Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Steering Committee from Sura-Russia with Love

Tropical Storm Isaac - Hurricane Romney

After Haiti gets destroyed again, El Haarpo Nino will ride to the Gulf to dump some blood on the GOP convention and as we know Willard is all wet anyway.

Thanks to Putin,  the anarchists, lone wolves and Occu-Pi will get rained out. Too bad.

APOTHEOSIS: Hurricane season will see three landing this year. Florida gets hit in the gulf coast, Texas in the Padre Island area and Mexico sees flooding from Yucatan storm.


  1. My friend Sharlene is living in Tampa now - she said in an email yesterday that they are already going into Olympics style homeboy lockdown. She needs a special pass to go over the bridge [St. Pete/Tampa], and cannot get into her own neighborhood without it....all the usual hoops to jump through to get said pass. Heavy security is already obvious on the streets there.



  2. boomerangcomesbackAugust 23, 2012 at 5:20 AM

    Somebody really hates Haitians. Hundreds of thousands Still living in tents, 3 years after the FF EQ! The Bush, Jr./ Bill Clinton / Red Cross monies have went "somewhere", and as I posted not too long ago, they did not improve the poor Haitians lot in life --

    I wonder what the chemtrail activity is ahead of the storm?

  3. Yes. Thanks Rogue. What we need is the Syrian Girl on the spot reporting from the geopolitical points of interest. This is the importance of a global community on social networking.

    This is the one they don't want. But as we know they are taking names and numbers as we speak.

    For anyone still uncertain of the googleplex, ie. Facebooking, facial recognito, twitter, google search, paypal, amazon etc. I offer another tidbit-io alpha-beta testing.

    [NEW DELHI - India has threatened to take action against micro-blogging website Twitter over content alleged to have inflamed ethnic tensions against migrants from the northeast, reports said Thursday.

    Internet posts, phone text messages and fake video clips are blamed for spreading rumours that Muslims would attack students and workers from India's northeastern region living in Bangalore and other southern cities.

    Tens of thousands of people fled back to the remote northeast last week, fearing an outbreak of violence.]

    India is targeted and the major event will center there.

    tag: Gladio, MISO, Bluebeam, False Flag


    I hate to blow the COTO horn but I remind all to re-read this and see why this stayed on the top post list for two years. It accurately projected my prediction for Africa.

    This was before the Arabian Spring ever began and it was clear that the committee was going after Africa before China could entrench themselves in the richest continent. Now, two years later it has all come to pass and continues to be the agenda. As sure as we are of this it will be consistent when Haiti gets nailed again that another major push will develop. I choose India-AFPAK. Why? Haiti is the Japan in our hemisphere.

    1. CHINA

    Triad-5 tier

  5. Yes Boomer and I remember and appreciated your recent post. Magnificent work and timely my friend.


    Time for exposure. It comes in cycles and never fails to deflect.

  7. boomerangcomesbackAugust 23, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    This article, "Fingers of Instability" graphically reveals the reality of the world economics Right Now, in snapshot form. I recommend scanning it, to understand the flim flam scams that have resulted in Today's horrendous economic depression. Yes, it is the policy-makers and their self-greed policies that are the cause of The People's Woes:

  8. boomerangcomesbackAugust 23, 2012 at 10:58 AM!

  9. Here's the ultimate slap in the face of Americans. Dimon Jims wanted. Get paid to the level of your criminality.

    'Fast and Furious' ATF Official Granted Paid Leave to Take 6-Figure Job at JP Morgan

  10. boomerangcomesbackAugust 23, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    Go to the Power Point Presentation at the end, because you can read the info faster than this guy speaks.


    [Moreover, the Iranian diplomat was intensely tortured by the CIA through such acts as the piercing of his feet with electric drills (see Annex). In contrast the British detainees were given proper quarters and treated as guests in Tehran. The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) also acknowledged that Sharafi, who would be freed on April 3, was badly tortured. Two different standards were clearly applied.]

  12. My Hero: ELECT Judge Roy Bean and HANG EM HIGH!

  13. Feds warn anarchists could blockade roads, use acid-filled eggs to protest conventions

    Read more:

    Sounds like a waste of eggs to me.

  14. NASA has "power steering"

  15. navigation system, satellite radio and bluetooth. ;)

  16. boomerangcomesbackAugust 23, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Think of that ludicrous justification. Militarized police & all the gear they wield -- in case of deviled eggs...

    Who's fearful? Of what? Better order up 5000 gas masks, 'cause the "anarchists" are going to eat a bunch a beans and fart-bomb their way through the blockades.

  17. Im new around here, I stumbled on your blog and found your coverage of the Holmes "situation" very insightful. Hard to find objective insights especially from someone who has obviously done the research. Anyway, I live in Tampa, actually Brandon a large suburb of it just east, and just wanted to chime in. While I have not been downtown in a few days so far nothing too unusual going on. The amount of security for this thing (the RNC) is way over the top in my opinion. The storm should make things interesting though.

    As far as chemtrails, this is a HEAVILY sprayed area and has been for as long as I have been noticing. I did notice today the tell tale clouds. I will keep you folks updated.

  18. Not sure if this is the correct thead, but since Christian alluded to your Holmes coverage...

    First of all, I noticed this on the homepage of my ISP. Second, the "headline" on the box that linked to it was something like "Holmes made threats before shooting" . HOWEVER, the University doesn't seem to have any record of that and said he was denied access to buildings because his student card was shut off, not because of any threats.

    The way this was packaged was - it seems to me - misleading???

  19. Hi CJP. We appreciate your visits and information. I am a native floridian but expatriated from loonytoonville. I know Tampa and Brandon. It's a CIA haven from there to Naples.

    I'd like your take on the events in MK-Ultra and the grand experiment of transition to one world order.

  20. boomerangcomesbackAugust 24, 2012 at 6:13 AM

    Hey Puddy, check this out:

  21. boomerangcomesbackAugust 24, 2012 at 6:21 AM

    You were talking about FL, Isaac, police/HLS measures...

    By the way, using the term "Homeland" makes me gag, as it is so NAZI, the the f'n NAZI's who promulgate it "know it".

    I recently noted the obscene "defense" spending measures; here's more, as related to FL:

    "FL Town buys 9 ton Tactical Vehicle with 21 gun ports "to protect residents during hurricanes"...they say..."

  22. "So I went to the Chinese restaurant and this duck came up to me with a red…" What? what????

    I don't get it....

    red what?

    Red hair??...was it Holmes???

    RED WHAT???


  23. Not a surprise to understand bee distress and bird disorientation. Radar is microwave like cellular and SATCOM. It's having the same effects in different systems for certain, based upon molecular signatures and cellular EM frequencies.

    It explains everything from Grunion to Whales to bird kills and bees. A to Z.

  24. To update: Yesterday, 8/25/12, was a day heavily chem-trailed in Tampa. I noticed many trails in the sky in the AM, mixed in with some develpoing storm clouds, and by dusk the entire sky was just a huge haze.

  25. Look for symptoms in you and family/friends for sinus, flu-like syptoms, sore throat, dry cough. It's running rampant here.

    They may be attaching H3N2 in fungal spores (nano-crystalized or polymer/carbon)