Thursday, August 30, 2012

A few Minutes with Neil Armstrong







Neil may finally have his chance to walk on the waters of tranquility and talk to the extraterritorial alien in bluebeam.

It is the very error of the moon; She comes more nearer earth than she was wont, And makes men mad - othello act V scene II


  1. "What good is the Moon? You can't BUY it or SELL it." – Ivan F. Boesky, Wall Street inside trader

    It is the very error of the moon; She comes more nearer earth than she was wont, And makes men mad – othello act V scene II

    Wonderful quotes...fascinating videos.

    I still find the 'answer' in the last one to be the key.


  2. boomerangcomesbackAugust 30, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    Rogue1, I thought you were arguing recently on another thread here that the Moon Walk was faked in a studio? So its Alien interventions now? Waz up? Vatic blog has proffered some stuff along various lines lately...

  3. No I wasn't Boom, I have never bought the idea that the Apollo program was faked.

    I am not positing any near future alien invasion either. I do think Earth is monitored, I do think there was interference and manipulation eons ago.

    I don't buy that there is any US Space Patrol with their own flying saucers either. I think it is all 'briar patch' propaganda, reverse psychology PR.

    I think NASA knows they are out there.

    But Certainty is a harsh mistress. The future is yet to unfold.


  4. I don't think the Armstrong video proves anything. I wouldn't have cooperated with the asshole confronting me like that either.

    I am not speaking out of my hat on this, I have read all about the Kubrick thing. I think it's bullshit.

    I know others here think differently. You are all welcome to your own opinions.



  5. Kubricks term for the era of normalcy? Moon Shot

    *direct attacks against an enemy firmly in position almost never work and should never be attempted
    *to defeat the enemy one must first upset his equilibrium, which is not accomplished by the main attack, but must be done before the main attack can succeed.

    Liddell Hart


    Whoever is first to recognize, understand, and implement a generational change can gain a decisive advantage. Conversely, a nation that is slow to adapt to generational change opens itself to catastrophic defeat.


  6. Disclosure: The emergence from the era of normalcy. In the conspriracy of bluebeam and tesla's science, the advancements made by committee are becoming clear. The so called Normalcy Bias bullshit is more technology of bluestar, blueray. bluebrain and the evan network.

    I know there are ET believers here and en masse universally but the reality of extraterestrial is only extraterritoriality of an already arrived race.

    We as a species have always been running a hundred clicks, klics or ticks behind the real science. How the science and discoveries were monitored was necessitated by the university system, the foundations and NGO's and then carefully monitored by the watchers, those deep cover MI specialists traditionally in black.

    Black? Blackout. The Black Swan. Let's call it the Gull. Thats the nature of sheepshit, steaming crap that lays under the growth of mushrooms of sheeple minded, dumbed down who have to have a answer to everything and will accept the rara nigroque avis delivered psyop and find a comfortable congnitive perch from where to excuse it from the reality.

    I offer anyone to present a marvel of scientific discovery that has solved any of the universal deficits or defects that plague humanity. Go for it.

    On top of this heaping reality, add the incredibly poor information they offer on their little intranet watcher web regarding any of it. A.D.D. tweets and chirps at best, unless you want to shell out fiat frequencies from your goverment corporate payola-pal.

    The mere fact that they have not "transparently" gone back to the moon is proof enough for me that they are back and that goes beyond sending LCROSS a payload to water rights that they needed to confirm since they never had any moon rocks or core samples to determine H or OH.


    the visible spectrum is the lie and the black is the truth.

  7. Coto nose
    the shadow

  8. The argument for the Moom Landing Hoax is an argument from ignorance, also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam or "appeal to ignorance".

    The ignorance of how the opening sequence of 2001 was actually achieved through cinematic special effects.

    The ignorance of the history of the Apollo missions and the broadcast of the landings. Especially Apollo 11.

    The Hasslebad 500C {6×6 format} was fully capable of an aperture/focal setting of infinity. This means in practical use, from about 6ft out the picture would be in focus to infinity.

    2001 A Space Odyssey was shot in Super Panavision 70 (which uses a single-strip 65 mm negative)
    The story about parallel lines being detected in the background of the shots in the beginning, are urban legend, and impossible when it is understood how the luminous screens were actually constructed for the front projection shots.

    The expansive backdrops for the African scenes required a screen 40 feet tall and 110 feet wide, far larger than had ever been used before. When the reflective material was applied to the backdrop in 100-foot strips, however, they discovered variations at the seams of the strips led to obvious visual artifacts, a problem that was solved by tearing the material into smaller chunks and applying them in a random “camouflage” pattern on the backdrop.

    The existing projectors using 4 by 5 inch transparencies resulted in grainy images when projected that large, so the 2001 team worked with MGM’s Special Effects Supervisor, Tom Howard, to build a custom projector using 8 by 10 inch transparencies, which required the largest water-cooled arc lamp available.[See: The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey] >>

    Carmelo Amalfi, Lost Moon landing tapes discovered, Cosmos (magazine), Nov 1,2006

    ^ They were nearly thrown out with the rubbish. But a last minute search instead has scientists in Western Australia dusting off several boxes of 'lost' NASA tapes which record surface conditions on the Moon just after Neil Armstrong stepped into space history on 21 July 1969.

    Last week, up to 100 tapes, clearly marked "NASA Manned Space Center", turned up after a search in a dusty basement of a physics lecture hall at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia.


  9. Wagging the Moondoggie states that all of the original footage of the moonwalk of Apollo 11 is missing.

    This is a misrepresentation of the truth of this matter. What is missing is the SSTV format backup tapes that were made in case transmission was unsuccessful in the original live broadcasts.

    These tapes are not missing, they were found on Nov 1,2006.

    Why did they get misplaced originally? It should be remembered that NASA was radically defunded at one point, and was in a state of partial disintegration and defunded confusion.

    Picture someone living in a mansion, the highlife…who for whatever reason looses their fortune, and ends up in public housing, all of their once beautiful precious possessions end up in thrift shops for pennies, etc.

    Even these Mars explorations are being done on a shoestring compared to the heydays of Apollo and Gemini.
    . . . . . . . . . . .

    I respectfully disagree with those here who buy what I would term "Bullshit" as to the moon hoax argument.


  10. Cinema:

    American – 185 : 100 = 2001 : 1081.621621621621…..(n)
    185 : 100 = 2012 : 1087.567567567

    Panavision – 220 : 100 = 911 : 414.0909090909

    TV / EYESIGHT : 4:3 ratio mimics human eyesight visual angle of 155°h x 120°v, that is 4:3.075, almost exactly the same.

    They will rework digtize them. HOAX - HOAX - HOAX
    The atronauts all died from Luekemia and other blood / radiation illness that they were continually treated with after the space trip. Van Allen is not an actor. I don't know where you get your trusted info, but I don't see it any differently.

  11. Black? Blackout. The Black Swan. Let’s call it the Gull. Thats the nature of sheepshit, steaming crap that lays under the growth of mushrooms of sheeple minded, dumbed down who have to have a answer to everything and will accept the rara nigroque avis delivered psyop and find a comfortable congnitive perch from where to excuse it from the reality.

  12. Sounds like the stuff cubensis mushrooms like to grow out of given a strong sun. Kind of reminds me of the caterpillar in "Alice In Wonderland" offering it up.

  13. Have a schnapps and rest thine weary noggin mine Furer.


  14. I'll bet the asshole with the bible couldn't take a kick in the nut like the guy in one of Boomers earlier postings

  15. I think the moon landing was probably faked. Why wouldn't they fake it? They fake everything. They are notorious liars and manipulators. That vimeo vid Christian posted regarding Kubrik's participation in it narrated by Jay Weidner is pretty cool. The background of the moon shots are most definitely suspect. Which just as in 9/11 proves they aren't very good at not leaving a trail of obvious clues for those with a critical thinking brain to follow. As far as the clues Kubrik left in films such as the Shining.. I don't know but it sure is fun to speculate on the ideas presented in that video.

    I'm with Will though, when it comes to alien lifeforms.. they are real. That's not to say that the military doesn't have their own holgraphic program completed and ready to go to fake their own invasion war of the worlds style to scare us into total submission. In fact, the real monsters that rule could most possibly be those same aliens which would explain quite a lot. When people ask why would they destroy the same planet they are inhabiting, that is the only answer that makes a lick of sense. Saying they and all that work for them are psychopaths just doens't cut it for me and it's not a very convincing answer to give someone that asks that question. Perhaps with all the chemtrails and posions in the water it is making the planet more hospitable for their "kind".

    I know Bill Cooper thought the same thing but then changed his mind which is why some think it's all military built ufos flying thru the skies because that became his new mantra. However, maybe Bill was forced to back away from the alien story and was threatened to retract it under threat of death to himself and or his famly. WHy? Because the alien story is the one they DON"T want us to know about. It wouldn't surprise even the average sheeple to find out the govt has ufo type craft they are ""testing" would it? I think many already know that and therefore poo poo the idea of true extra terrestrials buzzing around our planet.....something else to think aobut.

    Because we don't know the full truth, speculation on all this is endless.

  16. Will with all due respect, the "missing tape" story sounds like bullshit. Just like the "missing tapes" from the pentagon and gas stations after 9/11. WHy on earth do you believe that to be credible?

    NASA being defunded has nothing to do with "losing" such valuable evidence that the USA went to the moon! Of course they were "lost" so that they could "revamp" them.

  17. "Because we don’t know the full truth, speculation on all this is endless."

    Yes, that's why my motto is "Certainty is a Harsh Mistress".

    Although I have been deeply into the Kubrick thing, I have rejected it in terms I would call, beyond reasonable doubt. But that does not mean I am absolutely certain.

    I therefore leave it all to the speculators. If something compelling arrives I will look at it closely. Speculation is fun, I was involved with sci-fi, or speculative fiction in books and magazines and movies all my life.

    In my philosophy about the material world, I am more into a rational approach.


  18. Jersey, the original broadcasts were successful. These back-up tapes were valuable only because the quality is better - the contrast us better. They are the exact same scenes originally seen as it happened live.

    I find the suspicion far fetched considering all the variables as I read them. That being, as an accumulative argument, it is already highly questionable already.

    But as a 'story', of course it is absolutely think they could have pulled off such a hoax. Maybe they could have.
    That doesn't mean they did.
    Let's face it, most of us are definitely biased towards conspiracy.
    Some conspiracies are more convoluted convoluted than others.
    I see the Moon Hoax as a dialectical - counter limited hangout.
    A lot like "blowback" is used, to cover design.

    "If they get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

    I think the right question is:

    "Was mankind warned off of manned space flight in a confrontation on the moon?...Was this diktat that couldn't be refused?"

    That is my view, I've seen most of the presentations on this issue, I'm not shooting blind. I simply think that it is a fascinating idea, that could conceivably be as fraudulent of psyops.

    To me though, MO although a valid aspect to frame, is not necessarily always accurate. Cases, like individuals are not, "types" - they are unique individuals, and individual events.


  19. Fascinating stuff, for all the obvious reasons but for me also because 3 of the sharpest tools in my intertubes shed can have such divergent opinions. Let me see if I can re-cap: Patrick, no ET/UFO's only them thats already here, Apollo 11 fake, we have current moon "missions",
    Will, eons ago we were visited, manipulated, Apollo 11 was real, we were warned to stay out , no black saucer program, we are being monitored
    Deb, Apollo fake, ET here, talk of military saucers may be covering "real" UFO, aliens probably in charge.
    I'm sure the brief summary is unfair to all but I just wanted to try an get the broad parameters mapped out. Don't believe COTO has such widely varying opinions on any other subject and for that reason alone it intrigues me.
    I know most astronauts and hundreds of pilots/radar operators etc have seen things they could not attribute to humanity. I'm on the fence on Apollo. Don't know squat about Kubrick, but am left wondering why go through the trouble to fake it. So JFK could flip Russia the bird?
    I think most alien species are benevolent and want to assist us in evolving. I think/hope disclosure is imminent...if only because it's are last best hope to turn this bitch around. Some probably are here, but alas it would seem to be the minority that do not have humanity's best interest at heart.

  20. You guys are a treasure. The way you can disagree so civily is refreshing. Most of my free/online time lately has been consumed with the mess in Fukushima mostly because I have a sister with kids outside Tokyo. I should say that was the initial reason. Now it just boggles my noggin how bad it is, how much worse it could and probably will get, and how little the sheeple know about it.
    Peace and love to my Cotofamilia. Still find the odd moment to lurk a few minutes most days. Hang in there. Keep fightin the good fight. This place is a safe harbour in a frothing sea of insanity and will always be like home to me even when I'm AWOL for long stretches like the Prodigal Son.

  21. Camus, is your sister considering leaving Japan? I'm sick over what has happened to those beautiful people in Japan. It IS much worse than they are saying. In fact msm isn't saying anything. It's as if it hadn't happened at all. In fact, it is still happening and worsening and the radiation cloud will soon cover all.

    Looks like another Reptilian event to me. Does anything else make sense?

  22. haha... thanks for the compliment and the critique Camus. Actually, I believe there are benevolent aliens as well. Unfortunately, the world is currently ruled by the evil empire of alien hybrids. Perhaps the benevolent, peaceful aliens will show up when the bastards project their bluebeam holograms into our skies and strike them down. I'm a sucker for a happy ending:)

  23. Reptilian indeed. More doings or undoings from the low frequency creeps playing God again. Bummer knowing it and also knowing we'll go down the toilet also with the mutton heads.

  24. Great to read your comments again Camus.

    Yes the Fukashima event lurks ever in the background. It had it's "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" as the Hyperama plays these things.

    I still check in on reports...a definite permanent situation to deal with.
    How long to heal now??? Long generations...if there are to be such things. Future has looked a bit murky for a while now.

    Nice to know the Prodigal Son still lurks {grin}.


  25. There's no business like bullshit.

    It's what makes the world of *man go 'round.

    *Homo Vishnu Ignorantiam


  26. Deb, the kicker is...she's there as a...wait for it.....Christian Missionary, with her husband and now 2 kids. She was just here setting my niece up for freshman year @UMBC (MD). Dropped her at Dulles Wed morn.
    Another girl still there is 16 and Andrew is 8. They have been on a schedule: there for 3 years,back here for 1, 3, 1...for almost 20 years.

    BUT...this time they have only been there since right before 3/11 and she says they are going to come back next summer for "a few months"??? I'm thinking, hoping, praying? they don't go back.

    Not sure about the reptillian influence but I do love me a lot of what Icke has to say and the whole earth quake seems very odd. A 9??? really? prolly some HAARP bullshit. Japan was talking to China, Russia, about gettin off the dollar. We no that just aint gonna be allowed. They have backed off. And they were pokin our friends the Zionistas on a few sore spots...backing Palestinians, offering help with Iranians energy/peaceful nukes......none a thats happenin no more.

    Sounds like u and Will have seen through the MSM smoke screen to how Fuked up it really is.(no suprise) Pacific is toast. Cali is radiated as is most of the N. Hemi. Hands down the most idiotic thing humans ever done was messing w/the atom. Looks like were in for nasty weather. I see a bad moon on the rise.

    We still can love. Laugh. Learn. Hell, maybe even get out in the streets w/pitchforks. I sure aint goin quiet. Music helps some. CCR was one badass bunch of American rockers. So simple. It aint rocket surgery. Not havin much luck w/UTube lately but u should check out one of their rarer classics...."Ninety-nine and a half" def in my top ten all time. Play that mofo real loud an you'll know me a little more'n these pixels can allow.

    Oh, and if u haven't yet, gotta check out for all things fucku shima related.