Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pale Blue Beam - Clair de Lune

There are no coincidences in the GooglePlex

google doodle for 8/22/13 = 3




A Drill Simulating an Attack on the Power Grid in November – The Next False Flag Event? Meet the GridEx Monster - Jersey Girl


Thanks for posting JG.
Hmm I wonder if the 3 yellow balloons were a MK trigger.

By: jay7sun on August 21, 2013

I think the NASA-NSA confirmed three balloons and three events in the psyop. Can you decipher them? If you want help please search for Serge Monast and his untimely death as well as his associate. Read his info on Bluebeam. Congratulations to Deb for picking up the exercise and predicting the event.  It does get easier, does it not?

three baloons-Claire de lune


  1. From Hollywood


  2. 1-"Prélude" (see Tempo rubato)
    2-"Menuet" (see minuet and trio)
    3-"Clair de lune" (see Bergamask)
    /4-'Passepied" (see allegretto ma non troppo)

  3. Bradley Manning Headed To Prison, While Those Who Authorized Torture Go Free- August 22, 2013

    Bradley Manning: I want to live as a woman named Chelsea:,0,4128824.story

    Time to refresh yourselves on Monarck and MK-Ultra. He and Snowden are Manchurian {Delta] and/or beta [sex] slaves. Assange and or Greenwald could be handlers. Assange may be a programmer.

  4. boomerangcomesbackAugust 22, 2013 at 7:17 AM -- Wayne Madsen points out Cass Sunstein is on the panel -- "Cass Sunstein appointed to Obama's NSA review panel. Now that's so reassuring!".

    "Appointed"...they sure can pick em, aye?!

  5. tempus 3/4 to 98 = committee allegretto. The movement is faster now my musical friend.

    The fox guarding henhouse - too big to fail (put your best man on it certainly.) We can't have another disenfranchised 911 commission can we?
    Certainly not after the judges ruling and recent revelations (not that this coto didn't assume it years ago)

    Breton in triple time:

    I think ultimately this will come down to simple Austerity, bank theft and martial law under a false flag. It is time to get your money out of the banks, convert to food and survival commodities/barter and keep enogh in to pay your soon to be unaffordable or unavailable power and NSA feed.

    Have a small faraday can at least for your laptop, cellular devises, batteries and short wave receiver. Everyone should buy a hand cranked radio (3 band)/charger.

    THE MID SUMMERS NIGHT DREAM is upon the country. The outcome is 911squared.

  6. The group will “consider how we can maintain the trust of the people [and] how we can make sure that there absolutely is no abuse,” President Obama said two weeks ago when announcing the group’s formation, without identifying who would be on the panel.

    *Obama is a liar. (confirmed 252 times)
    *The Panel is rigged (noted)
    *The procedure since the Church Hearings is that you provide backdoors and coverts to use the system. ie. Promis (declassified)

    (refer to extraordinary rendition-we don't torture, but they do)


    Add the fact that these fucking "high sources" said the issue was if an email they targeted [A] was sent to [B] and [B] had been sent at sometime to [C=n....] then they were all collected.

    They said it was a system error. BULLSHIT! I could write that fucking code in C, Cobalt or Matlab. What kind of idiots could even entertain these shitbags?

  7. I think Mr CatI was saying the colors of the balloon were significant. What do you make of the Claude Bebaussey banner?

  8. DSM-APPlication - In California, officials are ramping up a unique program that identifies and seizes guns from people who are prohibited from keeping them. Under state law, a legally registered gun owner loses the right to own a firearm when he or she is convicted of a crime or becomes mentally ill.

    read more at:

    You don't need an education to see the Genesis Program, DSM and the global Warming HOAX converging to one world tyranny.


    Global Warming Will Make World Violent.

  9. There will be tremors

    Mexico: On 21 August 2013, at approximately 0738 local time (1238 UTC), a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southern state of Guerrero and was felt in Mexico City. The quake was centered approximately 34 mi/54 km east of Acapulco or approximately 167 mi/268 km south of Mexico City. The quake was measured at a depth of approximately 22 mi/35 km. The quake caused buildings to sway in the capital, prompting some residents and office workers to evacuate their buildings. There were reports of telephone lines falling in Acapulco and unconfirmed reports of power outages in parts of Mexico City. However, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) stated that the power infrastructure is functioning normally following the earthquake. Shortly after 0800 local time, a 5.6-magnitude aftershock was registered. So far, there have been no reports of damage or injuries; however, officials were conducting checks in areas of Guerrero that are located closest to the epicenter.

  10. Three balloons for Debussy.. I know what the blue one stands for. I do love the music of Debussy especially claire de lune.. so very hauntingly pretty.