Saturday, August 31, 2013

Five Things You Should Know About Disappearances - Africa:


Amnesty International

[Every year in dozens of countries around the world, thousands of men, women and children are detained by state authorities for no reason, never to be seen again. They are the "disappeared". In 2012 alone, Amnesty International documented such cases in 31 countries. Here are five facts you should know on International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, 30 August.] read more via Africa: Five Things You Should Know About Disappearances (Page 1 of 3).

How Qaddafi intended to unite Africa did not fly with the NATO-OTAN Military Industrial complex and their banking corporate benefactors. Benghazi was the CIA hub for the distribution of al-CIAda and Gladio mercenaries and puppets like Barry in the forms of Kony's and Phonies. The bloodbath is ramping up.

Obama to Africa : Stay Poor Or The World Ends - Better yet, stay dead

One of the Three Top Reasons - The Black Pope was slated for POTUS was to sell the Africom, Austerity, Agenda 21 to the black peoples  which he hates more than whitey. His brothers assisting in the rebel murderers in several key countries will bring the same springs and hegemony we have come to know in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

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  1. He kills American but not Mexiican Drug Kingpins: Wikileak Memo: Obama Refused DEA Permission to Ass...

  2. UN weapons inspectors say analysis may take up to three weeks

    Just the exact amount of time Congress is off on their sex junket. They ought to ready for blood after a tax paid five week vacation.


  4. Like Qaddafi, Tunisian assassinations and Egypt coups the real battles are everywhere. In 2010 Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, the president of Nigeria was assassinated by doctor when he went to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment instead of a neutral, better medically equip state. Upon his return he died from some committee kill like so many others and was replaced by a NWO ringer in Jonathan Goodluck.

    All over Africa the Obama banking minions are cleaning house and changing regimes. What the APP and IMF are doing is perpetuating genocides, ignoring them for staged deflections like Syria and covering up the many hotspots and bloodbaths going on from Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Mali and Algeria after years of blood in the Ivory Coast, Cote d'ivoire and Angola.

  5. Time to throw that imposter BO out of HIS big house ! The arrogance of this man and his manner drive me stark raving mad. So, everyone needs to give up their house, their a/c (in african heat !) and their car so the planet doesn't boil over but this jackass and his family and cabinet and all of the congress get to keep their houseS and several cars and can jet all over the world... fuckin''ll be boiling over in hell soon enough.

  6. haha...they really made madonna look as ugly in the cartoon as she is in real life ;)
    Pretty funny video. "there are no orphans in amerika" We're in big trouble with these two "saving Africa".

  7. the same lies are told over and over and over again. By the time they are done their analysis, the sheeple will forget what they were investigating in the first place.

  8. i am really getting the vibrations that the committee isn't happy either. Even the Bush DVD and Clintons are way past the "O" man.

    The biggest event would be "the departed" and it would provide massive cover for the final knells in the operetta. Suspecting it since 2010 with the 50 on JFK.

  9. BENGHAZI ALERT: Syrian Sideshow Hides New FOIA Report – Obama White House Let Them Die - by Ulsterman on September 1, 2013

    [FOIA’s Denied

    FOIA’s filed by CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson related to Benghazi were denied. PJ media covered her string of tweets detailing that the FBI told her she cannot have any information – not even a single page. Attkisson also requested photos from the White House of the situation room that night, like the ones taken for the Bin Laden raid. To date, the White House has not responded to that request. You’d think a big event like that would have been photographed and put in the Situation Room Album.

    A different FOIA request brought to light confirmation that there were two separate resources available the night of the attack but neither were activated to save our personnel nor were they used to secure the crime scene.]