Friday, July 11, 2014

Ukraine = Iraq War Redux

The murderous goings-on in Ukraine begin to make sense when you consider WHO plans to "make a killing" off of the chaos. Jim Kirwan draws some on-target parallels in the article linked to below. When we consider the MIC corporations, the insiders with their stock options, the board sitters, the cronies, and other vulture capitalists and their hyena class co-opters -- the picture comes into focus. Its about money. The chaos is the means to get to it, while providing a weak and transparent "cover story", coupled with diversions here, and diversions there...

Underneath it all -- are the "players". Interestingly, at this high level of Rothchilds-type war-profit-making, apparently there are no International bodies of Justice to prosecute for war crimes. Hence, we see just another version of the killing-for-profit chaos game that keeps the elites income streams growing. It becomes Obvious that the Middle East raping and pillaging by corporate-connected MIC and infrastructure contractors is an actual Business Model of the elites.

The "LIST" is long of those who profit from this Business Model. What names come to mind for you?

"LIVE", in Living Color, and skewed by your MSM or not covered at all, this sick game keeps getting played out around the globe.

Who's going to put a stop to it?

"The Crusades 'R' Back!" By Jim Kirwan 7-10-14


  1. 12457 *8* = Repeat
    Iraq-Cold War
    WWI - WWII - WWIII (named differently) WWW
    Lincoln - Kennedy - 2016 (?) (calling Dr. Mudd)
    Ukraine - Russian Revolution (calling Dr. Zhivago)
    Civil War - Bosnia (calling Dr. Karadžić)
    World War (calling Dr. Brzezinski)"A Blueprint for World Dictatorship,"
    Spanish Flu - Fast & Furious (calling Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly)

    Frequency in cycles = HZ
    look for 9 in standard time increments, 24/7 (4) hour 15/8 (5) in dates
    events come courtesy of NASA time. The clockkeepers, NATO[Pentagon] and committee decree. Find 9 in the distance and Map the coordinates with the vortex 2D that freemasons use in square and compass.

    No election Nov 9 2016 because it's 11-9-9. There will be an event though. Buckle up and get your front row seat and popcorn.

    Goodbye Barry

    NAU ALERT: Fast & Furious – Border Wars (from predictions 2012)


    Central and South American countries. Mexico will aid in the situation to bring civil war to US border doorstep. Murder rates quadruple last years figures and Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are at risk for total anarchy. Hugo Chavez injured or killed in assassination coup orchestrated by US Colombia operatives.

    Pandemic and chaos. Civil war comes and like the Lincoln event, the North American Union is born and the Democtatic Demonic Juggernaut goes global with the UN One World Order.

    Since my formula was off scale I still predict the big earthquake in LA this year and riots. (weather channel on the 8's)

  2. PS - FIFA World Order Cup. Beware the 8 ball ?la Ocho"
    Not ESPN Dodgeball but World Cup False Flag on the 8's

    Germany whips Brazil 7-1

    Check out Google Doodle for today. Very OCHO from the CINCO

    Fanatics and mind controlled sheep have no clue what to cry about. Training tears for the real tragedies.

    How pathetic is this?