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Huh. Not much commentary on this subject. This has been a work-in-progress through the day, as I intake more information. If you were to look at NewsStands, you'd think Clinton "Lit up the Place!" with panache and poignant rhetoric! My initial thought is, "Clinton ripped a hearty farty, and a flagrant lighter caused a Flash Bang episode". Krowd Kontrol was imposed, and then the episode was excused, forgotten, and the subject changed to repetitive banalities which hip-no-tized the crown. I could be misinterpreting of course.

[caption id="attachment_19695" align="alignnone" width="220"] Boot Them All Out![/caption]

Clinton 2012 DNC Speech "selling" Mr. Obama to the masses

I suggest a quick scan of the rhetoric, so the sticky napalm-like stuff won't stick to you and present a hazard. But, let it register briefly before discarding it like trash found in the attic.

Consider the man, and his deeds. Consider his wife, and her deeds. Consider Obama, and his deeds.

When I consider Clinton, certain Red Flags pop up in front of me -- namely, Mena, AR, WACO, Lying, Yugoslavia/Serbia, etc. I consider this flaming behind-the-scenes examination --

When I see politicians' lips move, I consider they are lying. As for Mr. Clinton, he is considered by some as the consummate "Politician". This intoned by blinded men and women as a virtue. I consider him a consummate LIAR. A virtuous liar? I consider most of the latest and greatest pResidents as narcissistic sociopaths/psychopaths. The difference only by degree. A great number of individuals surrounding them are of the same stripes when one considers what it must take to care out orders of the nature given. "Takes one to know one?". Let's just say they tend to hang out together...kinda like gangs do. They even have their own "Hook Em Horns Hand Sign" they like to flash. All Texas fans I guess?

Take a look at the people's faces across the top of the page for the link above. DRONES-- Somebody somewhere flicks their joystick, lips move, pens write and sign off, and Bad Things fall out of the sky on the unsuspecting below. People like these are THE PROBLEM, not the solution. These are individuals who are responsible for where America is TODAY! And the cast of characters going back quite a number of years, including ALL of Congress and many other movers and shakers and fakirs also bear responsibility. Bad Actors in a horror movie script.


WOW! Read some of this writer's scalding descriptions -- Translating And Dissecting DC Lies By Karl Schwarz

I note the Trend, the Trajectory of America and its Ideals is distinctly DOWN, and has been for a long time. This can only be attributed to the policies of the administrators along the way. Have the American People worked less, innovated less, strove less for the American Dream than in times past? No! If anything, WE work harder with diminishing results. Flailing against Ripoffs, Bailouts, and Zero Accountability. Legislation, policies, and policy Makers are to blame. No accidents here. This is all intended.

What is Obvious is that so much is False, Fake, Fodder for Fools. Don't let it be You!'re all "Propaganda'd Up", waving your spangled flag, riding an elephant or an ass down to the voting booth, and WHAMMO! Out of the sky, like a drone strike, drops this video from FOX SNEWS of all places -- whaddaya do with this news? BOOT EM ALL OUT!
Video: Reporter Confronts Obama Over Kill-list
September 6, 2012 Source: Fox News

Yep, Amerika needs 30,000 drones in our skies along with all the Big Brother EyeSpy keep us safe. Yeah, we need drone jobs and safety via a Police State and technology. Its a Star-Spangled Suppository Salute! In fact, let's not keep it to ourselves (we don't), let's increase profits (for the 1%, yeah, like Obama, Romney, Clinton, Bushes, Congress, etc.) AND EXPORT! WE SHARE -- BECAUSE "WE CARE". Sing it!

As I survey my chemtrailed skies this a.m., and consider the gigantic waste of money spent on sElection theatre; as I consider 4 More Years for any of the latest Wrecking Crew, or any other Administrators sold as Saviours; as I peruse the alt-news and on-line financial proclamations -- I fail to see the rosy hues painted by men like Clinton. Obama's teleprompter prose falls on deaf ears. Romney's rhetoric clangs like a banging trash can lid in my ears. I've heard it all before. I see where it all has taken us. And America is now almost fully "changed" into Amerika. A country which resembles in form and theme, despotic countries steeped in infamy.

I consider the Obvious. Mr. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize right out of the gate, yet has endorsed and continued UnAmerican and inhumane policies such as "pre-emptive" war, the WOT, torture, and vastly expanded America's military entanglements abroad. The U.S. once again tops the list for spending on Defense (offense), tops the list on Debt incurred, and tops the list as a Dealer of War Materiel sold around the world. The Patriot Act was re-upped. The NDAA invoked, as well as a slew of other legislations for the most part, eliminating all American's Rights granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But, I don't blame Obama, Clinton, the Bushes, or any other figureheads for the state we're in. These puppets simply danced as their strings were pulled, while the real powers behind the scenes directed events and policies to bring us where we are today.

There is a "system" in control, and it is imposed with intent. Events happen for a reason under this system of control. The entire system is corrupt and rotten, manipulated by psychopaths for personal gain. Most of what we "see" is Theatre. Most of what we hear are Lies. Most of what we feel is Pain. If Americans hope to improve their lot, and live as Free Men and Women then they must understand who their enemy is, and systematically dismantle the "system of control".

I'm adding this video as of 6:50am 9-07-12. It will also be put in the comments section of LaughnMatters Thread above, because it deserves the Obvious Derisive Laughter of Millions, that we are not fools buying this fool's snake oil:

Suggested reading, in this order:

Civilization is the Great Lie
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  1. Did someone say psychopaths? I've got a pic for that....

  2. Apt Eyes

  3. You have to give some time Boomer you posted a lot of article-links.;contentBody

  4. I remember the cheers Eric Holder got at Northwestern on the kill list and after holding executive privilege as it applies only to the PResident, you must realize that the law if for the Goyim only. All those who cheered never knew.

    It is the same with the insane masses of simpletons who think it does not include them. Erection 2012 is a ford and a chevy barreling to a bridge out at ninety miles an hour. Should we start a debate on 'Ford or Chevy', should we talk about speeding or should we delve into the finer points of swimming?

    That Rense article by Karl sounded like me ten years ago. Mad as hell. I attacked liberals on Clinton and Conservatives on Bushkins and did it mercilessly. Then I figured out you have to include both in each and every point. Well done. Clinton is the most dangerous man to ever serve as CIC. He remains on the top of my list. I'd hang him first for touting his jobs and budget as he sold us out to WOT-WTO that never materialized until after his exit. I remeber Glass-Steagall (33) and the Slickster signing Gramm-Leach-Bliley in (99). We got 66. SHit.

    He did more damage than any CIC in modern History. This was the most telling proof of the collusion of bi-partisan criminality bent on one mission. Romney will do his best to add his stamp but I have known the outcome of this for two years. This is the last election for America and the winner never sees 2016.

  5. I'm sick of the Theater...the script never changes, just the staging, and actors...

    RNC/DNC poopoopee

    Just another bowel movement in the goonland security state.

    I can sense it now without paying any attention to the yada yada.

    In general terms, who deserves their comeuppance more than Amerikans?


  6. Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you fifty thousand dollars to take a shit live on stage and fifty cents for a great song. ~ Marilyn Manson

    {Satire_Not a real quote}


  7. Puddy -- you are savvy as ever. It is unbelievable that Anyone would trust Any of the pimps put before them as totems. It surely is the Wolf in Sheep's clothing at every Meal. Interestingly, that is what one would expect at a psychopath's feast.

    The Native Indians (check out the Hawaii link as it eloquently covers their heritage, beliefs, and wisdom, whilst scoring the abuses under the infectious and viral white man) suffered and succumbed to subterfuge of a most heinous and psychopathic nature. Who knew of such sickness, when living in Paradise?

    Vote for No One. "Party's" were designed as a Wedge to divide the people. What People want is Truth, and someone they can Trust! Without that, a true North Pole, a vector, a foundation, an anchor...nothing is sure. Navigation is fucked from the start.

    So, I see that ALL of the Actors are disinformation agents, scripted to mess up The People's compass. Be it moral, literal, economic, judicial, etc. Why would anybody vote for That?!

    All make-up and masks tossed aside, these bastards are ALL Proven Liars. The Agenda is thus Lies upon Lies.

    My confidence, and I am assured by observation and facts, is the entire System is infested and rotten. BOOT THEM ALL OUT!

    No roach is safe as long as the light is on...

  8. Danka Boomer. I'm working on another one with a more international flavor....I want to be all inclusive in my 'artistic' pursuits...

  9. Vatic goes over a Gordon Duff piece, and the Obvious pops up repeatedly...

  10. As far as Gordon Duff, and Veterans Today:

    I haven't bought any of Duff's stuff for quite awhile now. There was a time when I thought he was pretty much right on, but for years now I have had to back away shaking my head.

    He also promotes an obvious shill and mole, James Fetzer, who is one of the biggest bullshitters on line - A "Professional Conspiracy Theorist" with some of the most lunatic 'theories' I have ever encountered.

    That Duff has made Fetzer a part of his team gives me the sense that Fetzer came in with a bunch of cash from the Sunstien Operation.

    Fetzer runs one of the "New Wave 9/11 Truth" movements that is out to eliminate the original truth movement by divide and conquer - the old Hegelian dialectic of creating a synthetic antithesis to the original thesis of the inside job. These New Wave 9/11 agents are pied pipers leading the children into the weeds and sticker-patch, with wild tales of woowoo.

    I have quite a bit to say on my COTO thread 'SCRAGGED AGAIN' on the second half of the comments:

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    After all, what are veterans? Jerks who fell for the military jingo jive.
    Guys who continue to identify as "veterans" are still under the influence.


  11. Guess this is the thread to post to... Would love to boot them all out, but people are so asleep and apathetic, I'm not sure it would work... at least not now...

    Anyway, I did watch parts of the DNC Convention (disclosure: I've been a Democrat since 1961 (I was in Second Grade and of course JFK appealed to us young'uns)). Well, one thing that really bothered me was this Osama bin Laden is dead business. The crowd cheered and cheered. And I remember the reaction right after the announcement... cheers and celebrating. Ok, what ever you thought of the guy, he was a human being, and I think celebrating death like that is - somewhow WRONG,

    Not to mention doubts I have about: a) his involvement in 911; b) the whole capture story. Further, that capture story... in at least some versions, he was UNARMED and shot anyway. I'm quite taken aback that our country would just execute someone with no trial, no due process, nothing. Isn't rule of LAW what is supposed to separate us from "the terrorists"?

    That vid of Pres. beingn confronted about the 'kill list' was posted here. Good - let more people know. It just makes me wonder what we're coming to. Of course, our history has been checkered, but you'd think we learn and mature as a country, as a people. Guess we've still got a ways to go...IF we can manage to make our way through whatever might be coming.

  12. I didn't say Duff was right, rather I liked Vatic's comments. If this Fetzer is with Duff (I know you've been slapping him around for some time now regarding 9/11), then Duff is a disinfo jockey. And yes, veterans have many "issues" to overcome. More than most I'd wager.

  13. Cinnamonb -- we're not coming "to" anything. We reached it, and sailed right on past into the myst. Keep hanging around here and the Obvious will jump right out in the road at you.

  14. Thanks Puddy....I find the political ponerology angle interesting...I visualize it like a fine Scotch that gets stronger and better the more it is distilled (think inbreeding...). At this stage of the game...I'd have to say the evil has been well refined...on the brighter side...there's a very logical conclusion to pathocracy....

  15. "Jerks who fell for the military jingo jive" ~ Rogueish1 ;-)

    I was one of those jerks...I never really gave a great amount of thought about it when I joined up...I was looking at the GI money for schooling,of course this was circa 1980's so a different landscape...

    That said...the mind washing that's done in the camps of boot and truly frightening and very effective...I think the first half of Full metal jacket does one of the best jobs in trying to portray it...

  16. Yea Boom,

    I gotcha, I wasn't faulting you in any manner...I thought the Vatic article was valid for sure...I was just pointing out that my critique goes farther.

    As for Fetzer__Here is my response to a comment he made to me tonight. Now just imagine, this guy is supposed to be a scholar and a gentleman...a "professor emeritus" at a top class university:
    . . . . . . . . .

    hybridrogue1 says, September 8, 2012 at 9:54 pm:

    James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. – McKnight Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth says in his most “scholarly language”, on September 8, 2012 at 9:08 pm:

    >”I was asking for the source, you phony shit! You are so hard up for arguments you are doing it in your pants and then displaying your stained underwear here for the world to witness.”
    . . . . . .

    Meanwhile, there is the matter of KINETICS which__of course goes UNANSWERED.
    . . . . . . . . . .


    I certainly don't take you for one who hasn't gotten over your early programming.

    I was in the Air Force and had boot at Lackland AFB near San Antonio TX in 1965.

    I retired after a month in basic, I quit...yes yes, it is a long story, but I was determined to be a "conscientious objector" after a long talk with the Base Commander, after a long and spooky struggle with DI's, Military Psychologists, and other twilight zone encounters...

    The whole reason I got there is complex...isn't all of life???


  17. Yea indeed Cinnamon,

    Hang in here with us as Boom advises. You will find it is true...this is already a full on panoptic maximum security state. It is now just a matter of degrees as this thing moves forward.

    You are right about the medieval brutal attitude of the crowds cheering the "death of bin Laden" -- you are also right to doubt the "Kill Story" of his "death"...he had been dead since December of 2001, died of renal failure in a hospital in Pakistan under CIA surveillance.

    Don't fall for the strategies of tension. Keep your head, stay human, keep your soul....everything is alright, this is just a test, you are on the right path.