Thursday, September 12, 2013

Regime Change - Sanitized

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We would like to live as we once lived, but history will not permit it.~ John F. Kennedy

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Kissinger pressed Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government because his "'model' effect can be insidious," documents show

On 40th anniversary of coup, Archive posts top ten documents on Kissinger's role in undermining democracy, supporting military dictatorship in Chile

Kissinger overruled aides on military regime's human rights atrocities; told Pinochet in 1976: "We want to help, not undermine you. You did a great service to the West in overthrowing Allende."

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 437

Posted -- September 11, 2013

Edited by Peter Kornbluh

For more information contact:
Peter Kornbluh 202/374 7281 or

[caption id="attachment_18643" align="alignright" width="215"]You Can Imagine What Happens Next? THE KISS OF DEATH[/caption]

Washington, D.C., September 11, 2013 -- Henry Kissinger urged President Richard Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government in Chile because his "'model' effect can be insidious," according to documents posted today by the National Security Archive. The coup against Allende occurred on this date 40 years ago. The posted records spotlight Kissinger's role as the principal policy architect of U.S. efforts to oust the Chilean leader, and assist in the consolidation of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.

The documents, which include transcripts of Kissinger's "telcons" -- telephone conversations -- that were never shown to the special Senate Committee chaired by Senator Frank Church in the mid 1970s, provide key details about the arguments, decisions, and operations Kissinger made and supervised during his tenure as national security adviser and secretary of state.

"These documents provide the verdict of history on Kissinger's singular contribution to the denouement of democracy and rise of dictatorship in Chile," said Peter Kornbluh who directs the Chile Documentation Project at the National Security Archive. "They are the evidence of his accountability for the events of forty years ago."

Today's posting includes a Kissinger "telcon" with Nixon that records their first conversation after the coup. During the conversation Kissinger tells Nixon that the U.S. had "helped" the coup. "[Word omitted] created the conditions as best as possible." When Nixon complained about the "liberal crap" in the media about Allende's overthrow, Kissinger advised him: "In the Eisenhower period, we would be heroes."

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  1. The following are the first 2 comments of today's Wayne Madsen Report (with embedded links o his site) at

    "Kerry meets Kissinger on Syria on the 40th anniversary of Kissinger's fascist coup in Chile. John Kerry is a piece of reptile excrement. Kerry has slapped every Chilean in the face. Beacon Hill jerk.

    McCain's and Kerry's "go to gal" for Syrian rebel propaganda, Elizabeth O'Bagy, lied about having a PhD. She's in good company: Kerry lied about his Vietnam war "exploits" and McCain lied about the USS Forrestal fire and singing like Edith Piaf to his Hanoi captors. We can call Liz "Curvy Ball." Head of Institute for the Study of War Kim Kagan "surprised" that O'Bagy would lie. Kagan is the wife of Fred Kagan of AEI, and sister-in-law of Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland, in other words the chief lying neocon weasels of DC".

    The company that these elite "keep", the creeps that they consult with, tells the citizens of the world all they need to know. As long as vampires like these walk free, it is "open season" 24/7, 365 days a year on anything that pumps blood. WE have GOT TO WAKE UP to this FACT! And do what needs to be done to protect humanity from our predator enemies.


  3. Damn! Its a freaking coven of these ghouls!

    On the link at they even go so far to cryptically end the page with the aptly named "Anne Marie Slaughter", one of Obama's former demons...

    "Other members of the board include figures ranging from former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, who served in George W. Bush's administration, to Anne Marie Slaughter, formerly State Department Director of Policy Planning in the Obama administration".

  4. I'd like to see every one of those criminal liars you mention there dragged out of their mansions and hanged.(except for Wayne M that is) Trial? We don't need no stinkin' trial. They are proven traitors. It's amazing how their evil deeds manifest on their faces. They look demonic and anything but human. They have dead eyes and we all know the eyes are the windows of the soul.

  5. Never before has our mantra on the left-right paradigm been so evident. CHANGE has reared it's head as one of seven, to show the global regime change to ONE WORLD under the committee of 300.

    Tension isn't working in the foreign theatres as much as the economic theatres. There are realities of final strokes with the public offering for twitter and facebook moves that shows the desperation of trying to make brick and mortar out of electromagnetic and genetic debris. What can you see when you look at your coca-cola stock and oracle stock? Besides the empty bottles and clouds, the GMO and Full Spectrum Surveillance data warehousing markets will hold it together up the moment you are buried by it.

    Another major committee IMF and FED push to tank the metals is underway. It will be the final one while the paper pushers are doing the dirty work. The Buffets, Goldmans and other oracles are going to buy Twitter while using it to destroy investors worldwide. This is like watching the salmon struggle to the beaches to die. I'm exhausted just looking at the Zero-Hedges trying to figure it out while the manipulators are making the rounds, half of America is atpoverty level.

    October will have a surprise over the Hurricane that will hit the mainland. Nestor sounds good. When the committee says they control the reality, it is never more evident than it is on Wallstreet.

  6. Collateral Damage in Panopticon

    Google Street View driver in triple crash and run

  7. Close encounter
    However, this frog got an altogether closer view of the Ladee Moon probe launch at Nasa's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. (Copyright: Nasa)


  8. Shadow flight
    A Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle takes off during a Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, mission at Nasa's Wallops Flight Facility. (Copyright: Getty Images)


    The irony and hypocrisy in this modern day political "full spectrum of defiance to humanity" cancerous tumor, is seen daily by anyone willing to look. And how can you not?! This is a medical anomaly, a frankenstein creature created by madmen and madwomen. A FREAK of NATURE is it not?!

    Witness, Once Again, the political leaders of America seeking out the "Author of Atrocities" do better learn how to murder their way to their Agenda's "Goal". That Syria's name is being associated with this 'meeting' is as the "Kiss-of-Death" for those people there. And Kerry and Obama and others are the willing actors.

    Do consider the dire meaning of this "consultation".

    IRONY ALERT! Kissinger is a Destroyer of human beings bar none. Yet, like Obama, Kissinger is also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient (noted in the link below), unbelievable as that is.

    This "relationship" with The Evil One signifies the continued tryst between the U.S. and the Dark Forces of World Domination. Death is their calling card. --

    We see Obvious duplicity and hypocrisy in virtually every move made by the faux "public servants" euphemistically called "leaders". COTO has been watching and documenting the bizarre actions and distractions for years now. Here's one now:

    Amerika has now attained the Top 'Bad' Dog title around the world. When duplicity and Lies are the bedrock foundation for building a regime, this Always results in a faulty structure that will one day implode. The higher this ugly thing goes, the more out-of-balance it gets, teetering, leaning, and eventually collapsing by the immutable Law of Gravity unwilling to sustain that which is "against nature".

  10. Puddy, Check out the tech talked about in this post linked to Jim Stone:

  11. Hi kids. I'm back. Never left, really. Finally "upgraded" browser and after some serious geeking-- got my system to work among the internuts. still do not do facebook or linkdin or any of that crap. still difficult to navigate without launching a gobillion unseen scripts.

    Don't pay much to that "political" shit anymore. It's a HOFOG (How Fucking Obvious does it have to Get). "Syria" is a distraction... jingle the keys while we are being loaded into our car seats... "...WHO's a pretty girl?" jingle jang jingle. A few weeks ago we exceeded the planet's annual carrying capacity.

    A few years ago, we only consumed 2/3 of the yearly produced stuff (like food) by the end of the year. And of course Peak Oil has already peaked... and global warming ("climate change," whatever) is irreversible. Been doing research on US Civil War/ Chancellorsville/ and the Germans (particularly Schurtz and the 48ers/ Turners).

    "Socialism" was a term far more understood than it is today (in the USA) after over century of intense propaganda. During the war, we were become aware of "germs," not unlike our waking awareness of "memes" today. Of course you know there were 2 poor boys killed by germs for every one killed by bullets, bayonets, shrapnel and shit.

    Here in Krakkerland, I am getting really crabby hearing all this yammering about THE "government." There IS NO "government." Only scheming (largely invisible) warlords as we settle into neo-feudalism. All the poo in the papers and natter on the nets has little to do with what's really happening: The Die-Off. Dancing around the room like a mad elephant.

    Chirp about "chemical weapons" while pissing Willie Peter.

  12. Nice to have you swoop in Waldopaper!

  13. From Zen Gardner's site --

    "The Imploders: 9/11 Conspiracy Blown Wide Open" -- "Explosive information “out of the shadowy black operations underworld from which it came”. A new video compilation of evidence of collusion, fraud and murder uncovered by tenacious researchers. Some serious 9/11 dot connecting you won’t want to miss. – Zen"

    Also see:

    Now see where all the political, financial, MIC, and MSM complicitors are today? Did they move Up or Down? With the destruction, of bringing certain things "down", some individuals, interests, corporations, etc. are suspiciously able to "leverage" themselves Up in a mighty way.

    How has the general populations of America & Iraq, & Afghanistan fared? What's been the "Trend"? Yep, Down. Again, put on the correct pair of glasses and somethings come into focus that you just didn't see before...

  14. Whoo hoo! I 'm happy to see you dude. Socialism, like eugenics are just terms for the best and worst of intentions. Beware the s.ytimg scripts as they are wired to the STASI mainframes.

    Turkish prosecutors indict Syrian rebels for seeking chemical weapons -RT

  15. Im calling out that pic as BS. Why would it not be? Toooo well focused on too many objects. but I'm not totally sure.. 50/50

  16. Thx for posting Waldo.. good stuff

  17. Puddy, you appreciate Stanley Kubrick stuff, so here you go, I just ran across this:

  18. An interesting follow-up to the piece on Kubrick above is --

  19. FACTAMUNDO Boomer. I drive a pre 99 vehicle. My research says that's the safe date. We know about the electric car scam, the tire scams, the ethanol scam, the OPEC scam, the hydrogen capture scam, the possible cold fusion meme, and carbon/deforestation scam.

    I have revealed several times the fact that you are bugged even down to furniture. Lamps, chairs included. Not just computers and refrigerators. I have crummy furniture as you know or antique.

    I buy used computers and clean them out. I cannot stop the script surveillance but I can most everything else. Check your fire sensors as well but you will need a high range radio detector 300 MHz and 3 GHz ranges.

    RE: Snowden, the farce is a ploy if Russian - US over Syria escalates, then Snowden becomes an enemy of the state along with the rest of us. Watch how Snowden shuts down free speech and whistleblowers in the GRID, a www network where you can tread into the "DEAD ZONE"

  20. Very interesting, as its a personal confrontation with the Death Dealer himself -- Henry Kissinger. Do notice General Betrayus doing the honors, and his words. The creatures that would attend such a fete as this are seriously, horrendously "MAD"...