Sunday, August 31, 2014

666 Vortex Gets Around

Hey, Puddy! In your gif in your recent comment -- -- I saw this below:

[caption id="attachment_25901" align="aligncenter" width="273"]666 Vortex 666 Vortex[/caption]

Pretty OBVIOUS, no!


  1. good pickup :-)
    hiya all.

  2. Do you think the 666 vortex has any relation to mnemonic circles? They are everywhere.

  3. Hi Oz. What's the scoop on Abbott? Things are a jumpin on the outback.

    83 down under. How's your weather?

  4. I wish I had created a pdf book with all the mnemonic triggers.

    I have targeted Agenda 21 -Bluebeam - MK Ultra (these three) more often than any other pogrom/project. I stake all I have on the seen and yet unseen aspects of Media-Radio and how they intend to package the coming event.

    NA, did you ever see any of my or another sites information on the Technological Transformation ? I called it the BIG BLUE OMNIBUS due to the massive power of electromagnetic visual audio spectrum [evan]

    We here, probably do not imbibe into the brew of things like MTV (MK-TV], Googleplex or Holyrood, but it's all about mnemonics, suggestion, reinForcement.

    Simply put, have you seen much of the greater frequencies from any of the outlets that did not seem ridiculous or 'forced' ? There is no rhyme or reason to entertainment anymore. None of it is creative, adapted, appropriate, suited or meaningful to the unhived mind. It is inane, chaotic, meaningless, random drivel laced with absolutely specific and intended mnemonic, suggestion and symbology. It is when the ELF, Bluray and Test patterns and subliminals come into the Beta mind, that they retain much of the force to an already weakened force field when the brain shifts starboard to port. The 3 is key to this tool for them.

    KISS - keep it simple stupid? So the did.

    For me it was: "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"; EIEIO Enforce In-Order Execution of I/O.

    For the Kids today it's MTV-RAP and 'hIp hOp' execution of I/O.

    Execution of I/O mind control .in MCHG MK-Ultra Mercury for the virgin brain. Lingusitics, cadence and mnemonic triggers

  5. Great example of the compass 9-3,6 and scale (circuit 15-78-24) 666=9
    Reality of design says (12-48-75) 333=9
    666 indicates I/O = external 3-9-6 action or internal 6-9-3 reaction

    action/reaction => cause/effect => problem/solution +>negative/positive
    to quantify the effect of an example such as this, one would have to decode the entire broadcast and reduce it to the base to know the intended message or purpose. When reduced it will contain a completed circuit and cycle.

    333, 666 or 999? None of the above?



    Will sheep wait until they are in a line (1) to receive a mark 666 to believe? They will be disappointed to know they were already imprinted and the forehead shows it only internally. The Phi Psi-op meets ΨΦ at Stigma Ϛ which is a derivative of Delta Gamma.

    Same as money only permanently seared into the pineal. This is money in the bank for the illuminati and as I have said over and over and over again, the money may be in YOUR pocket but you are an asset of Lucifer and your value is designated by your mark or stigmata. It all adds up.

  6. monitoring the mark
    Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls

    TETH (theta) XBOX Psi PS 4 Delta Psi PS 3 Gamma

    Alpha 9-13 beta 13-24 Delta 1-3 Theta 4-8 Gamma 25-60

    The Men who watch Sheep and occasionally stare at a goat.

    XBoxers and the psychotronics of Video Game Marking - Googleplex surveillance and data monitoring.

    Manufacturing future Delta assassins and MK-Ultra patsies.


    I wrote that these are part of the operation bluebeam and GWEN towers. Ground Wave Emergency Population Assault System



  9. TODAY C-SPAN is trotting out the CARBON KILLERS of Agenda 21. This includes the Chicago Mafia, Sierra Club, Rockefeller Gates Eugenicists and other carbon Gore criminals.

    OBAMMA will be sharpening his pen and using the Obama phone to tool the Agenda 21 turn over of American sovereignty to the United Nations of Pedophiles and nation killers to World Bankers.

    Carbon Credits is code for depopulation and yet the public still can't decode it.
    Corporations, think tanks and foundation philanthropy have been getting tax credits and payments for every head they have severed.

    Environmental Protection Agency

  10. Really great stuff you've posted on this thread, PD! Just noticed Agenda 21 = Agenda 3. Fascinating observations and insights you are providing. You're a downright Public Service Guru!

  11. 'Bin Laden' blames US for global warming

    Tim Osman CIA asset was a carbon cleric

  12. Thanks, I am going to search your posts about the Onmibus and EVAN.
    We have Netflix and the internet, but we no longer have cable tv service. (got rid of that several years ago, and I wouldn't want it even for free!) We watch online shows sometimes, and I try to be aware of any programming or underlying messages. I expect most shows to have some type of message, even if it's just from a bad flicker rate. Television commercials are unbearable, and I actually feel the hypnotic control if I am somewhere with commercials playing on tv.

    Another issue that comes to mind is the frequency of radio and music. I read somewhere it was switched to 440 Hz instead of a more harmonious 432 Hz. There are so many issues with everything in our world today, as if they are using every possible outlet to influence and control us.

  13. Nothing good in entertainment anymore?

    You miss 'Game of Thrones'?

    'Breaking Bad'?

    Whattay want, 'Leave it to Beaver'?