Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"My Pet Goat Stinks!"

9/11 Military Flight Response Chronology Damning

- Don't Think You've Heard and Seen It All Until You View This Information -

I urge you to scan down through the chronology, and see the Obvious implications. The lack of any timely air support response, the muddling, the excuses, the obviousness of a blanket "stand down" completely out of character with in-place defense procedures stinks like Bush, Jr.'s "Pet Goat" obfuscation.


Michel Chossudovsky, August 15, 2012

Timeline: 9/11 Stand Down

Exposing NORAD's "Wag the 911 Window Dressing Tale", using NORAD’s own Press Release and Fifth Grade Math

You may read this Eye-Opening chronicle at:

or at:

Whichever fits your computer screen better...

[caption id="attachment_19378" align="alignnone" width="300"] "The Pet Goat" reading puts everyone to 'sleep'[/caption]

I would have put up Videos of Bush, jr. reading "The Pet Goat" except they have been Removed by shit! One article pointed out that it was false reporting concerning the name (as they viewed it clearly on a now-removed video), because the book was titled "The Pet Goat", not "My Pet Goat". If you're gonna lie, why not lie all over the place, eh?


  1. Great information Boomer, pretty much spells it out...
    Have you seen the Pet Goat video where the students are repeating after the teacher words like; Plane -- Hit -- Steal..or something like that? I'm not sure if it's real or not (dubbed voices?)...

    I just came across this article, thought it was quite good:

    "Have we been lied to about 9/11? What kind of world do you want your children to grow up in? By the end of this article you will have the answer to your first question. What you do with the answer will determine your answer to the second question.

    Learning the truth about 9/11 is crucially important for several reasons. Two wars were started because of it. Between a hundred thousand and a million Iraqi civilians (1) and thousands of soldiers have been killed because of the so-called war on terror."

    Yup, accepting that the official 9/11 story is pure pulp fiction requires people to accept many other uncomfortable truths...there's lots of blood on our hands due to our ignorance, *apathy, and basic lack of love for the truth... (*not to sound like the psyop Sikh shooter...). Based on the number of fires, shootings, uprisings, wars, strange weather, economic theft, etc. going on in the world right now, I'd say the truth about 9/11 doesn't really matter at this time...the psyops are coming fast & furious...I don't expect them to slowdown...

  2. Americans are not smarter than fifth graders.

    Over and over again, Insanity rules the purple mountains majestically.

    Thanks Boomer. I read it at

    Here's some pics for that great photo you posted. I have had fun with that one.

  3. At this time disclosure seems to be the consolation EOW. And when the Reagan space threat comes all will be forgiven. Unity through common enemy?

    It is what happens when the plan A fails you go to plan B? Or was it in the plan C all along. Triple Cross!!!

    I love this game.

  4. So COTO, do you think Iran and Russia were HAARP'd over Syria squabbles?

    Mr. Tin-hat Pat thinks so. 7.7 shallow HAARP Assault Poronaysk, Russia

  5. You got it Puddy...I'm waiting for us all to 'Thrive' together...well at least 1 out of 10 of us...

    If it were only a game...then again just watching the AssHange secret agent man on CNN...maybe it is?

    Triple cross makes me think of various flags and emblems found through out the world...a flag could be construed as an Icon could it not?

  6. Probably...Yes...

    My view on Iran, Russia, and China for that that the modern day versions of them were created by the same interests that control the west...All the worlds a stage...for the frickin psychopaths (evil for lack of a better word...).

  7. I permeates through many indeed and religious symbols and corporate. Israel, one of much conspicuousness. Sweden is the X-factor for scandinavia. AssHange as transparent as Barry. Another pervert MI6 svar for the double cross. His whole schtick was a ruse.

    Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway-EISCAT FACILITATORS

  8. All the World a Stage sure fits my view. No coincidence, just menevolence scripted by design.

    Three games: Risk (politico) Chess (religion) and Monopoly (energy) and most get trapped into one game and always as a pawn, backrupt homeowner or die.

    Based on the 1976 ENMOD treaty signed by the UN Predator representatives, I'm still pretty open to the fact that when they attack, it's by their own order. It's a rule in the game and a theatrical stage qeue.

  9. "My view on Iran, Russia, and China for that matter…is that the modern day versions of them were created by the same interests that control the west.."~Eyes

    Absloblooply and's all theater, just like Orwell's 1984, the bit part players get blown to bits...just like the Charioteers in Osama Ben Hur...

    "Hey that was a great ner, he mustn't have died in vane."~Vic Morrow tomorrow or the next day in helicopter heaven.

    'Twas up to Julia to figure that one out...she was always one step ahead of Winston.

    And yea, 9/11 is ancient history to the TVZombies - who are watching the grampaw version of 'Dallas' these daze.

    That's queue dood.


  10. boomerangcomesbackAugust 16, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    9/11 may be "ancient history" to some (Imagine if you were but a child at the time? No perspective would be possible), yet the Executive Villains and complicit perpetrators still breathe, and in fact, many are still "on the stage" performing the subsequent Acts of Their Play. Others still operate undercover. The utter lack of justice and accountability regarding the FF is unfathomable.

    It is hard to imagine how many Congress traitors, and others know the truth about 9/11 and other horrific crimes, but continue on in their daily lying lives. Talk about a soul-less sickness!

    Crime pays BIG, and psychopathic crimes pays even bigger in the current twisted world paradigm.

  11. We seem to have had some sort of intrusion on the "Illuminati closes" thread Puddy...will you look into it?


  12. As you know Boom, I take 9/11 very seriously - personally.

    I still think it is the critical key to the present false paradigm - Pandora's mascara and lipstick for the hog house.

    Just think...eleven frooging years and the masses are still clueless.

    Why? They simply don't give a shit.


  13. boomerangcomesbackAugust 16, 2012 at 2:20 PM

    Killtown's "9/11 coincidences and oddities page!"

  14. It will be 11 years since the attacks... ELEVEN. One of their favorite numbers. Hmmm Where did all those years go?

    9/11 was the lighting of the illuminati torch to start in earnest their hidden olympics. A race to the one world order.

    . If people would bother to take the time to look into it instead of laughing at "conspiracy theorists" or the others who know something isn't right and say it doesn't matter (Noam Chomsky for one) The bastards would be exposed for what they are to the entire world. I always thought that would have to happen to have any hope of stopping them. Oh well.

    I'd like to send that timeline around to a few friends that need to see it. It's very thorough. But why bother. It's quite long and they have short attention spans or none at all. Plus, they just don't give a damn. They seriously don't.

  15. Yeah, the Israel thing is too obvious in my's amazing to see how far this sh*t goes...

  16. Nice to get confirmation from such as yourselves...I'm still playing catch-up...was a tool most of my life...actually believed in the American dream and all that...for a while anyway...

    Rogue: On the Wanda thing (I read most of that lengthy tome...),, it is certainly strange...I wonder...has traffic increased? More people reading the comments and such...if they come across that thread first, I don't think they'd stick around...

  17. I agree 9/11 is important...if only because it's the most recent world changing event...but then I look at all of the apparent false flags through out history...and can't help but get a little depressed....

    Was chatting with a young nephew a few months ago re the wars and such....he said....Uncle Ant..."We've been at war all my's normal...another older nephew...I was trying to talk out of joining the service...couldn't even put a dent in him with Smedley Buttler...

    The system we're in is extremely good at what it does... :-(

  18. Huh..."The Wanda Thing"....

    Yea Eyes, a strange and wacky comments section there.

    A real 'blowout', some strange psychodrama. Someone is tinkering with her mind.

    I think she may have finally imploded. We shall see - if she ever returns [???]


  19. Hey Jayjee,

    I have come across this boolsheet in a discussion on another thread:

    Dave McGowan: “Inside the LC – The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippy Generation”

    I remember talking about it with you some time back. This debunking of the "Hippie generation" to me is bogus revisionist history. Having lived through it personally - it kinda pisses me off to get this twisted take on the era. It is simplistic and naive, taking no count of actual human psychology...something I was trying to discuss with Bea on another thread while deconstructing that article on the Tavistock Institute...a good article by the way, I was just trying to impress the need for seeing it with some balanced thinking.

    I am sorry to say that it seems I pissed Bea off...and discovered a dogmatic side to her personality in the process. Hmmm??