Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dead Poets and other Illuminati Rituals


August = 8

Robin Williams dies 8/11/14   = 8-2-5  = 6

the negative 825

the positive  714

vortex triad   Age: 63   6-9-3 vortex triad

7-1-4?....... the positive

6- A ging with dignity.
6- U nderstanding with so much more than the
6- T iniest bit of forgiveness.
6- U nwilling to surrender to sleep with a
6- M is-understanding awry.
6- N earing Winter - aware that the bitter cold heralds the end.
(poem by Buffy Smith)

Why Disney Illuminati killed Robin Williams.

There are 4 films in the can starring Robin Williams yet to be released. Surely the failures of his recent films and TV will be aided by this Touchstone Sacrifice, just as Michael Jackson, Whitney and others before him. The Studios stands to make millions on the new and old films.

The Rehab stint reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Go to rehab to get back on drugs. That's where the peddlers hang before they hang you.

[According to the Marin County Sheriff, at approximately 11:55 AM Marin County Communications received a 911 telephone call reporting a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence in Tiburon] - See more at: http://nikkifinke.com/robin-williams-dies-63/#sthash.eelsjVxo.dpuf

Who reported from the coven in Tiburon? We can only guess. A shark most likely. A handler for the holyrood gang. The "Crazy Ones" versus us conspiracy theorists.

The Heart - Williams dies nearly seven years after his brother Todd died at age 69 [8/14/07] after heart surgery complications. Williams was a recipient as well of the quacks in white coats. We can only surmise what that surgery provided as extras.

Robin Williams 14 Quotes That Will Stay With Us

Remembering Robin Williams: The 7 greatest movie roles of a versatile actor

from Googleplex 147

We will have to wonder about this just  like Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died  on 2/2/14 = 9 if there will be a third as as happened in other illuminati cycles.


                                                              Two, two, one, four





  1. Rigor had set in at 11:00 AM 4-12 hours is a good time frame.

    Time of death post rigor
    4:17 am
    7:14 am
    1:47 am

  2. I just read about his death tonight. The first words out of my mouth were, "Robin Williams died. Either he killed himself, or "they" killed him." Same with Philip Seymour Hoffman, with Sandy Hook, and with every other large death event. You truly cannot believe the media, so I am betting that Robin was murdered.
    One report claimed he was found in a sitting position.....how can you hang yourself from a sitting position? Not buying it.

  3. Directly or indirectly he was snuffed. I am certain. The Persaid meteor shower and the Lunar Triad. The backstory of money issues and depression is lame.

    He was a family man and had friends/support. I don't buy a friggin nickel of the trash talk. There's a sacrifice for Hoffman before the ISIS/ Iraq event. That is groundhog day. High illuminati day. Sacrifice there own before Christians to the slaughter.

    Whether Williams had accepted the 'nati' for his success and/or was involved in the child sacrifice rituals etc. is unknown. I expect the third supermoon Sept 9 will bring us the third of holyroods sacrifices to the campaign of death to both God and Allah believers. As we know ISIs, Al CIAda, MEK, Hamas, HezbollaH and Al Shabab are just Egyptian Saudi and other followers of the RA.

    If he was doped and left passed out it would kill him. Asphyxiation is another high, but I don't buy it for all the other reasons. He managed not to kill himself during much tougher periods in his life. I think he was possible a liability or potential whistle-blower or troublemaker. Anyway, it serves as a master deflection off the thousands that are being killed by Obama and the committee.

    Let's see what happens on Sept 8-11

  4. Personal assistant Rebecca Erwin Spencer found Robin Williams on Monday
    Worked with the comic genius for at least 20-years and was considered part of the family

    Revealed: The longtime personal assistant considered 'part of Robin Williams' family' who found his body and [raised the alarm]
    Personal assistant [Rebecca Erwin Spencer] found Robin Williams on Monday
    Worked with the comic genius for at least 20-years and was considered part of the family
    *First worked with him on his 1993 hit, Mrs Doubtfire
    * Addressed [Williams, 63], by a pet name 'Mork Guy' in reference to his first big role
    * Would move with her husband to be near to Williams and would often spend time socializing with him
    * Often traveled to [Iraq and Afghanistan] with the comic on USO tours

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2723507/Revealed-The-longtime-personal-assistant-considered-Robin-Williams-family-body-raised-alarm.html#ixzz3AHbsPzM9
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    If you carefully look at this crafted frequency from DAILY MAIL shill central, you can identify the committee vortex, clues behind the propaganda.

    23-9-12-12-9-1-13-19 5-9-3-3-9-1-4-1 = 35=8 63=9
    18-15-2-9-14 = 9-6-2-9-5 = 31 = 4
    7/21/51 = 7
    8/11/14=825 = 6

    8= recycle or not if 9 intervenes 6