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Want to avoid spending a day in the dark? It's as simple as 8-1-1 .

Nonagram_811 250px-Star_polygon_9-2.svg 811vortex



FEMA IS-811: Emergency Support Functions (ESF) #11 - Agriculture and Natural Resources Annex

Course Overview

The National Response Framework (NRF) presents the guiding principles that enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response to disasters and emergencies from the smallest incident to the largest catastrophe. As part of the NRF, Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are primary mechanisms at the operational level used to organize and provide assistance. This series of courses provides an overview of each of the 14 ESFs. This course introduces Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 Agriculture and Natural Resources Annex.

Primary Audience

This course is intended for government executives, private-sector and nongovernmental organization (NGO) leaders, and emergency management practitioners. This includes senior elected and appointed leaders, such as Federal department or agency heads, State Governors, mayors, tribal leaders, and city or county officials those who have a responsibility to provide for effective response.



CODE 811 - ISIS IS  919/919

811 = 919X2

"They're real and they're spectacular" -  Both the Gulf well [Macondo] and the fracking efforts will aid the spectacular event we will be experiencing very soon now. Much like the 1993 WTC event, it played a critical role in the planting of the necessary factors in 2001.  The redistribution of wealth has largely been used to fund this as I have stated. From the foundation tax frauds and missing funds from pentagon, all these factors have played into the formula and vortex for purposes building upon the MASTER PLAN and the Madrid US and connected events worldwide.

This is not just a USA targeted program but one major event made up of a series of globally timed events that will bring all aspects of bio-nuclear and natural happenings (all staged) ala HAARP, the ISS space station and the thousand points of light NGO's and Corporate administrators who are prepared for the financial calamity to trigger the event. In the Vortex, the positive and negative work concurrently through opposing vectors so therefore the stock market should peak before the event. That will maximize the losses and help assure the cycle runs their predictable plots and algorithms.

Connect the dots from FEMA, food, ammo, water, coffins, ready meals, the exercises REX84, etc, etc etc.


NLE 2014

Main Content

The National Preparedness Goal (NPG) calls for a secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk. To achieve the Goal, the National Preparedness System (NPS) includes an integrated set of guidance, programs and processes that enable the nation to build, sustain and deliver the core capabilities within the context of the five mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery. The NPS enables a collaborative, whole community approach to national preparedness that engages individuals, families, communities, the private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations and all levels of government.

As a component of the NPS, the National Exercise Program (NEP) serves to test and validate core capabilities. Participation in exercises, simulations or other activities, including real world incidents, helps organizations validate their capabilities and identify shortfalls. Exercises also help organizations see their progress toward meeting their preparedness objectives.

The Capstone Exercise, formerly titled the National Level Exercise (NLE), is conducted every two years as the final component of each NEP progressive exercise cycle. The Capstone Exercise 2014 will examine the nation’s collective ability to coordinate and conduct risk assessments and implement National Frameworks and associated plans to deliver core capabilities.

Further the Capstone Exercise 2014 will:

The Capstone Exercise 2014 will enable federal stakeholders to demonstrate operational coordination and information sharing capabilities with the private sector and other non-traditional partners as well as fulfill mandated exercise requirements or internal assessments to validate capabilities and identify key issues or potential shortfalls. The exercise will also encourage senior-level participation from all stakeholders, ensuring effective collaboration of decision-makers across the whole community.

The Capstone Exercise 2014 is a complex emergency preparedness exercise comprised of five distinct, but linked, component events. The Alaska Shield 2014 exercise, sponsored by the State of Alaska to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake, will provide the central scenario elements: significant damage from both the quake and the tsunami it triggers will affect the greater Pacific Northwest. Capstone Exercise 2014 incorporates several preparedness activities sponsored by other departments and agencies and is designed to educate and prepare the whole community for complex, large-scale disasters and emergencies.

The following component events are integrated into the Capstone Exercise to examine the core capabilities described in the National Preparedness Goal. This multi-event design recognizes the need for comprehensive all-hazards planning and the complexity to ensure exercise objectives are met.

  • Assess the nation’s performance against the 2013-14 NEP Principals’ Objectives;

  • Evaluate the readiness of local, state, territorial, tribal and federal officials to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from catastrophic incidents in a coordinated and unified manner; and

  • Satisfy the requirements for a national level exercise as described in the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act.

  • ALASKA SHIELD: Alaska Shield commemorates the anniversary of the 1964 9.2 magnitude Great Alaskan Earthquake by replicating the earthquake’s effects and resulting tsunami.

  • ARDENT SENTRY 14: The Department of Defense aligned key components of the annual ARDENT SENTRY 14 exercise with ALASKA SHIELD, focusing on Defense Support to Civilian Authorities’ mission.

  • Nuclear Weapon Accident/Incident Exercise: The Nuclear Weapon Accident/Incident Exercise (NUWAIX) 2014 accident occurs during a secure transportation convoy of nuclear weapons within the Continental United States. Intelligence and national leadership will need to quickly determine the cause and significance of the accident.

  • Eagle Horizon 2014: Eagle Horizon 2014 will focus on continuity of operations and reconstitution planning, requiring federal departments and agencies to activate continuity plans and perform their Primary Mission Essential Functions from their alternate facilities.

  • Silver Phoenix 2014: The Silver Phoenix combination of operations- and discussion-based exercises will examine the full range of recovery efforts and operations commencing upon the notification that a catastrophic incident has occurred. The exercises will explore the challenges associated with examining, prioritizing and conducting recovery activities involving multiple geographically dispersed and competing events using the National Disaster Recovery Framework


The Capstone is the event. We all know the unfinished work is the padstone that has not been placed upon the pyramid. That GAP has been filled by all lesser events we have been assaulted with and the American Sheeple are primed and ready for the GRAND FINALE.

The 811 - ISIS - 919-919 is the capstone of the vortex as you can see. The sacrificers and sacrificed have assured success. Now all we need are the dates.

Are you ready?

cotogulf cotooileye2.jpg cotoplunge.jpg haarpaiti.jpg cotochaos.jpg



  2. a new local currecy for Colorado

  3. btw, Boulder is becoming quite the NSA spying hub. Tracking the NSA DNS it has been quite illuminating.

    I think the GAMING sector is most interesting to them. West Coast/East Coast links to routing driving through Hurricane Electric (Freemont, CA) and other hubs. It's a good exercise to do a trace route and see the number of servers ips (hidden) in the trace.

    Best to select a minimum of 25 these days as the Googleplex likes redundancy. The NSA covers Wasilla AK to Miami FL. The octopus is quite large now.

    Search Guide Inc
    1942 Broadway
    Suite 319
    Boulder, CO 80302

    1 10.000 ms 10.000 ms 10.000 ms
    2 20.000 ms 15.000 ms 20.000 ms
    3 25.001 ms 45.000 ms 35.001 ms
    4 30.000 ms * 30.001 ms
    5 35.000 ms 30.000 ms 40.001 ms
    6 45.000 ms 35.001 ms 40.000 ms (NSA-Hurricane)
    7 35.001 ms 45.000 ms 35.000 ms (NSA-Hurricane)
    8 * * *
    9 * * *
    10 * * *
    11 * * *
    12 * * *
    13 * * *
    14 * * *
    15 * * *
    16 * * *
    17 * * *
    18 * * *
    19 * * *
    20 * * *
    21 * * *
    22 * * *
    23 * * *
    24 * * *
    25 * * *

  4. boomerangcomesbackAugust 26, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    WOW! So, I was reading this piece by LaRouche, and when I got to the last paragraph I see that this guy is a TOOL spewing outright propaganda to the masses. Promising "Hope" to a world dying without it -- and then, WHAM!!!

    He states this Whopper! If you can't figure out what's wrong with this "picture" there may be No Hope for you:

    "In his dialogue on Sunday, LaRouche reiterated the pivotal role that former President Bill Clinton must play in a realignment of American politics to create a new presidency. Bill Clinton is the only rallying point around which a new President of the United States can be chosen to reverse the disasters of the past dozen years of the Bush-Cheney and Obama abominations. The world is now aligned for just such a dramatic change from the United States".

    This kind of treasonous false promises/misleading hope speaking-in-tongues lying is exactly what we see from...the Bush, Clinton, Obama political whore class and their cronies.

  5. You have seen the emergence of the Clinton Bush gang from Cheney to Kristol to Bolton. LaRouche sounds like a guy who just got a big cheque.

    The recalcitrants like coto know the frequencies well by now. Ignore the audio and visual and just note the codes. The financial transition is more exclusive than the one we have. Huge shifts in Internet, , regulation, trademark-copyright, patents, Agenda 21, carbon trading, and insider info will stack the deck for an elite. Entrepreneurs will be dead.unless they want to join the scam.

    An economy based on false premises like Carbon schemes, Terrorism security, Medical frauds (like the recently confirmed /exposed Autism vaccine) in PhRMA and other sectors which rely on disease, death and direct threat is no bargain for anyone but the neocon warmongers and liberal eugenicists whether the IMF or BRICS are running the virtual currency.

    The economy on terra firma in anytown USA is antithesis to the bogus Wallstreet manipulations. Finding a legitimate explanation for the diverging graphs is impossible. No one in the Money Mafia wants to touch it.

    Labor force at thirty year low, unemployment numbers are rigged, infrastructure is near collapse (major cities) Forced weather MOD has half the country in drought or flood and inflation is on the move, yet the BIG CASINO is busy because when the transition happens Warren Buffet has a railroad, beef and ketchup. The money is moving to hard assets and silently going to regular PM purchases. Even the crime bosses are hedging the casino.

  6. boomerangcomesbackAugust 26, 2014 at 9:21 PM

    You don't say? Conspiracy & Propaganda observations here at COTO?

    The psychopathy of the insane criminal class has reached such a fever pitch, that we can safely assess that the 1% is 99.9% of the time guilty of self-serving inhumanity, lies, and deceit. It is what we should have suspected long ago, and can expect with religious regularity from poisonous creatures with reptile brains. Predictable as acid rain.

  7. boomerangcomesbackAugust 26, 2014 at 9:31 PM


    The duplicitous duping is so crazy as to be almost sickly comedic. All we have to do is pull up the latest raving, or sanctioned "statement" by any Nazionist functionary for an example. Any of em! Netanyahu is good for starters, but the list is so long as to almost be endless -- Cheney, Pelosi, Obama, Boehner, (pick a senator), Agency puppets, etc. The MSM is a veritable showcase of these vermin, or any financial corporation head, PHarma head or ass, you get the drift.

    Once you realize they're ALL bags of lying shit -- then your paradigm shifts, and it ain't going to be reverting back to the demigod worship. Their audience wanes by the day, because their shit stinks.

  8. That's why we (coto) supported Dr. Andy Wakefield. He was one one of the coto points of light. Now the CDC in it's "DISCLOSURE" mode is prepping the path for the 'everything vaccine' coming out formally next year.

  9. I've been keeping up with the CDC whistleblower scandal, since I have 2 school aged kids. It's pathetic, the lengths people will go to defend the "authorities" at the CDC. I never had that type of faith in any authority, and I will never understand how so many people can turn a blind eye to the obvious deception. It is beyond frustrating--it's downright infuriating!! These people are allowing it to happen, and attacking those who speak the truth.

    They rely on "peer reviewed studies", when the entire peer review process has turned to crap and cannot be trusted. Try to tell them about the Flexner Report and the takeover of medicine, and they don't care. Give them examples of past coverups and harm.....still don't care. These are the same people who don't think the illuminati is real, even when it is all over the place. No, they tell you to take off your tin foil hat if you question the system. I almost hate these people as much as I hate those doing the crimes. How do you guys deal with it? The world is becoming crazier, the lies are more obvious than ever, and the people are so stupid they can't even think for themselves, and defend their abusers.

  10. We've seen a minimum of thirty and more blow the whistle on Big PhRMA, Vaccines and other alchemy. Dr. Wakefield, Mercola, to name a few. They have been targeted, bankrupted, threatened openly, murdered and at least marginalized to obscurity.

    All one has to do is follow the history of WWi and WWII and track the 'paperclips' and paperclippings of the Bayers, Baxters, BASF's Hoechs', Dow Chem, IG Farben, Monsanto-Disney ----etc.

    Plunkett's Biotech & Genetics Industry Almanac 2006: will connect the dots of eugenics biologics and trace it back to early days of the British East India Co. Opium traders. European Union was created by the supply trade of Bavarian Illuminati. They'd have failed to become EMPIRE without putting millions of human beings in hell.

    Remember that Opium was legal years after illicit cocaine and cannabis were scheduled. rothschild and royals saw to that. So goes the CLINICAL TRIAL scams that FDA approves without accumen.

    I laugh when I get the deer in lights look from grazers when I tell them that the simplist truth is that the MAFIA moved to Government and the Drug Dealers to Big PhRMA.

    The Godfather, Michael tells Kay that in just a few years the Corleone Family will be completely legitimate. He did not lie.

    1.conforming to the law or (to rules)
    2.(justify) or make lawful.

    Monopoly, Too big to Fail (to jail) pass go collect $200
    Go to Jail (no just pay a fifty dollar fine.

    According to my calculations, none of these crooks has seen a jail and the profits they make versus the lawsuits or fines is more like pass go and collect 2 billion and get out of jail free or a mere fifty million dollar fine.

    I actually believe that the crooked/bought judges according to the rule, determines the profit made and sets the fine at 2-5% discretionary.

    OUR LAWS and THEIR RULES never intersect

  11. It's all a big scam, and we aren't buying in to it!