Saturday, September 21, 2013

Like me now?

Had this printed-up to counter some of the mindlessness I encounter from partisans.


  1. Yea, Obama lovers can't be happy with that and Bush lovers have to like what the Obama regime has done. hahaha... confusion reigns amongst the partisans!

  2. Most of them don't even know this happened. Obama did this the same week he started his war mongering in earnest.

    Then there was Hillary getting the "Liberty Award" of the anniversary of 9/11 from none other then Jeb Bush.

    These are "head meet wall" days.

  3. I honest-to-goodness was going to vote for Romney this last time, but then my family assured me that a vote for Anderson was a vote for Romney, so I felt reassured and voted for Anderson. If Romney were president, I'm sure the lefties would find some way of blaming the problems of Obamacare on the republicans and quickly ditch it. Coming from a basically leftist perspective, I think Romney would have been a much better choice, because there would be all kinds of people raising hell over the NSA rather than thinking it's okay because, after all, it's a democratic administration--they're the good guys!

  4. Yea, hitlery gets the Liberty Award and Obomber gets the Peace prize... this is truly the orwellian upside down world we read about.

  5. Hi Pat :) Insanity reigns. I too was a liberal democrat my entire life. That affair ended when Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was off the table. I never looked back. I will never understand the wild support for Obama when it was obvious to anyone paying attention that he was Bush in black face well before the election.

  6. Yes, it was some 5-years ago that we all here waving red-flags, and then "poof" here we are! Buried in red.

  7. Geez, Patricia -- a vote for "any" of them is voting for more abuse from the criminal elite. sElections are Suckers Games, and they need to be tossed into the toilet where they belong until "honest" elections of "honest" individuals can be accomplished. The Left/Right thing is no choice at all.

    Speaking of the toilet; these elite ilk can pass all the fraudulent "legislation" they want, and it doesn't mean a damn thing. They're playing at God for their Zionist keepers. As noticed, they pardon their cronies, they make back room deals to enrich themselves and their cronies, they give each "awards" and "prizes", all in a failed attempt to legitimize their ill-gotten, elite Club "power" and faux prestige.

    Hell, Obama's in like company. Henry Kissinger ALSO received the "Nobel Peace Prize". What does that tell ya? And John McCain is quoted lauding Mr. Kiss-of-Death at his 90-something birthday as, "The most respected man I know". That tells you something about this Mr. McCain! Remember the pic that's been posted here before of Obama giving George H.W. Bush some kind of medal? Medal of "Freedom" or something.

    Its ALL theatre for the masses, and utter horseshit. No one should put any more worth in their pardons, legislation, awards, or other kitsch than a plugged nickel (as the saying goes). Its all in the name of creating the Cult-of-Personality. Everyone of them is a Failed, piece-o-shit at helping humanity in any way whatsoever. They are all corrupt, psychopathic, manipulative Monsters. And should be viewed and treated as such by all of humanity.

    I hope to see their pretend charade turn to toast on a spit in the near future.

    By the way. I am the "Chancellor of the Exchecquer & Patron of the Party Favors". I have a plaque and a medal on the wall to prove it. Sorry, you're not hear to view it. But believe it and its true. I wield much Power by my proclamations!

    And, "I", by all rights duly invested in my mostly honorary title, do hereby repeal ALL DEBTS of any COTO CREW member! A Jubilee is proclaimed, and your debts are heretofore charged to the private American Express Gold Card of Mr. Barack Obama. Unlimited Freedom is yours to live as you like, do as you do, for the rest of your natural lives.

    Liberty is Yours!

  8. But...but...every time I don't vote, I'm told that I'm in fact voting for whoever it is the speaker doesn't want to win! What's a poor girl to do? (But honestly, this is the part of Lobaczewski's "hysteroidal cycle" that gives it its name. Unimaginable slavery to illusions so pathetically transparent that history--should it occur--will once again wonder at how such a thing could possibly happen.) My attempt to look as "normal" as possible has some self defense value, given the circumstances.
    Thank you for the Jubilee! My natural life looks like until I get shot or freeze to death, but there will probably be a few years in between to enjoy my freedom.

  9. That's the problem Pat. They snow everyone into thinking that. When in fact, both parties work for the same interests and it ain't ours !! They play good cop bad cop. Who pays for their campaigns? The same banksters and robber barons. I always voted until this past election. I voted for Nader twice prior to that and caught hell from other liberals telling me I was giving the vote to the republicans. That really pissed me off.. Nader or McKinney would be the only choice a self respecting progressive should have ever considered in the first place.

    No more voting until after the revolution for me.

  10. Great rant Boomer ! If only you really did have the power to transfer my debt to Obomer's Amex card I'd truly feel free for the first time in a long time.

    Btw, thanks for standing up for me on that other thread. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate it.

  11. Hell yea M.. Let's get the posse ridin' !

  12. Amen, sister.

  13. Aye. You stated you were willing to "let it go", however your nemesis seems to not be able to "work with you". I'm sorry for that, but it is only under his control. I'm simply fed up with it.

    It comes in on my windshield now as BugSplat! I don't need that, and We don't need that here. It can be remedied, but only by the splatterer(s).

    You have your own "power" by the way, as we ALL DO. How logical is it that a Tyrant waves his pen, and people disappear? Here in America, and elsewhere. Is that Freedom or Tyranny (rhetorical question of course)?

    I believe a great many of Humanity have been awakened by the sheer maniacal bloodlust of the elite for this Syria conflagration. And its not even just the murderous insanity of the destruction that would befall the innocents caught in the destruction in Syria.

    It is The Fuse, the fusion if you will, the fission these maniacs are attempting to light afire. They well know that if they can light up Syria at this time, They will have caused catastrophe and devastation on an ever-widening World scale, because of all the National Powers who would be pulled in. In fact, they are counting on this! WE can easily see this. Which is WHY Humanity, and Humanity's TRUE Heroes & Defenders MUST STEP UP at this time to defuse and defang these insane entrenched madmen & women.

    Let us hope that 10's and 100's of millions have had enough of this insanity, and are ready to "Get Up, Stand Up" for Their Rights, and Don't Give Up the Fight!

  14. Since anything can be true, there might be some credence to this proposition? "WASHINGTON D.C. NAVY YARD SHOOTING LINKED TO ATTEMPTED ARREST OF OBAMA FOR TREASON".

    Of course, WE probably won't know will we?

    And then again, D.C. is a NEST of creatures just like Obama. Cut the head off the snake, and who's next? Biden. HoHoHeeHee Wheee! Then who? Kerry? Rimshot! I'm not up on how the progression works, but you can see the its a Hydra facing Americans and the World.

  15. Cult of Personality is all you get in an election. If sheeple looked at platform promises from Reagan to date, they'd see the polar, in deed and promises kept in only the further creation of the welfare statist class. True conservatives would have nipped WTO in the bud as well as the open borders and the liberals, eliminated the foreign engagements and popped the defense bubble. The Bush-Clinton Triad broke ranks with the fast track SOeTOro in the JFK camelot and Carter model.

    We have not seen the end of Bush-Clinton by any means but what we are witnessing , I believe, is the transition from the left right paradigm to the first independent. Not a Ross Perot, mind you. That ship sailed long before the election fraud and crime spree began. If Obamacare holds to 2016 while the economy stagnates or to some decline, then the plan was to paint the aisles purple to remove the red stain and blue bullshit that adorns the rag we call a flag of freedom and the awakening.

    Who will emerge from this stinkhole? Rand, Rocky, Bullwinkle??? Among the cult of DC, the committee must see the cult of personality deteriorating and have something special planned if we get there. Surely not Hilly or Christie can obtain the force to win the seat even with black box magic. Somewhere, some thoroughbred is being brushed and was likely sitting in wings at BILDERBERG and will hail from Hollywood.

    It Rat-Pack time me thinks, or we are in Martial Law and Barry runs the show like FDR for 9 or more. The deep conspiracy authors say transition to global governance does not exceed 2020 and some say sooner. So we might want to practice saying Si Se Puede, el presidente or Bey al-Qadir depending on which puppet they prefer.

  16. My approach would be to renounce citizenship, obtain illegal status, demand the perks that go with illegal status (free everything) and cast a write in vote for 'Chad Hanging.'

  17. Thank you for the link. The news of the Navy shooting never made it to Japan. In fact, except for a brief outburst from alternative sources in America, I heard nothing about it. I think a lot is happening behind the scenes now, and I would not be surprised at all to see the Net cut off entirely at some point. A coup d'etat would probably be a blessing. But not necessarily.

  18. I don't even have the choice, either vote or get fined $80 bucks or so, oh the great southern land of the free and that democracy bullshit. lol The recent election I did actually vote for Clive Palmer who is a billionaire trying to setup his own party, I think I like him because he calls the other partys puppets and bullshit artists and has even said the green party is funded by the CIA.. haha so true.
    Go Clive!!

  19. Classic Patrick! I copied and filed this under "Ponerology" next to "Survival Tips from the Roma."

    I just got the following from Tony Boys a few days ago, and will pass it along as of possible interest here:

    "My simple assessment is that the powers will expose us to a serious event about once in ten years. 9/11 and 3/11. 11 stands for the twin towers. 3 may stand for the three destroyed reactors. It looks like there will be three events so the obvious candidate would be sometime in 2021, but now that the olympics (a corporate festival if ever there was one) have been so tied up with the fukushima disaster ("it's all under control"), and for symmetry (they like symmetry - e.g. as in the major cities of the US and Europe - thumbing their noses at the populations with the most obvious elements of their environment) 2020-6-11 seemed like a candidate (2001, 2011 and then the clincher in 2020), and now we hear that the olympics is to open in TYO on 6/24 2020... What does "6" mean? [911 meant "emergency"] - we may not know until after... However, this is very simplistic (yet all these big psychopathic criminals like to give tantalizing clues about what they intend to do) so we will have to see how things work out in the next few years. In my novel, not moving forward much at the moment, I give an alternative scenario which is very much in the same kind of time frame..."

  20. My own affair with them ended much sooner, because no one in the democratic party was ready to think long term. Anyone who understands exponential growth could see we had hardship coming. At that point (1980 or so) I believed in technology if we devoted enough resources to it. I no longer do. Reagan defunded solar energy research, but now I think we probably would have hit hard limits with that anyway.
    It was with Reagan that I began to see that beyond a certain amount of window dressing, presidents were not free to implement reforms to their liking. I kind of felt sorry for Mr. Reagan. He seemed sincere, at least. (But my aunt who was a big fan of his as a girl, got to sit next to her idol at a dinner party, and describes him as the biggest jerk she ever met. A Hollywood stuffed shirt. And this relates to Patrick's comment below as well. A movie hero everyone relates to personally without knowing a goldarn thing about her (wanna bet?) in actuality is a likely candidate. We ought to keep tabs on who is being favored by the Bilderbergs. How about Amazon Jolie?)

  21. I was part of the Green Party at its inception, and there were two factions, one of them friendly and hard working, really devoted, and the other, "realistic," unfriendly... from Mars? Guess which one took control.

    I am beginning to like Chad Hanging.

  22. orwellian world since 2001... fer sure.

    Nice graphic, M. It exemplifies that these madmen forget the difference b/w lawful and legal. Since 01, all kinds of things are legal today that are wholly unlawful

  23. Rady! How the hell are ya! Btw, nice pic. Love the longer hair look. What have you been up to besides your excellent food freedom blog?

  24. OMG, great to see Rady! And she's got a blog! Oh fantastic! I'll go look at it.