knowledge and todays transition in technology combined with the numerology and symbolism, it lays out a mural and story that can be compared to the ones at Denver International  Airport  [DIA] 5 which is a major terminal termination point for the transit of carbon waste that will drive the economy upon it's transition from fiat to credit in Agenda 21.

The Assets and  Liabilities merely a designation of the vector you have slated for during the data-mining and evaluation and designation process.  The CON census complete, a vortex of 8-2-5 negative will sweep the planet in a series of crisis events that will garner the sheeplike compliance of most and the termination of those who have been awake to see the criminal conspiracy of the committee to reduce the planet carbon scheme to 2 billion or less while migrating the remainder to central locations and converting the majority of lands to protected private land under the UN.ICLEI FEMA and DHS.

Project Bluebeam by far represents the most complex part of the eugenics program. If you need to be convinced at this point it is likely too late.  The Alpha Beta Gamma combines the Physiological, Biological and Radiological vectors with the psychological. What the Alpha Beta Gamma incorporate are the Delta and Theta from the sociopaths and psychopaths of Phi Beta Kappa.

From the Halls of Harvard to the shores of Stanford, the alchemy incorporates the AB&G of eugenics based engineering and they don't mind letting you know it because they have sufficiently numbed your cognizance to the obvious. ex:


Just one example of the trojans [e] and wifi EMR taking command of your connectivity and your mind. Processing issues prevent you from connecting to the source of truth. The financial system sector use the ABG's as well in the new investment strategies to profit from the global governance and eugenics based economy.  Portfolios to include PhRMA, Defence, (offense) Derivatives, Carbon Sequestration etc. are driving the conciliating  process to death worldwide.  Bringing this segment of the people into the fold based upon greed and avarice is a no-brainer.  The recent expose of the AUTISM studies will certainly make many shareholders upset should their portfolio take a hit harder than the parents of a doomed child facing a lifetime of misery.

(guaranteed income strategies)

If these people fear the severed head of an ISIS play, they should be trembling at the fact the US government and federal institutions premeditatedly covered up the beheading of thousands of innocent children. I will go farther to say they likely beheaded a few children in sacrifice to insure their technological god's favor.



What we know is Magna Carta Holy Grail has different meaning to different people.  I can only see the phenomenon as Mind Control Mercury Alchemy [Hg}  If you need a refresher on Mercury in the scheme of things NWO and the old world, just take a trip into the Googleplex and find a revelation.

[caption id="attachment_23484" align="alignleft" width="500" class=" "]cotomkhg.jpg Mind Kontrol Mercury Magic - Input Output Alpha Beta - Delta Theta in rhythm[/caption]


Are we in it for the Gold, the Silver, the Mercury or the truth. You have to believe it to see it.

newest Theorem XIIIb



  1. 811 - The Quiet War, the Pineal War, the Transformation

    802.11a 802.11b 802.11g

    Frequency, amplitude and conductivity

    2.4, 3.6, 5 and 60 GHz

  2. ISIS, U,S,, is us..... uhhhh. MK-Ultra meets the Manchurian McCain

  3. McStain -- how to describe this mega-delusional liar warmonger...? What kind of country "allows" stains like this to sit in "office" and blather, and foment, and walk free while pushing policies that are black ops no matter how you dress em? "They" must be defeated say the puppets while looking in the mirror...

  4. What does it matter? (~Hillary Clinton)

  5. FOX SNEWS will air the 13 hours book tonight at 10 PM. Worth a look.

    Hillary's comment to Congress make Joan Rivers look like Mother Teresa. She is pathologically pathetic.

  6. Puddy you are a master ..that's a fact!! this needs more exposure.ok sharing this masterpiece,boss..I miss you! !

  7. Where have you been? We miss you lady. How about a current comment in the new stuff sometime. I have been wonering how things have been since your move.

  8. Im so mom has been in the hospital for months. its all I can do to get there everyday to visit here. Ill explain that later but she is on the road to recovery, as they say. ///i cant say enough about the wonderful place that is WINDSOR ROSEWOOD care facility in Hayward. ANGELS. progressive. willing to take advice or suggestions from family. listens.
    things are calming down now, and I WILL be there soon !love u miss u boss <3 hugs/kisses

  9. Self and others come to the same conclusion: They're satanist luciferians. What's left? I can find no words to describe 'worse than evil.'