Friday, August 24, 2012

Two, Four, 6, Eight...


What do these frequencies make you think of?

Hurricane Andrew 8-24-92 
Hurricane Isaac 8-24-12  [AI-824]
James Eagan Holmes
Denver CO
Wade Michael Page
Bhophal 8-24-85
Floyd Lee Corkins
Chic Fil A 
Deepwater Horizon [28-44: 2010]
Haiti Earthquake
Tampa Florida [28-824]
Fort Brook [1824]  aka Tampa Convention Center [28-824]
Tampa Bay Times Forum [28-82]
Constitutional Amendments 8,2,4


The  Shot Heard Around The World?

I lived through Andrew and I will live through Issac, but someones going to miss that opportunity. Hurricane Andrew one of many SURA-SIHF scalar assaults perpetrated on the people by the Global Military Industrial Complex during the days of stage one in the One World Order agenda.
As I stated in a paper title Midnight, the 180th degree, The Soviet Cold War was not titled such due to the lack of direct confrontation but because the people would be duped into thinking the nuclear buildup was a necessity for security even though the stockpiles confirmed M.A.D. a hundred times over.
A mere component of the triad is a well placed redistribution of wealth and a staged and planned failure of non-globalist sectors. It was named the COLD WAR because it would include the reality of advanced weaponry in Tesla scalar and vector  wave technologies. In this case the endothermic and exothermic processes. Endothermic being the means for energy creation and the likely answer to free energy.
In this paper I stated that the Russian people had suffered during the massive efforts in this military and government spending spree.  This was overshadowed by the Reagan Iran Contra October surprise stagings and star wars psyop to embed the concept into the minds of the dumbed-down masses.
Reagan never saw the UFO but an aberration of Russian research and what it could do in the hands of the IMCC.  Now it's America's turn to take the same path that the Soviets did during the development.  So you can easily look at the economy since Reagan and see the efforts to steal our wealth for a global buildup under Bluebeam WMD, the weaponization of space which is the star wars agenda, global financing to end independence, WOT-WTO and the growing deficits. It's just business and in world order economics, everyone must pitch in, exceptions not noted.
Hurricane Andrew was unique because it was a series of cyclonic cells with the larger cell. It was an example of the power of SIHF and the weapons that made the committee in full control of the planet. Once the Soviets had conspired to create the satellites, ground facilities and data research, they proceeded to test the weapons in a series of events that begin as far back as woodpecker and continued through the Space Shuttle Challenger, KAL007, multiple ENMOD events in seismic assaults on shallow slip faults, volcanic locations and oceanic coordinates.
Hurricane Andrew leveled south Miami, Homestead and  Perrine where I grew up.  I could not believe the devastation as I made trips to deliver water and sandwiches to the victims.  Paths were cut out by 28 known tornadoes spawned by the manipulation of direct heat transfer or vacuum to arctic temps.  Now there are many IHF's and all under NATO-OTAN and NASA control.
Issac will make Florida landfall on Sunday and it's projected path will be handled by SIHF and likely monitored in Arecibo, PR. But the storm may be more symbolic that substance.
The numerology says the Indian event will happen. Update to the Sikh temple WI was confirmed when on 824 GR time the Obama crime group were visiting the temple. The Illuminati incident require the appropriate stagings and Media Ops from President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh which include candlelight vigils in both the U.S. and India. First lady Michelle Obama visited the temple [08-24 Greenwich date]
More information confirms the stooge Page was directed by handlers that could include the sinister girlfriend and CIA operatives.  James Eagan Holmes on the other hand is developing quite nicely in a different vector.  It is not by accident that doctor-patient confidentiality and relationships do not apply to committee staged events. There is constant hypocrisy in how staged events supersede the precedence of previous non-staged events where evidence and information are sequestered, destroyed or killed depending upon circumstances.
It was in 1995 on 8-24 that the Union Carbide false flag government sanctioned terrorist event was conducted on the Indian people and the sacrificial misery continues today.  I still look for the event this year.
The Tampa Florida-Deep Horizon coordinates align with others worldwide but for this piece I want to focus on the two and the Haitian sacrifice that precedes the event. Tampa's unique illuminati markers provides many connections to the agenda. This is highlighted by the fact that the Tampa Convention Center sits on the site of Fort Brooke which a key placement for New World Order genocides in the Seminole Nation and wars which ravaged the native American people and provided a base for operations during the civil war.
I can't ignore the Judge, Tom Head and his recent frequency as an alpha entrainment into the spirit of the revolution minded masses as well as the DHS meme on acid filled eggs by the anarchists.  DHS and  Secret Service have full authority over local authorities for the RNC event. Not a surprise under the completely unconstitutional breeches which litter the dump, that has been the last three administrations.
The convention will be held at the Times Forum where all roman protocol will be adhered to. This event security will cost 50 million dollars and require the deputizing of Xe personnel to assist in the heightened wave of rage planned for this event.  The  Convention Center will be where the staging will take place. All psyops [MISO] will run out of the secret suites in the 8-24 areas in the Forum but will be operated out of the convention center and remote secured locations.
I advise patriots buy or borrow police scanners and use them during the event. Keep in mind the secret testing of communication encryption will be in use. The JFRD recently in Jacksonville, FL will be in use as well as private Secret Service/DHS frequency and encryption. [P25 - This was another part of the analog-digital conspiracy and payphone scams.]
We can look to the Joseph Smith/Native American conspiracies which are fact and conjecture formulate a real connection for Romney and the location for the event. There's substantial illuminati sacrificial rites to consider and you can easily google it to get the depth of this massacre. The Mountain Meadows Massacre and Haun's Mill Massacre link the Native Americans and Militia to this OCCU-Pi location. Interestingly the Mormon Church or LDS Cult acquired the property from the Community of Christ in May 2012. The church had also acquired the Far West burying ground from the Community of Christ.
I believe the RNC and El Haarpo nino (aka Issac) will provide two forms of alpha-beta introduction for events. The fact that Rogues friend and Christian P. say the security is over the top really provides a great laboratory,  false flag or black swan engineered staging.
If the recent liberal whack jobs under MK-ultra are are made to order for a large scale attack on GOP. This would rally the right for the constitutional takeover of the second, fourth and eighth amendments. A certain "shot heard around the world" would make the case too strong not to be carried out. The contentious abortion issue as well as women's movement will add higher  frequency to the event.

The possible;

Bhopal (toxic eggs)  Militia event, Al-CIAda lone wolf shooter?

I don't want to create a visit from the Treasury boys dragging me off to a mental hospital or Guantanamo for drilling and grilling but I think you can see what the shot heard around the world is in my prediction.  When and where may be 8/28/2012 - 11/9/12.   It's  just a thing we are getting used to. There are new details on James Eagan Holmes and as we know, the devil is ALWAYS in the details. Let's see what Ceasar Reince Priebus has planned at the Forum and what hijinks are slated at the staging center/indian burial mound located at 333 S. Franklin Street.'s_Mill_massacre


  1. Richard Belzer is back again DEAD WRONGING Alex Jones on the JFK-RFK-Marilyn Monroe assassination meme. This helps my case. It's 49 to 50.

  2. boomerangcomesbackAugust 24, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    Hey Puddy. When you post articles like this please supply somewhere in the piece, what the initials/acronyms stand for. They're ubiquitous for you I'm sure, but I forget what SIHF stands for. Something In High Frequency, maybe? I dunno. Help us decipher the language until we've got it? I don't text and never will due to personal character "flaws", but I recognize SHTF, LOL, ROTFLMAO, stuff like that, but I probably have the screwed up.

    Help us out, will ya? We require the Puddy Dunne language decoder ring.

    I don't know what the reptiles next "bite" will be, but I hope the White Hats have a lethal and quick response. This sitting around and waiting for the next FF is tedious. I'd rather see a "Stupid Reptile Trick" followed by a Reptile Euthanized response. Ya know, maybe The People will actually get proactive and come up with "legitimate", or "prescribed" "Active Preventative Measures" or some such BS name for taking action "before" the offensive events occur. I couldn't think of the name, but its "Pre-emptive".

    Let's just slide this MIC garbage off the table, and protect ourselves? What a novel concept, aye? I'm sure we can do it for less "doh"!

  3. I still wanna know what's with the duck in the Chinese restaurant.

    What was red?

    A red what?

    Please disambiguate.



    :) :) :)

  5. This update from Sharlene in the immediate battlezone being erected:




  6. ...rose and says "Your eyes sparkle like diamonds". I said, "Waiter, I asked for a-ROMATIC duck". '


  7. "Pornography is often frowned upon, but that's only because I'm concentrating." – George Ryegold

  8. ~ More from the Edinburgh Fringe and Holyrood ~

    Empire State shooting: Bystanders hit by police rounds

    It wasn't the A-Romatic Duck!!

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  10. I want those ducks, they're really cute :) I'm so over tv except for certain things I tivo that I never even heard about today's shooter... Oh well, you seen one shooter, ya seen em all................

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  12. haha that was the queen's face all during the olympics and the dumbasses on my teevee kept saying how much she looked like she was enjoying the opening ceremony....

  13. I used to like Belzer.. thought he was insightful. But yea, like AJ he totally avoids the zionist connection like the plague. I knew he was on but didn't hear the show. I'll have to catch up with it later.

    What do you mean it's 49 to 50?

  14. What is that? Russian?

  15. Drones, tanks, sound canons, pepper spray, tazers... blimps, did I leave anything out?

  16. yea whatta sourpuss le Queenie is...and OOOOOOOOGLAY


  17. "The U.S. Embassy employees were on their way to do training or related work at a nearby military base, the official said."

  18. She looks like Joe Biden in drag...

    What about them ears Jayjee...could I be wrong???



  19. Ahhh but Joe Biden is played by Charlie Sheen who also plays Queen Elizabeth, Hilary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Janet Reno & Wolf Blitzer ! hahahahahaha

  20. boomerangcomesbackAugust 24, 2012 at 8:09 PM

  21. JFK
    gregorian 1963-11-22
    julian 1963-11-9
    hebrew 5724-8-6
    islamic 1383-7-5
    persian algorithmic 1342-9-1
    bahai (1)139-13-19
    indian 1885-9-1
    Next Event? - marked by cycles for each 49-50
    working with 52 for occurence of 33

    Gregorian 2013-11-22 = n

  22. Да, это вы потрясающие существо! ;)

  23. Training? For what. E&E? I think it was a real freindly fire. When they raid the Equadorian embassy for Assange all bets are off. Assange is an agent but still has enemies. Those enemies are our enemies until our government shows it's true face.

    Ambassadors, diplomats and consuls are a little tight assed right now. You couldn't pound a nail in their a-holes with a ball peen hammer.

    "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan." Last words of Holbrooke before his assassination. He meant Pakistan's Zadari and US hegemony to support the Taliban and Karzai triad to insure the CONtinuation of warrant for occupation until such time as GLADIO CIA ops can run it like Iraq.

    The road leads from EU CoL - AfPak - Saudi - Columbia - Mexico -US

  24. благодарите Вас вид сэр

  25. Ha.. "Stripes" funny movie. Whatever happened to Bill Murray?