Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sky has eyes and ears.....

And a psychopathic brain.

Remember friends I posted the UAV wars and combat without cognizance. Your child will be manning these birds and killing your neighbors in just a few years. There is 7750 of these various full spectrum dominators to be built and operating through 2017.  I predicted full takeover by 2015.

When you look at Afghanistan, you should perceive the drugs and location as a geopolitical strategic coordinate but not exclude that it has been the testing ground to kill innocent muslim Pashtun people's, Sunni and Shia alike who would not submit to Soviet aggression and will not submit to Western hegemonic colonialism under Zionism.

Afghanistan is merely the testing ground for what will be coming globally for all free sovereign tribal people who will not go gently into the order of the committee and global ruling minority.

You've seen the news regarding drones down globally and the news regarding new airspace and space based control systems that will allow thousands of these aerial invaders to remain patrolling the Orwellian animal farm that is AmerCIA.  Enjoy the future friends. 

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RQ-11 Raven Drone

The 4.2-pound (1.9-kg) aircraft is simply tossed into the air with its battery-operated prop spinning for flights of up to 80 minutes at 30 miles an hour (45 kph). It transmits color video or infrared imagery to the operator's laptop up to nine miles (15 km.) away. These drones protect bases and convoys. But they're increasingly deployed with small groups of troops, who use them to scout out territory and peer over hills before the grunts get there. They're also being used to monitor roads and detect roadside bomb-planters.
Cost: $50,000.00   Total: $2,300,100,000.00


General Atomics MQ-1 Predator -link

Cost: $4.03 million:    Total: $ 4,000,007,600.00


General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper - link

Cost:  30,3 million  Total: $34,905,600,000.00


Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk

Cost: $104 million Total: $12,584,000,000.00


AAI Corporation RQ-7 Shadow


Cost: $15.5 million  Total: $49,910,000,000.00


IAI RQ-5 Hunter - Israel


Cost: 5 million Total: $1,575,000,000.00


General Atomics MQ-1C Grey Eagle

Cost: $8 million  Total: $5,520,000,000.00


Boeing ScanEagle


Boeing Phantom Eye - in development


Coming to a theatre near you


  1. Another bio-chemical Electromagnetis assault on a reporter. Brain entrainment and hijacking was done to Texas Rangers Announcer Dave Barnett

    Texas Rangers baseball announcer sits after on-air gibberish
    Barnett said runner was on 'fifth' after a 'botched robbery'

    Migraine? Please, stop using that lame and completely bullshit explanation.

  2. boomerangcomesbackJune 20, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Yikes! That's more than a brainfart for sure.

  3. I saw that clip on the "news". My mother suffered with horrible migraines her entire adult life and never once did she speak gibberish like that during a headache. BS!!!

  4. I have them, though less and less. I had a friend when I was selling Cadillacs who would pass out and have eye flashing so bad he carried dark sunglasses. He had cluster type and never ever had dimetia or uttered anything as ridiculous and the ones we have seen.

    I'd have to drive him home some days and he would be out for two days. This is what happens to theose under the microwave transmissions and EM camera/studio wireless.

    It is serious business in synapses processes and the he likely had just scarfed down a couple of nitrate dogs and slurped down an Aspartame BVO Big Gulp before the event.

  5. My X started having migraines when the mini paws wuz after her...

    She had the spiraling flashing lights...she was certainly unreasonable, but I wouldn't call anything she said "gibberish" on this level...more like foaming at the mouth hot salsa. But that was more so when she was 'straight' - like not on a migraine.

    Poor poor girl, couldn't happen to a nicer psychoslut.