Monday, May 5, 2014

5/04/2014 — Pacific Plate under major stress — VOLCANIC earthquakes in Japan, and USA



If you would like to "catch up" on what's going on on your round ball, you should scroll down at the link above for a quick overview, with additional discussion and links for deeper insights...

This was a 4/08/14 post on happenings which is related to the present unrest:

The Asthenosphere is in a state of flux, thus putting the plates themselves in a state of high unrest.

"You may be wondering why this volcanic earthquake activity is occurring.

For an explanation, please listen to the discussion from Friday nights 2 hour broadcast, where I fully cover the “why” behind this movement". ( 1st hour of the May 2nd 2014 broadcast )


  1. This is very interesting. None of it mentioned on the news yesterday--I guess they don't want to terrify folks in Tokyo. The earthquake was pretty impressive there, but we slept through it on the west side of Mt. Fuji, though we are practically equidistant from the epicenter.

    The Oshima volcano south of Tokyo erupted about 25 years ago, so even if that goes again, it doesn't mean Mt. Fuji will too.

    But you've given me some homework to do. Thank you much for posting this!

  2. What they did do is step up the CARBONGATE climate hoax rhetoric as I predicted they would do after lame duck II second term. The Media will go on a frenzy to promote the climate change meme.

    When the facts that the hurricane number has declined and that droughts and floods are typically cyclic, they will create another Katrina. The reason I left Florida was I expected it sooner than later. But in 2013 I predicted a Katrina/Andrew with multiple HAARP tornado vortexes and maybe I will be vindicated this year as they have a lot of money and time invested in this big con.

    GORE & BLOOD have been patiently awaiting the Master controllers to unleash the SANDY HOOK for climate change. The storm Sandy was just a primer for what they have planned.

    The truth about Benghazi is obviously an assassination and a game changer. I suspect there will need to be a large deflection/distraction event in the works. Whether it be Russia, Climate event or False Flag homeland attack, it's a toss of the dice. I do expect a weather season wrought with extremism knowing that al-CIAda and Climate change are run by committee.

    DIRE warnings for temperature shifts and infrastructure failures will lead their con before the events come. Good time for another economic tie up. Trillions are up for the taking.

  3. Astute observations, I believe. As you know, I believe in global warming, but also think we haven't really seen any big effects yet. To call any particular event "proof of global warming" is to make a mockery of climate science. I believe HAARP and other similar facilities are capable of tweaking storms to make them more impressive or to dissipate them. With people catching on to the Ukraine manipulation, there is a good chance of TPTB abandoning that and resorting to other "shock and awe" tactics. Nothing like a good storm free up land for grabbing and provide the rationale for implementing an agenda. Unlike the Ukraine, where you hear from the various "human being had"s, it's easier for them to call anyone with awareness "conspiracy theorists" and harder for the average person to see how they are being manipulated. They can pull off a Boston with no problem, but with so many people aware and scrutinizing them, it's probably harder to pull off another 911. But earthquakes and storms are natural phenomena, or at most, signs to some folks that God is angry about some sinners.

    Must be fun being a stinker playing God.

    We're off the coast, and glad you are too.